The seventh series of British dating reality shows, love island is here again!

Hitting back on your screens from Monday, June 28, 2021, the first group of contestants have made it to the Mallorca Villa in Majorca, Spain.

The villa has been renovated and beautifully furnished for the contestants to feel comfortable as they go through a journey full of excitements, flirts, mixed feelings, ‘disappointments’ and all the drama to eventually find true love.

Newly arrivals for this season’s Love Island are, eleven vibrant and energetic singletons comprising of six ladies and five gentlemen.

The six ladies are; FayeWinter, Sharon Gaffka, Liberty Poole, Shannon Singh, Kaz Kamwi, Chloe Burrows. The guys are; Aaron Francis, Hugo Hammond, Jake Cornish, Brad McClelland, Toby Aromolaran.

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These islanders are equipped with unique skills like teaching, modelling, soccer, engineering, writing, management, event planning just to mention a few. They’d get connected skilfully as they learn from each other, aside staying true to their emotions to connect with the right person, in the Villa.

The sixth edition took place during the winter season and after weeks of moments of heartbreaks, surprises, quality date and romance, came a successful end with contestants, Paige Turley and Finn Tapp crowed as the couple of the show.

The couple won over their fellow candidates, Luke Trotman and Siannise Fudge and were awarded with a cash prize of £50,000.

Laura Whitmore will continue for the second time as the host for the reality show and bring to viewers all the glamour as well as the back and forth from the Mallorca Villa.

Your summer can’t get better without watching exciting episodes of the show on ITV2 each night.

Who are you rooting for in Love Island UK 2021 and why?


Priscilla Anyabu is taking love island to another level. The model has spent just some few days in the house but the positive vibes she’s creating in the house has got fans much surprising.

Here is a recap of Priscilla’s amazing performance since her stay in Casa Amor.

Monday: Priscilla was having a chat with mike. As they were getting to know each other, both of them learned they liked the same food.

Mike confessed he was gradually liking Priscilla and he sees her as a wife material.

Tuesday: Days in the house and Priscilla is making charming moves, from her continuous change of hairstyles to her current blonde wig which makes her unrecognised in the house.

She’s catching all the attention in the house. Sharing some passionate kiss with Mike and confusing the guys with stunning looks.

Mike seems genuinely into her and can’t take his eyes off her. Interestingly, when the other contestants saw Priscilla and Mike kissing, they were more excited and started encouraging with loud voice. ❤️ 

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Wednesday: Callum who was more confused and thought it was another lady kept questioning her if the hair was wig, that was very funny right.

Everything looks like she had plan her game very well. This episode has raised a lot of comments on social media from the lovers of love island.

Some are just going crazy and loving the moves and appearance of Priscilla Anyabu. Well she didn’t come to play! She’s here to Win!

Others are beginning to think she is really prepared to do what it takes to get what she wants or probably win Mike.

Fans are just loving the energy the Cilla brings has brought into the villa.

Don’t forget to VOTE! To keep Mike Boateng and Priscilla Anyabu in the house till the end 

Photo credit: Mike Boateng and Priscilla Anyabu

UPDATES: Shame to see Mike Boateng and Priscilla Anyabu leave the house



So, it’s all fun with the Islanders giving viewers more exciting, but mixed feelings with recoupling, couples get more close.

The sudden new arrivals, shocking revelations about their emotions, others breaking up and more crazy moments in the villa.

Here is a recap of what you missed from Monday to Friday.


Monday episode eight, had beautiful scenes and surprising moments from the Villa.

Mike and Leanne who happens to be the strongest couple in this series went on a first date and both had a fantastic time with each other.

They had a chitchat concerning how they both feel and looking forward to emerge as the right couple.

Leanne gave mike a smooth massage and a whole mode of a lap dance challenge among the contestants.

Shockingly, as the girls thought everything was done, a new girl named Rebecca joined the villa in a lap dance with Connor and Callum.

This has left the girls devastated since, its believed she might win the heart of any of the guys who are already coupled up with them.

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Tuesday episode nine, as a preview for Wednesday night’s episode, Mike revealed he was in doubt about his relationship  with Leanne when he was asked by Connagh Howard.

This has really put fans in fear.

He confessed he wasn’t really faithful with his connection with Leanne and also seen confronting Shaughna about her accusations that he was the villa’s prime “game player”

Mike later took Leanne aside and spoke to her about how he was feeling.

He told her he doesn’t know if he was doing the right thing because he wasn’t the feeling that Leanne was into him enough.



Leanne answered by saying things were going too fast and that, they should slow down things. They gave each other a high five. 🤔


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On Wednesday which was the tenth day, Rebecca continued to create a mark on love island.

She engaged every guy in a chat so she could make a choice.

Everything seemed so obvious she was in the game to upset the ladies after flirting with Callum, Finley and Connagh in the villa.

During her conversation with Connagh, Siannise who had been sort of flirting with Connagh for some days felt the two were getting on well along the chat,

was seen bombed into Rebecca and Connagh to interrupt their chat with questions about marriage and kids just to have him back.

However, things didn’t end up as Siannise planned. The night ended with Connagh kissing Rebecca and Shaughna receiving good news from Callum as he decided to stick to her.


Love Island UK 2020


Thursday was when two new guys entered the villa. The ladies received a text that confirmed two guys, Luke T and Luke M were joining the villa.

Immediately the guys entered, the old guys looked unhappy whilst the ladies looked interested.

Unexpectedly, Paige began yelling at Finely that he gives her less attention in the presence of the Lukes.

it was the same night the new guys had their first dates with Siannise and Jess as suggested by the public.

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Friday, one of the new guys clashes with mike as he asks Leanne on a date. Luke T who went on his first date with Siannise, decided to ask Leanne out on another date after receiving a text to choose a girl for a date.

He left Mike unimpressed as he took some shots with Leanne. On the other hand, the ladies were asked to choose from the guys who they’d like to coupled up with, meaning by hook or crook, one of the guys would be dumped from the villa.

It ended with Siannise choosing Nas over Connagh.


Mike and Leanne have decided to start their relationship on a slow pace this time, but the actions Leanne is putting up is creating the impression that she’s not really into mike as he is.

Most fans took to their social media pages to express how unhappy they with the Leanne looks is treating Mike.. Looks like she is either being cautious or just not into Mike anymore…  hmmmmmm 🤔


We can’t for next week’s Episode ! Who is your favourite and why?


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The most anticipated British dating reality show “love island series” is back with it first ever winter series which began filming on 12 January 2020.

Love island will have fans seeing a whole new villa and new batch of spicy singletons. The ITV2 reality show is all set to move to a new lavish villa in Cape Town South Africa.

In a radio interview with the producers of the reality show, the new villa is the best among the usual Casa Amor and Mallorca villas.

It’s a three-storey building, more spacious with different floors and sections set for shocks and surprises.

There’s also three different entrances into the lawn to make arrivals.

He further explained that the plan is intended to make the series more explosive than ever before.

Islanders can also have more private moment with each other without the cameras.

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The new Cape Town villa which was created in more than two months, has been decorated with 80 cameras and now has more beds for the contestants and not leaving out new dressing rooms for the boys.

The sixth series of Love Island has got twelve new contestants who are wishing to find love.

They include: Leanne Amaning paired with Michael Boateng,

Siannise Fudge paired with Nas Majeed,

Shaughma Phillips paired with Callum Jones, Sophie is paired with Connor Durman, Paige Turley is connected to Ollie Williams and the only single twins known as Eve and Jess Gale.

This season, has Laura Whitmore replacing Caroline Flack as the presenter and Lain Stirling the narrator.

Fans started predicting after the first show on Sunday that, it’s likely only one of the twins will stay in the house since they were not captured in their photoshoot.

Also, they speculated that since the girls are more than the boys, the twins look like they are ready to bring some serious drama.

 So, far speculations are more focused on the twins, Leanne Amaning, Michael Boateng  and Shaughma but more exciting predictions are yet to be made as the show continues.

We are rooting for Leanne Amaning, Michael Boateng  and Shaughma.

Who are you rooting for? Drop your comments

Photo Credit: Love Island| Leanne Amaning | Michael Boateng 


Leanne and Mike are the coupled-up islanders wishing to find love and learn more in the reality show.

The only two black contestants have been coupled up and fans think they look compatible and might end up as lovers in the show.


Leanne 22,  beautiful and elegant young lady who was born and brought up London. She graduated with master’s degree in occupational psychology in Nottingham university in 2019.

She actually got into the limelight when she contested in Miss Ghana UK at the age of 19 and made it to be part of the 15 contestants at her age.


Leanne enjoys staying in Ghana for holidays because of her Ghanaian background. She’s very ambitious with great dreams.

Despite her being a customer advisor currently, she is also aspiring to become a freelance make-up artist and also has interests in blogging, camerawork and digital arts.

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On the other hand, Mike Boateng who is connected to Leanne in the show is also a Ghanaian UK based Police Officer who was born in London.

It has revealed that, Mike was once a footballer who played for Sheffield United and still plays for Eagley Football Cub in Bolton.


However, 24-year-old Mike, quit his job as a Police Officer to join the love island 2020 reality show to look for a life partner.


According to him, he sees himself as charming, confident and charismatic.

Hence, what he’s looking out for in the house is a life partner who is ambitious and beautiful.

Do you think Leanne and Mike might end up together?  🤔



Photo Credit: Love Island| Leanne Amaning | Michael Boateng 

Mike Thalassitis, Ex – Love Island star found dead near his home in Romford, Essex. He was aged 26.

Fans and former co-stars are shocked and broken hearted. The question everyone wants to know is, why is the footballer turned reality star dead and was cause of his death?

Apart from Love Island, Mike Thalassitis was also on ‘Celebs Go Dating’ last year. 

Celebrities and fans have taken to social media to pay tribute.






Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike Thalassitis’s family and all her loved ones. 

Very Sad! RIP 🙏🏼

Gone Too Soon

In tonight’s episode there was a recording. Mike chose Sophie over Leanne who dumped him just yesterday.

Fans are happy Leanne is leaving as she has been unpleasant towards mike recently. We await to hear what Leanne says once she leaves the villa and is interviewed. 

Earlier in the episode Mike tried to move to Sophie and when she turned him down he went for Jess.

Leanne got angry at Mike for this. Then came the surprise recouping. Leanne sent home

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Do you blame Mike for sending her packing tonight, after all Leanne wasn’t nice Mike.

We can’t believe this sweet love over! 




Mike Dumps Leanne


What do think about Mike sending Leanne home tonight? Is this what some call payback time, revenge is sweet or…


Tonight Fan favourite Leanne dumped Mike, who she has been coupled up with for about 2 weeks now.

Fans are outraged at the way she went about dumping him.

Fans feel very sorry for Mike who has been trying his best to get to know her.

In tomorrow’s episode preview Mike is seen apparently moving to Sophie, Leanne’s friend in the Villa.

Will Mike and Sophie become a couple?

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Leanne how can you deprive African Celebs from attending your wedding? We’re Broken-Hearted!

What in the name of Ghana is going on?

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Meet Yewande Biala, a First class Honours in Biotechnology from Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland

Love Island Eviction

Yesterday saw an epic ending of love island. Yewande Biala the fan favorite of the season was sent home.

The choice was up to Danny. He had the opportunity of choosing to couple up with Yewande the Tv personality or Arabella and Danny choose Arabelle.

The situation, in general, was not a very pleasant one for anyone involved. Danny was a little fed up after not receiving any affection from Yewande since they coupled up previously.

It took Arabella to come into the villa to make Yewande recognize she needed to show Danny affection.

However, by the time Yewande started to show more affection towards Danny, it was too little too late.

Arabella and Danny went on a date and after that Danny wanted to get to know Arabella more yet still hold on to Yewande.

Yewande Love Island
Photo credit: Yewande

But the recoupling last night made Danny aware he could not have his cake and eat it too because he had to make a quick decision.

Danny is free will and so can choose whom he will be happy with but if he could turn back the time he should have been more clear to

Yewande that he was swaying more towards Arabella and not lead Yewande on. Things are so intense in the villa it is hard to know what one wants, so Danny made a decision he thought was best for him, and for Yewande the best is yet to come! Danny choose Arabella*** 🤔 

The future is very bright for you Yewande!

Did you watch last night? What do you think? Drop your comments below

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Photo Credit: Yewande Biala

Meet our favourite couple from Love Is Blind: Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed

Love is blind is a Netflix dating reality television series, which allows  men and women to begin their love life through conversations in different pods without setting eyes on each other in a speed dating format.

At the end of the show, some contestants in this reality show finds their right partners, get married.

Others might not be able to find their life partners and decide to split while others get into serious relationships.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed happens to be part of the contestants who were hoping to find love at the end of the season.

The two were coupled up and throughout the stages of the series they made things work for each other.

Through their chat, they got to know themselves, their families and realised they were compatible.

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According to Lauren, she realised on their third date they were meant for each other. They both discussed their families, they both felt emotional and cried together.

She further explained in an interview that Cameron is the only guy in the house he got physically and emotionally connected to.

She stated that, Cameron’s date was completely on a different level. The two, in their entire competition, from pods to meeting the parents, their love never faltered.

Cameron and Lauren got married, during the filming of the first season of love is blind and till now, the couple are still together. Sorry spoiler alert!

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Cameron is a 29-year-old gentleman who works as a tech consultant and based in Atlanta. Lauren is also from Atlanta, 32 years and the founder of a multimedia creative company known as the Speed Brand.

Other contestants include, Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett, married; Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers, in a relationship; Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas, Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes all split at wedding.

Those who separated before wedding are, Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton, Danielle Droiun and Rory Newbrough, Lexie Skipper and Westley Baer.

Cast who are not engaged include, Lauren Chamblin, Matt Thomas, Taylor Lupton, Ryan Martin, Alyson Costa, Andy Rickert.

As well as Brianna Holmes, Kenneth Smith, Ebony Alexis, Jon Smith, India Bridgeforth, Mikey Cobbs, Kay Mitchell and Lillie Williams

We have watched Love Is Blind several time! This is one of the much watch series on Netflix 

Yes true love exist!!!


Credit: Netflix | Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed