African Professor Recorded Success in the First 3D Inner-ear Surgery – Tech Thursday (TBT)

The University of Pretoria entered the book of history with the recent success in the world’s first 3D inner-ear surgery performed by the university professor, Professor Mashudu Tshifularo. The success has been spread across the globe and was welcomed with lots of recommendations as the two patients who benefited from this innovation are ever grateful.

Cerebral professor Mashudu Tshifularo and his team of professionals took a bold step to perform the groundbreaking surgery without minding the consequence of failure. Their unmatched efforts were crowned with successfully completing the surgery that most thought would be associated with brutal consequences. Now, another patient has been successfully treated to confirm that their operation is far from a fluke.

This surgery involved the effective replacement of the anvil, ossicles, hammer, and stirrup, all inner ear components. The 3D printing was used to mode the bones of the listed issues and reconstruct the ossicles. As difficult as these procedures may be, Mr. Thabo Moshiliwa, 40, has benefited from the experience of the gifted professor as the first recipient of 3D inner ear surgery in the world. Soon after the success, Mr. Simon Bohale, 62, also took the successful surgery to become the second recipient of the new world of 3D surgery.

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According to reports, hearing impairment is a natural phenomenon and is associated with age. It was gathered that the degeneration of sense of hearing begins at 40. Therefore, nearly half of aged people are expected to suffer from hearing impairment when they turn 80. Although diseases and infections are other factors contributing to hearing loss. The good news is; the operation can be carried out on anyone regardless of their age. Meaning that even the aged can still have their ear in absolutely perfect condition.

Professor Mashudu Tshifularo, 55, is one of the best in the field of medicine and his antecedent confirmed that the new record-making feat was not new to him. In 2008, he was believed to be the first man to ever perform a bloodless surgery (endoscope-assisted tonsillectomy) in the whole world through his self-designed techniques coupled with other remarkable groundbreaking surgeries he has laid his hands on.


The astute professor, Mashudu Tshifularo, was the first African ENT specialist and one of the youngest when he was appointed into the Medunsa Department of Otorhinolaryngology in 2001. He has since then contributed immensely to the postgraduate training of registrars and consultants as an academic professor while developing himself yet further. He is working tirelessly to increase the number of ENT specialists in South Africa and all over the continent.

All we hope for is a more groundbreaking career in the field of medicine from these hardworking hands as the resourceful professor rightly said, no one is born deaf and dumb.


-Top 10 hottest African countries

For more than 20 years, tourism has become vital to African economies. Millions of tourists from the western world are exploring Africa every single year. Many national parks, lakes, beaches, deserts, and animal resorts are not seen anywhere else.

Following are ten African countries that are must-see.

10. Malawi

If you enjoy lake tourism, then Lake Malawi is the right choice. In countries like Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania, Lake Malawi is the third-largest lake on the African continent. They form part of the African Great Lake system, and its age is believed to be at one or two million years. Most tourists visit the Malawi side of the lake, and There’s also Lake Nyasa in Tanzania and Lago Niassa in Mozambique. One interesting fact about Lake Malawi is that it is more home to fish than any other lake on Earth.

9. Mozambique

Bazaruto Archipelago Marine Park is the main tourist attraction in Mozambique. It is home to a group of islands with some of the more beautiful beaches in Africa. They also have white-sand beaches backed by coconut palms and dunes, these islands are famous for their excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities. The park protects a thriving coral reef system, and the turquoise water is warm and clear.

Top 10 hottest African countries - Maputo, Mozambique

8. Kenya

Kenya is best the name is almost synonymous with the word “safari.” The diversity of things to do in Kenya dazzles all who visit and viewing the country’s abundant wildlife tops the list. See the wildebeest thundering across the savanna during the Great Migration in the Maasai Mara; come eye-to-eye with elephants in Amboseli; or marvel at Lake Nakuru, flecked with thousands of flamingos.

Top 10 hottest African countries

7. Tunisia

Facing Europe’s Mediterranean coastline, Tunisia is Africa’s most northern country.  Tunisia It is a gorgeous, sun-soaked destination, where European and Arab influences blend. Home to beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, the country is a popular vacation destination for Europeans seeking winter sun. Another great spot is the island Djerba is a perfect spot to indulge.

6. Rwanda

Rwanda is now the most popular destination in East Africa. Paul Kagame has transformed the place that is favoured by many tourists. Some of Volcanoes National Park is where the treks to see these majestic primates take place. You cannot just go on your own but must join a guided trip that requires a permit.

5. Morocco

Morocco’s attractions offer an eye-opening taste of the exotic, with snake charmers and conjurers souks piled high with hordes of treasures and endless glasses of mint tea. It’s also an adventure into some of North Africa’s most stunning scenery, with the desert on its doorstep and the craggy heights of the Atlas Mountains beyond. Morocco is also a journey into a timeless, tranquil world of cute coastal villages, colourful-painted towns that cling to hillsides, and remote outposts defended by fairy-tale adobe forts.

4. Zimbabwe

Most of Zimbabwe’s top attractions are found outside the main cities and are therefore considered relatively safe. Hwange National Park is the oldest and largest of Zimbabwe’s game reserves. The Hwange elephant population is believed to be one of the largest in the world. In Zimbabwe’s far west corner, the Zambezi River marks the border with Zambia.

3. Egypt

Home of the ancient Pharaohs, Egypt is a destination full of dazzling temples and tombs that wow all who visit. With vast tracts of desert adventures, the Red Sea’s world-class coral reefs and wrecks for divers, and cruising on the famed Nile River, there are plenty of things to do for all types of travellers. Beach lovers head to the Sinai or the Red Sea Coast to soak up the sun, while archaeology fans will have a field day in Luxor. Cairo is the megalopolis that can’t be beaten for city slickers, while Siwa oasis and the southern town of Aswan offer a slice of the slow pace of the countryside.

2. Tanzania

Tanzania is home to many of Africa’s most famous national parks and natural attractions, including Mount Kilimanjaro. Most visitors will find themselves passing through Dar es Salaam and heading out to the wilderness areas and other destinations. The land is made of small beautiful islands. For those who want to spend some time soaking up the sun, the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar beckon.

1. South Africa

In South Africa, you’ll find classic African scenery: golden savannah, incredible gaping gorges, and hauntingly beautiful deserts, as well as an awe-inspiring cast of African creatures. Apart from the big-name game parks of Kruger and the Kgalagadi (Kalahari) Transfrontier Park, South Africa is home to some of the world’s most luxurious private game reserves and lodges.

Top 10 hottest African countries
Tsitsikamma National Park, Suspension bridge in South Africa – Top 10 hottest African countries

Wildlife lovers come here from all corners of the globe searching for the “Big Five”: lion, buffalo, leopard, rhino, and elephant, and often they find it, and so much more.

So these are the Hottest countries in Africa, if you visit South-Africa then you should visit some of the above-mentioned Countries surely.


K.Junior pioneers the fusion of Amapiano and Highlife on new single ‘Mansa’

We find ourselves in an era where there is a lot of experimental music coming from the new breed of artists who are young, gifted, and very bold.

Fearless in their pursuit of music, they do not shy away from trying out new things, and thanks to this class, music genres have gotten very spicy and the lines that categorize these genres keep blurring out. Listen/stream

K.Junior takes on this mantle very well. As a Highlife musician, his goal is to take this genre which originated in Ghana in the 19th century to the world.
Joining the likes of Ebo Taylor, Osibisa, and Pat Thomas, he has a master plan to attain this. Simple yet complex, he plans to achieve this feat by fusing Highlife music with more prominent and trending genres. 
For his first attempt, he jumps on Amapiano, a sub-genre of House music that emerged in South Africa in 2016 and is growing into one of the biggest genres making rounds with 80% of its listeners residing outside of South Africa.
K.Junior tackles this very well by seamlessly merging the two genres (Amapiano and Highlife) on his latest single ‘Mansa’ and earning him the title of Pioneer of this fusion of Amapiano and Highlife with excitement to see other artists/producers join in. 
‘Mansa’ starts with a Ghanaian traditional percussion pattern known to Kpanlogo that will get you bopping your head right from the moment you hit play.

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This is followed by a smooth piano melody and consistent synth which are key elements in Amapiano. Then comes the chorus, singing in the style of a Ghanaian traditional choir with all vocals harmonized beautifully. Somewhere along the line comes the jazzy saxophone which will blow you away.
The merger of these two genres is a mission that has been perfectly executed and K.Junior brought his own Ghanaian homegrown flavor to the well-received Amapiano.
By all the standards, the production of this song is top-notch and very well crafted.
The lyrics are easy to grasp and sing along and the rhythm and melody will definitely get you busting some dance moves wherever you find yourself. K.Junior deserves his flowers for the production and performance of this masterpiece.
We know you will enjoy ‘Mansa’ as much as we did and smacking it on replay will be inevitable.
The never-ending Jollof Wars is coming to South Africa for the first time in history. South Africa will play a key role in being host to the first-ever Jollof Rice Competition between Ghanaians and Nigerians in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Karibu Wote African restaurant in Rivonia, Sandton, South Africa is going to be the venue where yet another attempt is made to resolve the healthiest and fun food rivalry between Ghanaians and Nigerians.

According to Adetunji Omotola — the curator of this event — in an interview from his base in South Africa with, participating chefs have been drawn from Johannesburg, Yeovil, Pretoria, and Sandton, Johannesburg.

He encouraged all to support the event on all social media platforms by adding the Jollof Wars South Africa when they make posts and follow the event on Twitter with its official handle @JollofWars_SA.

One of the chefs who is a Ghanaian is also a corporate employee and a mother of four who promises to throw down a real soul food Ghana-Jollof to spice up this premier event,” said Mr. Omotola.

The competition will be judged by a combination of South Africans, Nigerians, and Ghanaians at the quintessential Karibu Wote which is owned by Lauretta Muinda who happens to be a Congolese.

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Naija no day carry last,” said a Nigerian who is based in South African that told that “We all know that here in South Africa, the best jollof rice makers are Nigerians, but let me not talk too much, just remember this when the final result is announced.”

The event will take place on Wednesday, June 16 at 12 noon and run till 4 PM South African Time (SAT).

It will be attended by Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa and other dignitaries according to Mr. Omotola who also confirmed that it’s being held in a fun and cultural display to foster multicultural healthy relationships with all the countries involved and have giveaways and other scheduled surprises,

including great networking opportunities for those who will be supporting and attending from respective nations.

For further information about this first-ever event which has as a media partner kindly contact Maleshane Makhale via email with to discover how you can be a sponsor, vendor, or partner.

Let the culinary war begin, all over again.

Written by Oral Ofori


Goodwill Zwelithini ka Bhekuzulu, the most celebrated traditional leader of South Africa’s largest tribe, Zulu has passed on.

‘When an Elder dies, a library burns to the ground’~ African Proverb

The king who stood for social justice, since apartheid era in the country and served as the major voice between the Zulu ethnic group and the government of South Africa for national unity, died at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central hospital in Durban, South Africa.

The spokesperson said, the sad incident happened on Friday March 12, 2021 at the central hospital where he was receiving treatment for diabetes.

However, his statement did not give details of the exact cause of King Zwelithini’s death. He was 72 years.

Upon hearing the heart-breaking news, the citizens of the country especially, people of the Zulu tribe with sincere heart, have expressed their condolences to the bereaved family and the entire Zulu clan for their loss.

President of the land, President Cyril Ramaphosa also paid his tribute and on behalf South African state officials as well as the entire nation for losing such a charismatic son and leader of the land who played significant roles in the social development of South Africa.

Nothing has been discussed about his funeral arrangement yet despite, the citizens’ plea on social media to adjust a little with the coronavirus protocols to observe a well-deserved burial from the state for His Majesty, Goodwill Zwelithini ka Bhekuzulu.

Born on July 14 1948, King Zwelithini inherited the Zulu throne in 1968 after the death of his father, Cyprian Bhekuzulu who was then the reigning King of the Zulu tribe from 1948 until his demise in 1968.

Officially, King Zwelithini was sworn in on December 3, 1971 as the eighth monarch of the Zulu Kingdom. He gained an in-depth knowledge in traditional ruling at the Bekezulu College of Chiefs and subsequently home-schooled at the Khethomthandayo royal palace.

As an influential leader, he led the Zulu Kingdom, in resisting invasion of the territory by British soldiers in the 1800s. He also remained the voice of peace for South Africans during violent political transitions between 1980’s and 90’s.

For over 50years of powerful ruling and the only longest serving King of the ethnic group, King Zwelithini will be greatly remembered for what he stood for particularly, the highly impact he made in the social, political, economic and cultural identity of the land of his birth.


Fare thee well, King Goodwill Zwelithini ka Bhekuzulu.

Photo Credit: Newcastillian Daily News(lnstagram)




The most anticipated British dating reality show “love island series” is back with it first ever winter series which began filming on 12 January 2020.

Love island will have fans seeing a whole new villa and new batch of spicy singletons. The ITV2 reality show is all set to move to a new lavish villa in Cape Town South Africa.

In a radio interview with the producers of the reality show, the new villa is the best among the usual Casa Amor and Mallorca villas.

It’s a three-storey building, more spacious with different floors and sections set for shocks and surprises.

There’s also three different entrances into the lawn to make arrivals.

He further explained that the plan is intended to make the series more explosive than ever before.

Islanders can also have more private moment with each other without the cameras.

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The new Cape Town villa which was created in more than two months, has been decorated with 80 cameras and now has more beds for the contestants and not leaving out new dressing rooms for the boys.

The sixth series of Love Island has got twelve new contestants who are wishing to find love.

They include: Leanne Amaning paired with Michael Boateng,

Siannise Fudge paired with Nas Majeed,

Shaughma Phillips paired with Callum Jones, Sophie is paired with Connor Durman, Paige Turley is connected to Ollie Williams and the only single twins known as Eve and Jess Gale.

This season, has Laura Whitmore replacing Caroline Flack as the presenter and Lain Stirling the narrator.

Fans started predicting after the first show on Sunday that, it’s likely only one of the twins will stay in the house since they were not captured in their photoshoot.

Also, they speculated that since the girls are more than the boys, the twins look like they are ready to bring some serious drama.

 So, far speculations are more focused on the twins, Leanne Amaning, Michael Boateng  and Shaughma but more exciting predictions are yet to be made as the show continues.

We are rooting for Leanne Amaning, Michael Boateng  and Shaughma.

Who are you rooting for? Drop your comments

Photo Credit: Love Island| Leanne Amaning | Michael Boateng 

Twitter and Square founder and CEO Jack Dorsey is set to me Moving To Africa For At Least 3 Months In 2020.

Jack Dorsey took to his Twitter page to announce his African trip…



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Jack Dorsey recently returned from Africa where he visited Ghana, where he attended bitcoin meet ups Ghana and visited few sites as well meeting business entrepreneurs.

Some of the other African Countries that he visited included Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa.









Source: Jack Dorsey|Africa News

Cover photo credit: Your Favorite Titan

Happy Birthday to Peter and Paul Okoye! Join us in wishing the sensational R&B duo an amazing day!

Born November 1981 in Jos, Nigeria, Peter and Paul Okoye  aka “P-Square” are Africa’s biggest singing duo.

The identical twins brothers started as far back as in secondary school mimicking songs by Michael Jackson in their school musical and drama group.


Photo credit: P-Square

They have unique music to their credit including mega hits like “e no easy”  “busy body” etc.

Sensational R&B duo, Peter and Paul Okoye have been championing African music across the globe for many years.

More African Celebrities  Birthdays 


Photo Credit: Peter Okoye

Renowned for their energetic stage performances, breathtaking choreography and simply good music, London awaits the timeless hits from the twin brothers who have worked with the likes of Akon, T.I and Rick Ross.

Photo Credit: Paul Okoye

Their last song ‘Nobody Ugly’ hit 1 millions views with a week on Youtube


With countless nominations and numerous awards including channel O music video awards, MTV Africa awards “best group” category among others, They have really made Africa proud!

Join African celebs in wishing this talented R&B duo all the best, we hope the alleged break-up is just rumours! We love seeing them perform together!

Peter Okoye Paul Okoye Photo Credit: (Instagram)



What is your favourite Peter and Paul Okoye square songs?

Photo Credit: Peter and Paul Okoye  

Ghana will soon witness the first edition of ‘Family Feud!

Family Feud is a well liked international show, where 2 families contest against each other. The winning family will depend on if they got all the answers correct and also if a top answer.

New Media Journey Ghana (NMJGH) is now in search of

‘Friends/family or acquaintances to participate in ‘Family Feud’ that will soon be aired in Ghana. They will be will be flown to shoot in South Africa!

To participate, you must be over 18 years and also a valid passport holder

The winning family will be $4000 richer




Closing Date 14th November 2019.

Find information on Flyer and act accordingly or contact nmjghana for more info

If you want to find out more about this FUN Show before entering, check out a random clips below


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England vs South Africa

Congratulations to the South Africa Rugby Team for winning the 2019 Rugby World Cup! What a historic day! 

South Africa’s first ever black captain Siya Kolisi thanked the world and expressed gratitude for the immerse support everyone has shown.

Siya Kolisi said that that despite the many challenges that they have, the people of South Africa Supported them.

He also said that the despite the issues in South Africa their win today proves that when people unite together they can achieve greatness



He added that their team came from different backgrounds and different races, but had one goal, to achieve what they good result. 

Lots of congrats pouring in for the South African Rugby Team. 



 Photo Credit: Siya Kolisi



England vs South Africa: Final score: England 12 — South Africa 32!