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First Date Fashion for Guys and Gals

First Date Fashion for Guys and Gals

Sweaty palms, food in your teeth, and nervous babbling are just some of the many faux pas to avoid while on a first date. With so much pressure put on first impressions, what to wear should not be one of them.

To help you get dressed for what could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship or a dating dud (no body ever knows for sure), it’s worth taking a cue from the best dressed in Tinsel Town. How better to impress your date than by shining like the star you are!


Subtle and alluring look

Subtle and alluring

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is a pro at taking bohemian chic to the streets. Half poet and half Fly-Girl, Alicia has a subtle, alluring style that has gotten her plenty of attention on the red carpet. To get her look, think exotic treasures. Start by tying a brightly printed silk scarf around your head, or if your really brave, don a floppy hat by Zanadu. Add East Indian-inspired chandelier earrings and plenty of bamboo bangles for your wrists.


Alicia wears a lot of tight bodices to show off her hourglass figure, but always in a tasteful way. Channel some of her allure by putting a black silk bustier over a fitted button up shirt leaving the top buttons undone. Layer multiple beaded necklaces and let them drape into your cleavage for a hint of what’s to come.



Super-girly look

Sarah Jessica Parker

With an image forever linked to the stylish Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica has become a style icon. She can be credited for bringing Chanel’s ‘50’s cocktail dress back en vogue as well as enflaming all women’s shoe fetish by making a habit of hobbling around in four-inch heels.

But before you don a pouf skirt and Manolo Blahniks, assess whether your guy is ready for a high fashion date. The clothing you wear communicates many subtle messages, and looking high maintenance or intimidating is not the message you want to send. Keep this super stylish look toned down by wearing some Steve Madden ballet flats instead of heels and forgoing distracting flower pins.


The girl next door

The girl next door look


Rene Zellweger

From Jerry McGuire to Bridgette Jones’ Diary, Rene Zelweger is one of America’s favorite girls next door. Her fresh, classic style has just a hint of Old Hollywood glamour mixed with hometown innocence that is irresistible to men and flattering to her figure—and yours! To get her look, try a super-fitted cashmere sweater set with a pencil skirt or a classic satin cocktail dress with a sweetheart neckline a la Carolina Herrera. Add some round-toed heels for a little hint of naughty!


Down to earth

Down to earth look


Cameron Diaz

A true beauty in every sense of the word, Cameron has a down to earth style that drives guys wild, including crooner Justin Timberlake. Although she looks stunning in a red carpet gown, no one does a t-shirt and jeans with more pinash. Go Cameron casual with a cool pair of Evisu jeans, beach-ready flip-flops and a fitted tee or layered tank tops. Add a few funky accessories like a long knitted scarf or one-of–a-kind bracelets to keep the look feminine.


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Colin Farrell

Aye, it has to be the Luck of the Irish that makes Collin Farrell absolutely delectable. Even donned in a skirt for his role in Alexander, this Dubliner turned LA hottie oozes sensuality. Whether at a photo op or in a pub, his scruffy style doesn’t change much, so it’s easy to emulate: First, don’t comb your hair for a while and let it stick up as it may. Don’t shave for a couple of days—oh hell, even a week. Leave the t-shirt on that you slept in and add a Carhart workman’s jacket if its chilly. Then throw on an old pair of jeans (if you don’t have any jeans that look old, get a pair of dirty-washed from Energie.) and step into an old pair of leather cowboy boots a la John Wayne. Add a sheepish grin and you’re off to meet the ladies.


Smooth like butta

Brad Pitt

To be a smooth operator like Brad Pitt, you don’t have to go as far as a sharkskin suit sans Oceans 11, but you can capture the essence of innate sexiness in a tailored leather jacket layered over a tight t-shirt or button-up. Just make sure to leave the top couple of buttons undone on that shirt…. The ladies love Brad because he looks good without looking like he tries too hard. Add Brad’s Gucci Aviator 230 Sunglasses, but make sure to take them off at some time so you can gaze into your dates eyes.


The hipster

Andre 3000

Outkast’s more outlandish half has the style every man wishes he could pull off without looking like a clown. To master Andre’s hip, preppy look, think private school and Prince Charles mixed with a little Hotlanta. Layer a Kelly Green Hermes jacket over a white button up shirt and Scottish plaid tie. Slip into some dark denim jeans by Jil Sander and add a colorful woven belt. Finish the look with some retro converse tennis shoes, a newsboy cap and a healthy dose of confidence. If your date isn’t impressed, say Sorry Miss Jackson and move on.

The bad boy

Lenny Kravitz

How can someone wearing Grandma’s table cloth look so hot? To get Lenny’s bad-ass look, you will need to raid your mother’s closet for some key pieces. After procuring a knitted scarf, a broach or a trench reminiscent of the Technicolor Dream Coat, strip down to your low-rise jeans like to ones at Men’s Express. (Lenny always wears them super tight, so don’t you dare go baggy.) If you must wear a shirt, slip on a button up with a butterfly collar, preferably ‘70’s vintage. Leave it unbuttoned and start accessorizing. Tie the scarf around your neck and secure with the broach, add some outlandish shades and flip-flops and voi-la! Rocker style that will make your date start looking for the paparazzi!

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