TBT: Inspirational Stories: Ghanaian Actor and Entrepreneur has donated over ”140 math sets to the final year JHS students of the La Bawaleshie Presbyterian School, East Legon.

As part of supporting the education sector in Ghana, he believes the gives will handy for The BECE (The Basic Education Certificate Examination) that starts next.

He hopes the gift will inspire the students to learn hard and some out with flying colours. 


Giving back is one of the most important and valuable things anyone can do for their community. We love seeing African Celebs giving back to the community! 

”Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” ― Ben Carson.


John Dumelo took to his social media handles with photos and the above video



Video Credit: John Dumelo

African Celebrities Who Give Back

WCM: Meet Ange Kagame, the only daughter of the current president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame. She is widely known for her causes and charity work.

The stunning and gorgeous Philanthropist is positively impacting her country.

Ange kagame and father Paul Kagame
Ange kagame and father Paul Kagame


She is a strong advocate for empowering women, a strong advocate of education and eradication of poverty as well emphasising disease immunization campaigns.

Ange Kagame was born in 1993 in Brussels and completed her education abroad away from the public eye. She went to Wellesley, Massachusetts to study political science with a minor in African studies.

Her first public appearance was in 2014 when she accompanied her father to the White House for a dinner hosted by Former President Barack Obama.

She currently continues her master’s degree in International Affairs at Columbia University, while working for several causes that focus on women’s empowerment, education, mass vaccination campaigns and poverty.


She is a patron of various charitable organisations and women empowerment, disease immunization campaigns, education and eradication of poverty are things she loves taking part in.

Ange Kagame practicing her basket weaving skills, with the amazing women over at the Rwanda Women's Opportunity Center in Kayonza
Ange Kagame practicing her basket weaving skills, with the amazing women over at the Rwanda Women’s Opportunity Center in Kayonza

Ange Kagame’s mother, Jeannette Kagame the first lady of Rwanda is also very passionate about charity work. Some of her charities includes Imbuto Foundation, OALFA (Organization of African first Ladies against HIV/AIDS), PACFA (Protection and Care of Families against HIV/AIDS) 

Ange Kagame and mother, Jeannette kagame who is also very passionate about charity work
Ange Kagame & mother, Jeannette kagame who is also very passionate about charity work

In addition to her local dialect and English Ange Kagame speaks fluent French as well. 

Learn more, Follow President Paul Kagame on Facebook

Sorry guys, she’s taken! Ange Kagame got married to Bertrand Ndengeyingoma last year


Photo credit: Ange Kagame fan page//Ange Kagame/Twitter

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Stephanie Linus Arrives Italy To Advocate Against Human Trafficking

TBT: Stephanie Linus Arrives Italy To Advocate Against Human Trafficking

Nollywood Superstar, Filmmaker & Entrepreneur Stephanie Linus Is Currently In Italy To Advocate Against Human Trafficking in Partnership with Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontières)


Human Trafficking

In the wake of the increased rate of human trafficking being experienced by Nigerians trying to migrate to Europe via Libya.

Actress and Producer Stephanie Linus has recently arrived in Italy to give support to rescued people and raise her voice against such human rights violations.

human trafficking
Stephanie Linus Arrives Italy To Advocate Against Human Trafficking

This timely intervention is in partnership with the world-renowned international medical humanitarian organisation “Doctors Without Borders” (MSF).

Over the next few days, Mrs Linus will visit the rescue ship “Aquarius” to witness their activities and operations.

Later she will have meetings with some of these vulnerable women;  participate in rehabilitation exercises for the rescued women, media parleys and stakeholder meetings with the aim of alleviating their sufferings and preventing more girls and women from falling prey.

Stephanie Linus Arrives Italy To Advocate Against Human Trafficking
Stephanie Linus Arrives Italy To Advocate Against Human Trafficking

Doctors Without Borders is one of the most impactful humanitarian organisation that rescues thousands of people who faced hazardous conditions trying to enter Europe through the sea yearly. In 2017, the Aquarius (a rescue ship)  has rescued 15,078 people.

Stephanie Linus Arrives Italy To Advocate Against Human Trafficking
Stephanie Linus Arrives Italy To Advocate Against Human Trafficking


Stephanie Linus Arrives Italy To Advocate Against Human Trafficking

Mrs Linus has been at the forefront of advocacy over sensitive issues that affect the rights of women and girls.Stephanie Linus has done this through several channels such as her advocacy movie DRY, her role as UNFPA Ambassador; her charity organisation Extended Hands Foundation and many more.

An increasing number of women, mainly from Nigeria, are being trafficked to Europe for sexual exploitation.

According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), there has been an almost 600% increase in the number of potential sex trafficking victims arriving in Italy by Sea since 2014.

Many of these women were kidnapped against their will or lured with the promise of greener pastures. 

Inspirational Stories: African Celebrities Who Inspire Us To Dress Better 

Clothes communicate certain hidden elements of your personality. It can be a great starting point of conversation. If you see someone dressed in a way that speaks to you, approach him or her.

Chances are you’ll have a great deal in common.

Your clothes, colours and mannerisms speak volumes about what’s going on inside of you. According to research, when people are happy and secured with themselves they turn to go for bright colours.

We choose our clothes as carefully as we choose our friends. When you step out into the world people make sweeping assumptions and decisions about you quicker than you can say

“Hi” Your clothes communicate trustworthiness and humility and people want to validate in their mind the details.

Above all, Your presence should calm others not prop up fear and unanswered questions.

These celebs (In no particular order) make us all want to step up our dress code GAME. In order words we love their fashion sense!

Stephanie Okereke Linus

Multiple Award-winning Director,  Entrepreneur, stunning and gorgeous Actress

Did you know Stephanie Okereke Linus is one of the celebs who give back?




Award-winning screen diva Joselyn Canfor Dumas is a Ghanaian entertainment powerhouse who rose to prominence after being featured in a film titled Perfect Picture and being headhunted by one of Ghana’s biggest television networks…

Photo credit: Joselyn Dumas

Watch out for Joselyn Dumas’  upcoming show #KeepingItRealwithJoselynDumas

Joselyn Dumas
Joselyn Dumas Photo credit: Joselyn Dumas


Award-winning actress Jackie Appiah is a seasoned actress who started her career at the age of 12 when she starred in the TV series Things We Do for Love.


Photo credit: Jackie Appiah

In addition, she also starred in the hit movie ‘Beyoncé – The President’s Daughter’ alongside prominent Ghanaian actors Van Vicker and Nadia Buari….

Jackie has also graced many magazine covers and billboards, and has won numerous awards including ‘Best Supporting Actress’ at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Photo credit: Jackie Appiah




Prince David Osei

Ghanaian Actor and Model who has been on many screens for years now. His movies include, Confessions, Happily Never After, Every Woman Wants Me, Bitter Sugar, Devilish Angel and more.


Photo credit: Prince David Osei actor

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Photo credit: Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Award-winning Nollywood Superstar, Amnesty International Activist, founder of Omotola Youth Empowerment Programme, Model, Singer and Director Omotola Jalade Ekeinde aka “Omosexy”….

Photo credit: Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde


Salma Mumin

Photo Credit: Salma Mumin

Salma Mumin is an award-winning Ghanaian Actress, Film maker and Entrepreneur.

Photo Credit: Salma Mumin


The gorgeous and stunning actress has starred in many movies, including Hashtag, Passion and Soul, Seduction and more


Nadia Buari

Photo credit: Nadia Buari

Award-winning Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari starred in the TV series Things We Do for Love and in the hit movie ‘Beyoncé

The President’s Daughter’ alongside prominent Ghanaian actors Van Vicker and Jackie Appiah.

In addition, she has since been featured in various more. Nadia is now concentrating more on raising her adorable twins….

Photo credit: Nadia Buari


Tiwa Savage: Nigerian singer-songwriter
Photo credit: Tiwa Savage
Photo credit: Tiwa Savage
Genevieve Nnaji: Award-winning Nollywood Superstar/Entrepreneur Genevieve Nnaji.
Photo credit: Genevieve Nnaji
Photo credit: Genevieve Nnaji
Photo Credit: Ramsey Nouah

Award-winning Filmmaker/Nollywood actor

Photo credit:Ramsey Nouah
Photo credit: Yvonne Nelson
Photo credit: Yvonne Nelson

The stunning and gorgeous Ghanaian Actress, former Miss Ghana contestant, film producer and entrepreneur is the current tourism ambassador of Ghana

Photo credit: BECCA

Popular Ghanaian singer and actress

Photo credit: Becca

Daniel K Daniel (DKD): 

Photo credit: Daniel K Daniel.

Multiple Award-Winning Actor and Host

Photo credit: Daniel K Daniel



The Republic of Congo is proud to have a talented stand-up comedy mogul, British-Congolese Eddie Kadi.

He is a renowned stand-up comedian, actor, broadcaster and musician that gained prominence in the United Kingdom through his exceptional jests.

He was born in the Republic of Congo,  Kadi is one of the most influential Congolese, thanks to his exceptional skills and depth of his comedy delivery.

Eddie’s hard work has earned him reputable roles; first as a household name in the United Kingdom and as the first black comedian to spearhead O2 Arena in 2010.

Kadi, although born in the Republic of Congo, had his childhood in London following his family’s relocation to the United Kingdom in 1992.


He lives at Little Ilford School in West London and went to Fulham Primary School and Henry Compton Secondary School before proceeding to the prestigious Kingston University to study Media Technology.

While on campus, he held a reputable position as the President of the Afro-Caribbean Society. He began his career by hosting fellow students as a stand-up comedian that eventually graduated into a full time career.

He became one of the most sought after comedian when he delivered an outstanding performance in a one man show at Hackney Empire and since then on appeared in numerous British reality shows such as Lenny Henry show, Virtually Famous and QI.

Eddie Kadi @ Africa To The World – One Africa Global Summit London


The multi-award talented comedian attracted the interest of his countrymen and fellow Africans, notably, the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA).

His energetic skits across African countries registered him in the minds of fun loving Africans as one of the best stand-up comedians in African history.

Today, Kadi has released a 4 Disc DVD collections of his work as a comedian. Aside comedy, Kadi has shown his class as a radio host on BBC1Xtra and exceeded expectations while co-hosting the OHTV series “It’s All Good”.




He has hosted many programs for the likes of France-based Current TV, MTV Base, BBC and MTV among others.

If you’re looking for a successful multi-talented personality, then Kadi is what you sought.

Kadi‘s talent isn’t limited to stand-up comedy and TV hosting as he is equally exceptional when it comes to acting. He was a voice over artist in a popular animated children’s TV series “Tinga Tinga Tales” as Tiger Aspect.

He played a round character in “Area Boys” and also starred in Shank in 2010 before appearing in the UK-based movie Anuvahood in 2011.


Eddie Kadi inspiring the youth at Ghana Youth Day London

Kadi is also a vocalist who has shown his hip hop music talent alongside the likes of Sway and a renowned Senegalese rap artist, Akon while launching his “Konfidence Foundation” in his country, Senegal.



Kadi has contributed tremendously to the entertainment industry and the veteran isn’t calling it quits any time soon.




Photo Credit: Eddie Kadi


The “Member of the order of the British Empire” (MBE) is an honorarium given by the Queen II of England to persons for an extraordinary accomplishment across the United Kingdom.


Over the years in U. K’s history, it has always been the sole decision of the Queen to appreciate people with an extraordinary vision and mission who achieve a particular task as long as development is concerned.

We couldn’t be more happier to hear that, this amazing lady’s hard work over the years has not been in vain.

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Her specialisation includes design and construction, innovation and manufacture of buildings and systems in the built environment.

Yewande’s  has worked on diverse projects here in the U.K and other parts of the world.

The multi-award-winning principal engineer has been honored for her Services to Engineering and Diversity in Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) Design and Innovation.

We know Yewande has always been amongst the top 100 young influencers, so be be officially recognized as part of the top 100 most influential women leaders in the world of Engineering is simply AWESOME!

She definitely making Africa very proud especially Nigeria.

Read More About Yewande Akinola Here




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Photo Credit: Yewande Akinola 


Nollywood veteran screenwriter, director, actress and producer Sola Sobowale is a year older today. Join us in wishing this talented lady an awesome birthday.

The Toyin tomato star was born on 26th December, 1965 in Ondo State, Nigeria…. She has starred in over 100 movies/tv shows

some of her movies/shows includes: Ohun Oko Somida, Toyin Tomato, Dangerous Twins, The Wedding Party 1&2, Family on Fire, seven and half dates, Christmas is coming, Holy wife, King of boys and more.



Celebrities took to their social media handles to wish Sola Sobowale an awesome birthday!


What’s your favourite Sola Sobowale Movies/TV Shows?


More African Celebs Birthday 


TBT: Be inspired: A professor from Université de Bouaké in Ivory Coast’s photo has gone viral as ‘Hero Of The Week’.

Being a professor he knows the importance of education and wanted to help a young determined mum concentrate on her exams, he helped his student by carrying her baby on his back so she can write her exams… Now that’s a real man!

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Ivory Coast University Professor

The prof’s act of kindness reminds us the following: Leadership is about helping other people to succeed –

 ‘A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.’

‘Be the person that makes others feel special. Be known for your kindness and grace’.

Also below is the main Tweet from the User @adewryght  and others about the Hero Of The Week


Credit:  Twitter user @adewryght




The Swazi director is known for his documentaries about Xenophobia. Born in 1967 when his parents were in exile, he spent his childhood and teenage years in the UK.

His first documentary Dear Sunshine was released in 1992. Moving to South Africa shortly after that, he experienced severe attacks of Xenophobia.

This inspired him to portray the issues in South Africa through documentaries.

His documentary about Sarah Baartman, a woman of Khoisan descent who was taken to London as a performer because of her ” unusual looks”, received critical acclaim.

He also won the Best African Documentary award at 1999 Pan-African Film Festival. He is currently working on a TV series called Homecoming about three MK fighters, and a movie called Liverpool Leopard.



The Nigerian rapper and songwriter Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike was born on October 1986 in Enugu.

He developed an interest in music in secondary school and became an expert in piano and drums. After studying Public Administration at university, he moved to Lagos to pursue a music career.

Phyno recently released his third album tyitled Deal With It featuring top Nigerian stars like Olamide, Zoro, and Don Jazzy.

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Born in September 1993 in Mathare, the Kenyan songwriter had a rough childhood since his father died and he dropped out of school to earn money and support his family.

He was discovered by Kenyan producers at a young age and had his first single Rabuka come out in 2010.

His first album You Never Know launched in 2013, as well as four commercially successful singles from the album. His US tour in 2014 earned him worldwide success.

Photo Credit:WILLY PAUL

The same year saw the release of the song Tam Tam that earned 2 Mdundo Awards, the Most Downloaded Gospel Artist, and the Most Downloaded Male Single.

Another famous song from Paul is the duet “I do” featuring singer Alaine, to whom he later married.

Latest Entertainment News



The Nigerian Musician was born on December 1992 in Bauchi. He relocated frequently within the country during his childhood years since his father was a member of the army.

His parents sent him to a music school where he learned to play guitar and piano. After graduating from this prestigious school, he was signed under K-Money, which released his first single Holiday.

The single was a commercial success. In 2012, he met the managers of the Lagosian company Made Men Music Group, who signed him in 2013.

Photo Credit: TEKNO

His singles “Dance”, and “Anything” were so successful that they received award nominations at 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards.

His 2015 singles Duro and Wash helped him gain recognition in the US and win awards at MTV African Music Awards in 2015. He is currently signed under Universal Music Group Nigeria…





Linet Masiro Munyali, a.k.a Size 8, was born on August 1987 in Nairobi.

Upon ranking the first in her class, she received a scholarship to continue with her education. After university, she auditioned for the Kenyan Producer Clemo who signed a contract with her.

Photo Credit: Linet Masiro Munyali,

She released her first album in 2013 with successful singles like Shamba Boy, Silali and Vidonge.

Her music style changed gradually into Gospel music, and her single “Mateke” received nationwide acclaim, receiving the Video Of The Year award at 2014 Groove Awards.



Editors Choice Today


The full name of the Tanzanian singer is Zena Yusuf Mohammed. She was born in December 1987 in Igunga.

After losing her mother at a young age, she had to work and study at the same time. Chasing her dreams, she started a music career in R&B and quickly became one of the most distinguished female artists of Tanzania.

Photo Credit: Shilole

Not only was she nominated several times at KTMA with her songs Namchukua, Paka La Bar, and Lawama, but she was also the first Tanzanian female artist to reach 1 million followers on Instagram.

Her success also attracted other artists like Mr Camera and Selebobo who collaborated with her.




The Tanzanian actress & producer was born on December 1988 in Dar es Salaam.

After completing her education, she contested in the Miss Tanzania beauty pageant in 2006. Although she didn’t win, she quickly rose to fame and started her movie career.

Her role as Oprah in the 2008 movie “Oprah” brought her nationwide attention. She has starred in over 50 movies ever since.

Photo Credit: Irene Uwoya

As a single mother, she is being concentrating on her movies and life as producer.

More African Celebrities News Updates


She is one of the youngest politicians in Tanzania. Born on March 1987, she was raised in Washington DC and Dar es Salaam.

After a successful educational life full of degrees and awards, she partook in several organizations such as commemorations and festivals at the University of Dar Es Salaam.

Upon graduation, she was appointed as the Secretary of Public Relations at the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi.

Furthermore, she represented Tanzania in the East African Legislative Assembly.

She has currently been appointed as the District Commissioner in Kisaware District. Besides her political success, she owns a hairline company called Kidoti, which earned her several awards as the Entrepreneur of the years.


The Tanzanian Actress was born on July 1980. She is renowned for her movies like Zawadi ya Birthday, Crazy Love, and Impossible. She is currently married to businessman Rashidi Said Chidi Mapenzi.


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Didace Balume was born in May 1997 in Goma, DRC. His parents were distinguished local musicians at the time, so his emergence as a musician was no coincidence.

He joined a band formed by his brothers only when he was six. The band won the Revelation Award with the song Another Way.

Photo Credit: Innoss’B

His talent combined with his charm and smile was more than enough to gain the sympathy of millions. In 2009, he won a national contest in which R&B singer Akon was a judge.

Akon took him to Atlanta in 2011 to record new songs such as African chart-topper “I can be your blue-eyed boy”. He then released two full albums and many other singles the current ones being Derniere Chance and Yo Pe…




The famous Tanzanian dancer was born on August 1, 1992, in Dar es Salaam. He had a rough childhood with his mother passing away when he was only seven.

Photo credit: Mose Iyobo

He Began his dance career as a YouTuber, he quickly rose to fame and started working as a choreographer for famous Tanzanian artists.

He was recently nominated for the Frimma Award for the Best African Dancer.


Latest Fashion News




Francine Nyanko Koffi was born on 3rd July 1997 in Enzema- Ghana.

She moved to the States with her family at a young age, where she studied business and fashion. Soon after graduation, she started following another dream, becoming a singer.

Photo Credit: Fantana

This is when she was given the nickname Fantana by her manager. Her breakthrough was when she released the single “So What” in June 2019.

Fantana is one one new talents to watch on in 2020. We can’t have enough of her music, interviews she has an amazing personality!

We have watched most of her interviews and she’s a straight shooter. You go girl! No beating about the bush and wouldn’t allow anyone to walk over her.

We hope the tension between Wendy Shay and Fantana doesn’t escalate, Ghana doesn’t have many female artists and would be great to see them all get along.

We hope people will just let Fantana be and concentrate on her music….