Is Ceek ending the sponsorship deal with Asante Kotoko?

Award-winning virtual platform Ceek VR is allegedly considering pulling out of their sponsorship deal with top Ghanaian Football Club, the porcupine warriors due serious leaks.

The news has not come as a surprise to most people who have seen part of the confidential agreement circulating all over the internet and wondered why someone from Kotoko will decide to leak such confidential document to the media and the motive behind such action.

According to multiple sources, some Kotoko members are not too pleased about Nana Yaw Amponsah being the CEO and his vision for porcupine warriors. As a result, have decided to frustrate him. PENDREAM TV (YouTube) and others have named some of sabotagers and leakers who want the young CEO out of the enviable Kotoko seat.

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The Ceek Kotoko Confidential Contract was leaked, after CEO, Nana Yaw Amponsah mention during the official launching of Asante Kotoko partnership with Southampton on that

”on the juicy part of our partnership with ..“I will love to announce that, @CEEK  for the first part of the partnership, are giving us $100,000 in cash and products.”‘


He further added that ‘

‘The cash has gone a long way to help us with the Adako Jachie project and the products they are giving us have also seen our fans see the players wear the @CEEK headset to cool off before and after matches’

Reports indicate that Ceek’s decision of terminating their sponsorship with the club is as a result of  what others deem as unprofessional and unacceptable behaviour from such a respectable football club leaking confidential contract details to the media.

Fans out have called few journalists for their greed for money and hypocritical nature of doing anything to revive their failing careers.

Others believe this will deter other sponsors from approaching Football clubs or businesses in Ghana. We came across the post below and is obvious from the comments even the fans a appalled by leak.

Below are some replies to the post below:

‘No club which is effectively managed is subjected to these nonsense enquiries from some so called media. No media in Egypt can disclose to you even the font in which Ahly or Zamalek’s sponsorhip deals were written in.’

What do you gain from leaking details of a contract to the public? What do you gain??!

‘Irresponsible journalism. And you same people will criticize our league and teams for lack of sponsorship’

First of all I don’t think Kotoko mgt owe it a duty to publish or give contracts dey sign wit any sponsor to any journalist or media hse.if any journalist or media hse thinks it’s compulsory to ve de contracts n r not getting dey shd go to court n not waste our ears

Ceek Considering Termination Of Kotoko Contract Over Leakage

We checked the Ceek product and noticed that the headphones cost $249.99 per each.  50 x $249.99 = over $124k + $50 = $174k per year.

We honestly hope leakers in Kotoko camp will  put aside their differences and accept and support the current CEO Nana Yaw Amponsah to bring the vision he has for the club.

Both officials of Ceek and Asante Kotoko have not come out officially to explain in details the root cause of the news to the public. 

Stay tuned for more details as and when there is any official revelation from Kotoko or development from both parties.

What is more surprising about all these leakages is the fact that, ”Ceek Considering Termination Of Kotoko Contract Over Leakage” has been leaked! 

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The porcupine warriors have successfully secured their partnership deal with English Premier Leagues’s Southampton Football Club.

‘Ceek has made it possible for us to partner Southampton FC . Our coaches can go and have attachment programs. SouthamptonFC will come to Ghana to have activities with us on our academy, census projects and etc.’~ Nana Yaw Amponsah

The official launch of the partnership was streamed live on Asante Kotoko Diaspora and international relations manager, MBE Dentaa Amoateng chaired the discussion

She first introduced Mary Spio, the CEO of Ceek VR who briefly talked about her background and her achievements  especially building the Ceek Vr platform. 

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Commenting on the partnership deal, Ms. Spio revealed that the partnership is a lucrative opportunity for both parties since Asante Kotoko is known to be one of the best in Africa and beyond and its impressive recognition in the world of business.

She further stated that hosting Asante Kotoko on the platform will pave way for football lovers  locally and in the Diaspora to watch matches, exclusives content as well as get to know their favourite players better of the pitch.

The launch saw stakeholders and club officials of the teams which included Nana Yaw Amponsah the CEO of Asante Kotoko, Mark Abrahams the Director of Business and Community Development for Southampton F.C, 


Andy Martino, Development Manager for Southampton F.C,  Director Matt Hale,  Harold Ofori Director of Partnership of Ceek and Communications Director of Asante Kotoko David Obeng Nyarko.

The collaboration will see both Asante Kotoko And Southampton teams learning from each other and generate a bond that will help build a solid academy for future success by producing great players.

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The partnership will also help with engagement of fans and players and football officials

There will be live interaction as well, where viewers can connect with their favourites players and ask question in order to draw them closer to the team.

The two teams have decided to embark on this journey together because they share similar vision and also it is the right time to add value to themselves due to the economic and social downturn caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

It will further serve as a yardstick for competition for the football clubs to build the capacity of their players based on the experience from the pitch.

The cash has gone a long way to help us with the Adako Jachie project and the products they are giving us have also seen our fans see the players wear the Ceek headset to cool off before and after matches ~ Nana Yaw Amponsah

Nana Yaw Amponsah then assured fans to anticipate for the massive development from the teams and also continually rally behind the teams.

He said: “we’re going to work together and achieve together and unlike our partnership with Sunderland FC, the team will see to a longer partnership with Southampton FC and things will be special.”

Fans have reacted positively to the Asante Kotoko And Southampton Partnership.


Harmonize Ceek Press Conference In Nairobi

Harmonize Ceek Press Conference In Nairobi, It’s been an amazing weekend in East Africa with one of East Africa’s top notch music icon Harmonize, joining forces with Ceek virtual reality platform on its mission to extending its territories in East Africa.

Beginning on Friday, June 18 in Tanzania, Harmonize’s motherland, the mission continued through to Sunday, June 20 in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. The press conference and after party was hosted by Harmonize at B-Club in Nairobi.

Ceek’s partnership with Harmonize is yet another mouthwatering deal for the Konde Gang and East Africa.

Harmonize – JKIA Nairobi

The presence of Harmonize and his team in Nairobi activated appealing ambiance with impressive love shown by huge crowed in the city.

He was highly celebrated upon his arrival at the Nairobi airport on Saturday, June 18. Surrounded by huge media and fans, he briefly delivered his welcome address at the airport and also encouraged the press for their support.

Harmonize was showered with gifts from die-hard fans as well.

At the press conference in Nairobi, he talked about how excited he feels to be back in Kenyan, which he referred to the country as his second home. He further explained the opportunities his partnership with the streaming platform Ceek.

Harmonize is very exited about the Ceek Platform it allows artists to create premium and exclusive content for their super fans and for super fans to get closer to their artists than ever

Harmonize also hinted on his upcoming exclusive concerts and shows on Ceek as well as his new album to be released  in August.

One of the officials from Ceek, Mr Harold Ofori mentioned that the uniqueness of the Ceek platform that makes it different from other streaming platforms is the fact that they have integrated Momo Pay, MTN and are in the process of integrating MPESA

Mr Harold Ofori of Ceek – CEEK Partners With Harmonize press conference

, TIGOPESA and more to allow fans in east Africa to pay artist and make it easy to compensate artists.

Additionally, they have also incorporated cryptocurrency which ensures equal compensation for artists no matter where they are located in the world and that fans can also pay their favourite  artists using crypto and allow CEEK to pay artist with cryptocurrency

 ”A dollar in the US is the same as a dollar in the Tanzania, artists can charge what they want for their content no matter where they are located in the world.”

Harmonize (Kondeboy) leads the official launching of Ceek in East Africa.

As part of the introduction of the streaming and virtual reality platform to the people of East Africa, the Bongo Flava artist organised and hosted a press conference at the White Sands hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.



Harmonize and his crew sought to explain to East Africans the positive impact of the Ceek streaming platform and its contribution to the world of technological advancement. Additionally he also explained the essence of adapting to the platform

He also addressed several industry issues and spoke about the upcoming and exclusive virtual events he’s yet to bring on board to his fans and East African’s on the Ceek platform.


Press Conference – Harmonize Partners With CEEK

Famously known as Kondeboy, the multi-award winning superstar who has over half a billion views on YouTUBE and over 11 million followers across his social media platforms has been well embraced by Ceek.

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At the press conference, Harmonize expressed that he is very excited about his partnership with Ceek because the Ceek Platform will allow him to put out more premium and exclusive content and also for the world to see East Africa’s Talent’.

Addressing the media, Mr Harold Ofori, one of the directors from Ceek stated that, talents such as Harmonize deserve massive financial and social support. Through their partnership with Ceek artists will be fairly compensated on their progress irrespective of their country of origin. 


Harmonize and Director Ofori from Ceek at the Press Conference

Additionally,  Mr Ofori stated that Ceek has integrated MTN, Momo Pay and is in the process of integrating Impesa and Tigo Pesa to make sure ”artists will be fairly compensated for every single thing that they put out there”


Director Ofori From Ceek


Many artists are very happy about this new partnership with Harmonize and are also excited to see what Ceek brings to East Africa.

The press conference saw huge media networks from East Africa broadcasting the information to the world. the likes of Maximum TV, Mzuri TV, Foxe TV, Minutes TV, just to mention a few. 

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Popular Ghanaian Rap Star Sarkodie has dropped a new single titled ‘No Fugazy’ as part of his upcoming ‘No Pressure’ album July 9th.

He took to his socials for inform his fans about the fact that his latest release will be on the Streaming Platform

The platform makes it easier for people to connect and relate with people around the world virtually at any time while they enjoy 360 videos in entertainment, education, sports and more.

Sarkodie also asked  his fans to follow his channel on

He explained that he will be releasing exclusive ‘music audio x videos  on the his Ceek channel



“No Fugazy” was premiered on, Sarkodie fans watched both on in 2D  and others 360VR through the Ceek VR app.

The audio version of the song, ‘No fugazy’ was produced by Rexxie but the visuals was produced by Chris Phouphou and directed by Capone.

As part of Sarkodie’s undying flairs in rap music, he usually sings not in plain language and chooses his words artistically. ‘Fugazy’ is a slang word that is basically used to describe fake stuff.

Fans are really jamming to Sakordie’s ‘No Fugazy’. Most of the viewers on Ceek reacted with the fire emoji as well as praising the rapper with multiple appellations like, ‘king Sark’, ‘the highest’ among others.

Hence the song, ‘No Fugazi’ literally means, ‘no fake things’. Sarkodie is telling a story about living fake life as well as advising people to live within their means in his song, ‘No Fugazy’.

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It’s not always about the designer products, but one can wear and use non-designing stuff that are equally quality irrespective of their social status without following the pressures of this 21st century to rather go and get the fake designer wears and other material things.

He further advised that people should not fall for luxurious lifestyle out there to end up messing up their life big time.

He cited examples with his lifestyle, recounting those times he had nothing and used to wear fake things but now he’s worked and gotten to the level in his life that he can afford any designer stuff but sometimes you just have to let go of the societal pressures and live life normal.

However, if you think you’ve got so much money which he described as (block) and want to take fashion or dressing to a higher level and look classy (drip), don’t fall for the fake ones (No Fugazy).

One must learn to leave a comfortable life by desisting from copying somebody’s luxurious lifestyle because you might end up going bankrupt

In the end, all Sarkordie wants to put across through his song, ‘No Fugazy’ is that Hard work really pays but its better we live a comfortable life. The lyrics, rhythm, costume and colour effects are massive and astonishing.


Photo Credit: Ceek

Stephen Nesta Marley announced  on his social media handles that he will be celebrating  4/20 and EarthStrong this year with a special live streaming set on April 20th on

Audience can access the live celebration at Ceek on in 2D or in 360VR through the Ceek VR app.

In the past few years, the Grammy award winning reggae artiste has been honouring his birthday with exceptional performances through reggae music.

Dubbed 4/20 and Earth Strong celebration, Stephen Marley is set to entertain lovers of reggae music and his fans around the world with  thee virtual concert on Tuesday night.

With his distinctive infusion of hip-hop, soul, jazz and other various music genres with reggae, the iconic singer and his crew will definitely create enjoyable ambience for audience on his special day and also fulfil the legacy of his father by bringing together people from all walks of live.


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Known privately as Stephen Nesta Marley, the eight-time Grammy award winning singer and producer was born in Delaware in the US, but was raised in Kingston Jamaica.

Born to a reggae family, Stephen Marley is well-known as a pioneer of reggae music since he started exhibiting remarkable flairs as well as fully understanding of reggae music at the age of seven.

He was made to showcase his musical talent by joining young children singing band with his siblings known as, the Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.

The band was established by his elder brother, Ziggy Marley. He earned production credits on couple of projects undertaken by the music band which also became the group’s Grammy award winning project.

They include, Conscious Party, One Bright Day and Fallen Is Babylon. He and his big brother, Ziggy Marley co-foundered a group known as the Ghetto Youth International that sought to support up-coming artistes.



Subsequently, Stephen Marley produced highly-received and Grammy award winning albums which featured hip-hop and R&B talents like, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Guru, Busta Rhymes, MC Lyte, Steven Tyler, just to mention a few.

He also worked on multiple solo albums including his Grammy award- winning album, Mind Control.

Stephen Marley has played a very vital role in reggae music since 1979 and has achieved dynamic success with a lot of chart-topping projects like, ‘Chant Down Babylon’, Halfway Tree, ‘Welcome to Jamrock’, ‘Revelation Pt. 1 – The Root of Life’, ‘Mind Control Acoustic’, ‘Revelation Pt. 2 – The Fruit of Life’ and many more.

The Marley siblings are indeed greatest of all time when it comes to reggae music.

Happy birthday in advance to the king of reggae music, Stephen Marley.


Credit: Stephen Marley | Ceek

 East Meets West Africa presented by Ceek 

Ceek VR brings music lovers a highly virtual experience through distinctive music and mind blowing performance from creative African talents on the concert dubbed, “East Meets West Africa”.

They include Harmonize, Blaq Jerzee, Juma Jux, Marioo, Kenzo, Ibraah and Maua Sama.

The first single SOKOMA which is scheduled on Friday, April 30, 2021 will present an album collaboration from East and West African top-notch artistes. Blaq Jerzee x Marioo x Eddy Kenzo

Harmonize is one of the greatest artistes projecting the image of east Africa and the entire African continent through his creative Tanzanian lyrical melodies.

He’s the founder of Konde Music Worldwide. Aside his well-received “Afro East” album, the singer can boast of hits like, “Kwa Ngwaru”, “Show Me” and several others

Blaq Jerzee is a producer and performing artiste officially called, Okhuofu Isaih Oshoriameh. Born and raised in Nigeria, the artiste has earned production credits on hit songs for superstars across Africa including Wizkid, Burnaboy, Tiwa Savage, among others.

He’s noted for songs like, Blow”, “Thankful”, “Arizona”, “Gbese” just to mention a few.

Juma Jux as popularly known by profession is also identified privately as Juma Mussa Mkambala.

He started music when he was very young but gained popularity in 2008 when he was signed to his record label. He has produced back to back hits such as “Sugua” ft. Platnumz, “Juu” ft. Vanessa Mdee, “Regina” ft. Otile Brown, “Nitasubiri”, and many.

Marioo is a Tanzanian singer and songwriter well-known for hits like, “Chibonge”, “Inatosha”, “Raha” and “Manyaku”.

Despite Marioo’s beginning as a welder, he made it possible in achieving his dream as a professional musician through his breakthrough single, “Dar Kugumu” in 2017.

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Eddy Kenzo was born and raised in Uganda. His debut single was released in 2010, however, he gained international recognition in 2014 following the release of his single, “Sitya Loss” and BET award in 2015 as the first Ugandan artiste.

Some of his songs include, “Stamina”, “Yanimba”, “Jubilation”, “Jambole”, “Sonko” and several others.

Ibraah, also known as Ibrahim was the first artiste signed under Harmonize’s record label in 2020.

His debut single, “Nimekubali” and EP, “STEPS”, was released same year he was discovered by his management. Some of his songs are, “Nani”, “Subira”, “Wawa”, “Njiwa” and “One Night Stand”.

Maua Sama is a famous R&B Singer, born and raised in Tanzania.

Her first single “Let Me Know” was released in January 2015. She is also well known for her bestselling music video for her track “Nang’ang’ania” in January 2018.

Photo Credit: Ceek

Congratulations are in order!

Sarkodie’s Black Love Virtual Concert Powered By Ceek has been nominated for Best Virtual Showcase/Concert category.

Black Love Virtual Concert is deemed the best and the most talked about virtual concert in 2020. Sarkodie’s maiden edition of a virtual concert was streamed on the on August 16th 2020.


The lineup included Shatta Wale, Efya, highlife legend Amakye Dede, King Promise, Prince Bright, Sista Afia, Kidi, Joey B, Akwaboah and more

Sarkodie’s nomination is not surprising at all because people can’t stop talking about how unique and amazing the virtual concert looked.

The all-time favourite rapper’s Black Love virtual concert pulled huge audience from around the world.


Despite it being held virtually, without the presence of audience due to restrains the deadly Coronavirus pandemic imposed on our social lives, fans and music lovers massively enjoyed themselves as well as feeling interactive from the comforts of their homes.

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Due to the fear of the widespread of Covid 19, this year’s edition of the major festival will be organised in Jamaica virtually on May 02, 2021.

It will be held under the theme under the theme, ‘Reggae/World Music Rise’.

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International Reggae & World Music Awards (IRAWMA) is organised annually. 2021 marks the 39th edition.

IRAWMA was founded in 1982 to celebrate and honour the achievements and influence of reggae and professionals such as songwriters, performers, promoters and singers.

As part of the celebration, a variety of musicians and entertainers around the world are set to perform. People around the world are also expected to cheer nominees and Winners for the various music genres.

Public voting which began on Monday, March 20 continues through to Tuesday, April 20 at 12 O’clock midnight.

VOTE FOR  Sarkodie’s The Black Love virtual concert – Best Virtual Showcase/Concert

The awards will include the Special Awards: Josef Bogdanovich set to receive  Philanthropist Award and Legendary Reggae icon Ziggy Marley for IRAWMA Hall of Fame/Lifetime Achievement Award

Other nominees include:

Buju Banton, Popcaan, Koffee, Stonebwoy, Gramps Morgan, Shatta Wale, Davido, Burna boy Skip Marley, Shaggy

Diamond Platnumz – Best Afrobeat Entertainer

Buffalo Souljah – South Africa

Shatta Wale – Ghana

Stonebwoy – Ghana

Patoranking – Nigeria and more


Credit: Sarkodie | Ceek | IRAWMA 

TEDx Accra announces partnership with CEEK and lineup of exciting speakers

TEDx Accra Ghana, just announced their partnership with award-winning, premium, streaming platform CEEK for their upcoming event on the 6th – 7th March 2021.

The organisers are planning on making an unforgettable comeback promising a highly curated interactive virtual experience for CEEKERS, thanks to Ceek!

The partnership underscores TEDxAccra’s theme of “Forces That Unite” inspired by the famous 1963 “Africa Must Unite” speech, delivered by the first president of Ghana, and the father of modern-day Pan-Africanism, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

TEDx Accra will be held on March 6, 2021 and March 7, 2021, and streamed for free on

“We are excited to partner with CEEK for what promises to be a unique and immersive experience for audiences,”  “We also wanted to make sure that this experience was available to all, and thanks to CEEK’s free streaming, this will be a reality! ~ Kojo Oppong, organiser of TEDxAccra.


TEDxAccra and CEEK is an organic partnership…CEEK is pioneering audience virtual experiences globally and partnering with TEDxAccra is a natural step in advancing our mission of helping event creators produce exquisite direct to fan experiences in the virtual world.” ~ Mary Spio, Founder and CEO of CEEK VR.

Speakers include:

• Vic Mensa (Artist,Activist, and Philanthropist)
• Eugene Ayisi (Founding Director, Dominion Capital)
• Ivy Prosper (Founder and Owner of Prosper Creative Group)
TEDx Accra 2021
• Thebe Ikalafeng (Founder & CEO of Brand Leadership Group, Founder & Chairman of Brand Africa Founder & Principal Africa  Brand Leadership Academy)
• June Gachui (Founder & Principal – JGIP Consultants, Lawyer, Thespian, Artist, and Entrepreneur)
• Max Rivera (Head of EMEA Expansion at SNAP Inc.)
• Bernard Sokpe (Co-Founder of Brandmeister and Ripple Influence)
• Amma Gyampo (Co-Founder and CEO of Scale up Africa)
• Jacqueline Jones (Head of Strategic Partnerships For Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at LinkedIn)
• Joshua Andrews-Egyir (Educator and Youth Activist)
TEDx Accra 2021
• Yayra Agbofah (Founder of Afro District & Founder of The Revival)
• Safo Akonnor (Podcast Host, The Conversations in the Dark)
• Iyin Aboyeji (General Partner and Co-Founder, Future Africa)
• Sally Osafo – Self Proclaimed “Girl Next Door”
• Michael Amey – CEO, Koi International Worship Cente
TEDx Accra 2021
• Chiziterem Uwaga (Founder of SmartSeal and  Co-Founder of Junity)
• Mohammed Shehu (B2B Content Marketer)
• Kym Oliver (Co-Founder of Triple Cripples)

Credit: TEDxAccra

Ghanaian local soccer club Asante Kotoko today, November 3, 2020 has announced their successful partnership with the prestigious and award winning virtual reality firm, CEEK VR to broadcast their matches in the next 3 years.

The contract begins from the 2020/21 of the Ghana premier league seasons until their 3rd season. The club has been working earnestly on climbing the top of the ladder of the soccer clubs across the African continent and beyond.

Hence joining partnership with various renowned and excellent global firms.

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Also, known as the porcupine warriors, the professional football club based in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti region of Ghana has constantly championed the Ghana premier league for more than 23 seasons.

The club was established 85 years ago by Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II, the Asantehene in the month of August and with the porcupine emblem and the slogan, “Kum Apem a Apem Beba”.

The exciting notice released by the club has received thumps up from football lovers and supporters around the world on social media platforms.

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However, details of the contract was not revealed in the announcement but it was disclosed that during their launching ceremony more details will be presented.

The club further urged its fans around the world to patronize their virtual streaming packages and entertainment gadgets massively because this ground-breaking deal was considered because of the lovely supporters of the club.