African Celebrity Woman Of The Day Is Motsi Mabuse!

Some families have talent running in blood. When it comes to dancing in South Africa, the Mabusa family has the lead. The three lovely siblings have each achieved great success in their respective dance fields.

Not only that but they also represented the country either in international contests or Tv shows in Germany and the UK.

The are Motsi Mabuse, Otile Mabuse and Phemelo Mabuse

Phemelo Mabuse Motsi Mabuse and Otile Mabuse : Photo Credit: Motsi Mabuse (Instagram)


Motsi Mabuse was born in April 1981 in Mankwe, South Africa. She moved to Pretoria with her family at the age of five. This was before her sister Otile was born.




Although her family was expecting her to become a lawyer while studying at the University of Pretoria, she starts taking dance classes and eventually changed her major to dancing.

In 1998, she ran for her first national championship experience. She then appeared in several competitions including the British Open Championships in Blackpool in 2003, where she met her romantic partner Timo Kulzcak.




In 2007, she rose to further fame with the RTL dance show called Let’s Dance. After competing in the second and the third seasons, she became a judge in 2011.

Another milestone in her career was the German Latin Dance that she was preparing for years. Partnering up with Ukrainian dancer Evgenij Voznyuk, she won the contest in 2013.

The year also saw her divorce from Kulzcak and the launch of her book about her life in Germany. She began a relationship with Voznyuk in 2015 and married to him 2 years later.




Motsi Mabuse is now a judge on BBC Strictly in UK…

Photo Credit: Motsi Mabuse


African Celebrity Man Of The DAY Is David Kibuuka – Writer On The Daily show

David Kibuuka was born in Uganda on 22 August 1980. He relocated to Krugersdorp, South Africa with his family at a young age to escape the dictatorship of Idi Amin in Uganda.

He attended the University of Witwatersrand and graduated with an Honours degree in finance. However, he always had a particular interest in improvised comedy and acting.

After graduation, he joined a contest held by 5FM called Freshest Five that was searching for the new comedy talents.

As the winner of the contest, he earned the right to work with local comedians such as Kagiso Lediga, John Vlismas and David Kau.


His appearance in the King – Size Comedy Festival attracted the attention of comedians like Barry Hilton and John Vlismas, who invited him on their upcoming tours.

Consequently, he started to appear as the opening comedian for their shows such as the Blacks Only Comedy Show hosted at Sandton Convention Centre.

His TV debut was in 2004 with the SABC 1 comedy show called Pure Monate Show. He was one of the lead actors during the first two seasons. His acting skills were praised and he quickly became one of the favourite performers of the show.

He started attracting more attention world-wide starting in 2006. His first international appearance was in 2006 when he performed on stage during the Heavyweight Comedy Jam in London.


In 2008, he appeared on stage with his opening show when the famous Australian comedian Carl Barron visited South Africa during his world tour.

This was Kibuuka’s first opening alongside a world-famous comedian.

Thanks to his early accomplishments in the 2000s, he was much more active during the 2010s.

Having established a reputation in South Africa, he got various offers to be a regular performer in Johannesburg, and performed regularly at venues like Parkers, Comedy Underground and Tanz Café.

In the meantime, he shared the stage with Trevor Noah, which enhanced his reputation further.


In the early 2010s, he wrote, directed and played in two commercials.

The first one was for Cell-C’s campaign for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, while the other one was a parody of the Die Antwoord song Fatty Boom Boom that he co-wrote along with Kagiso Legida.

He organized his very first one man show called “David Wasn’t Built In A Day” in 2011.

The content and Kibuuka’s performance received critical acclaim and earned Kibuuka the Standard Bank Ovation Award during the National Arts Festival held in Grahamstown.

Following the success of his solo show, he toured in Africa and gave several performances in 2013. That same year, he hosted Stand Up in Africa.


His acting skills extended beyond stand-up shows, as he wrote scripts for many comedy shows. The most famous one was the movie “Bunny Chow”, in which he also played as the lead actor.

The movie became a commercial box-office success and received awards at international film festivals in Los Angeles, Toronto, Melbourne and Cape Town.

In 2015, it was reported that he joined the Daily Show as a staff writer alongside Trevor Noah.

Kibuuka’s unique sense of humour has always received positive response from authorities.

As the saying goes ‘laughter is the best medicine’ Thanks to David Kibuuka and his team millions of people around the world are healed through laughter!


Photo Credit: David Kibuuka

Offensive outbursts of riot and violence caught SA in the wake of a fresh xenophobic attack on fellow Africans ‘foreigners’ in the country.

The economic immigrants were given the shock of their lives when some hoodlums raided, looted, and burnt foreigners businesses over a glaringly wrong believe that the foreigners are responsible for their unemployment.

The mob soon took another form as foreigners were brutally attacked, many injured and some painfully murdered in cold blood.

South Africans targeted Nigerians only, for their ill-dealings and exceptional service delivery compared with the citizens on their soil.

This eventually led to a riot in Nigeria as Nigerian youths, in reprisal to the unconfirmed rumor, took to the street and also targeted South African businesses in Nigeria.

Two prominent Nigerian music personalities, Tiwa Savage and Burna Boy have cancelled their event in SA.


Notably, Nigerians youths looted one of the top-rated chain stores in Africa, Shoprite, renowned telecommunication, MTN, a resourceful financial institution, Stanbic Bank PLC. and an apparel store, PEP.



Regrettably, xenophobia has claimed many lives of economic immigrants. 

This didn’t go without reactions from other African countries such as Zambia. The Zambia football federation out-rightly boycotted their pre-scheduled friendly match against South Africa in an attempt to express their grievances towards the avoidable loss of lives of fellow African citizens in the country. 

Everyone is asking the South Africa authorities are not doing more to stop act of inhumanity to their fellow Africans! 




President Ramaphosa’s  attempt to attract investors to help improve on the crashing economy of his country, are likely to be challenged with if they decide to invest in SA as foreigners. 

South Africa has suffered many attacks in the form of xenophobia. However, none has been as threatening as this recent one. 

This time, African nations are furious about it, and many Africans have registered for their safe return to their beloved countries. What will this mean for South Africa if it continues? Investors will be reduced drastically.

Unemployment will be alarmingly high, hardship, and subsequently, violence will be rampant, and the GDP will suffer. The height of capitalism is imperialism which in-turn fuels barbarism. African workers will unite!

The frustrated citizens of South Africa got their fight all wrong. 

Xenophobia - South Africa
South Africa Xenophobia MUST STOP!

African foreigners impacted less than a percent of their economy. Therefore, small retail shops run by them cannot be the basis for the citizen’s unemployment.

They need to think deep and channel their frustrations towards the right cause. We hope South Africa can live past this and proudly raise her flag once again.



The communication between a landlord and the tenants of a property is not always smooth. Just imagine how many times you had to keep reminding your tenants to pay the rents at the beginning of every month. Or, as a tenant, do you remember how long you chased your landlord to fix the leak in the faucet pipe?


How about the exhausting process of finding a new place or finding a new tenant/flatmate without knowing where you will end up? What if there was a platform that can resolve these conflicts in one place? In fact, there is! It is time we introduce the South African start-up Rentorr.


Rentorr is a platform founded in 2016 to bring together landlords and tenants for a more efficient property management. It has many features such as finding potential landlords/tenants, collecting and tracking the rental payments, submitting/browsing management requests, and providing instant communication.

Let us take a look at the benefits of Rentorr.


Property management is much easier with Rentorr, so you don’t have to keep piles of documents in your office. Rentorr’s storage capacity is large enough for you to contain payment receipts, contracts, deposit receipts and more.

When it comes to screening potential tenants, Rentorr simply implements the idea of websites such as Airbnb. It enables you to see the tenant profiles in a great detail. A tenant profile contains information such as the tenant’s occupation, marital status, and financial capability. In addition, a tenant can be reviewed by former flatmates and landlords. So, you can make a more informed decision as to whether the tenant is reliable or not.

If you are tired of running after your tenants for monthly payments, you have come to the right place. Rentorr has an automated rent collection that deducts the rent amount from the tenants’ bank accounts and transfers them to the landlord’s account automatically. This eliminates the necessity of the constant tracking of the payments.

Rentorr is also helpful in promoting and advertising your property. Its smart interface helps you to track the number of views and the popularity of the place. Seeing the current demand and comparing your property to the other profiles, you can adjust your profile accordingly and reach out to the most suitable tenants.


Finding a new place doesn’t have to be stressful. With Rentorr, you can view and compare places in great detail. Just as landlords can view tenants, tenants can also look at landlord profiles and read the reviews written by the former tenants. You can apply for an apartment that you like and schedule a viewing with one click.

With the automated rent payment option, you don’t have to worry about withdrawing money or making transactions every month. A major advantage of this system is that automatic and continuous rent payment earns you more points and increases your credibility as a tenant.

The maintenance request form on Rentorr is a quick way to reach out to your landlord in case of an emergency or when maintenance is needed. You can also track the status of the request or whether it has been viewed by the landlord or not. The platform also facilitates the communication with professionals such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters for maintenance.

The company is preparing to launch new features to improve the communication needed for a successful property management. Rentorr will be available across all the provinces in South Africa, starting from the major cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Early sign-ups are accepted before the platform switches to an invite-only system. Requesting access at the website will take only a few minutes; and you will be able benefit what Rentorr has to offer. For more information, visit

Tech News Of the Month: Mara Group

The multi-sector business company Mara Group has been very productive throughout Africa ever since the foundation in 1996 by the businessman Ashish J. Thakkar.

The sectors of the company include technology, finances, manufacturing and real estate.

Recently, the word Maraphone has been mentioned by the group. Maraphone – as the name suggests – is the latest project of Mara Group.

The project will involve construction and operation of cellphone factories in Rwanda and South Africa. The process will be financially supported by African Development Bank.

The first announcement was made by the KZN Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism Sihle Zikahala, with whom the Mara Group signed a lease during a summit organised by the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

More Technology News 


Zikahala stated that the company invested R1.5 billion for the smartphone factory to be opened at Dube Tradeport Special Economic Zone.

This will mark the first-ever smartphone factory in Africa, making Maraphone the first brand made in Africa.

Mara Group founder- CEO Ashish Thakkar has high hopes about the project. He believes that the project will prove how African countries can produce smartphones that can compete with the world-renowned smartphone brands.

And also stated that The CEO of Dube TradePort Hamish Erskine is also glad about the project, saying that it attracted other investments into the area.

Emphasising that the positive impact of the new factories on the society since they will create new job opportunities.

The target is to produce smartphones that are affordable to all the citizens with the aim of making the interface as simple as possible for first-time smartphone users.

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The first smartphone currently being manufactures in Durban will be called the Mara X. Here is what we know about it so far:

64-bit Quad Core Processor with 1GB RAM, An Android 8.1 Oreo Operating system, 16 GB integrated storage unit, a 13 MP back camera and a fingerprint sensor.

Similarly, the product has a 5.5” HD Gorilla Glass screen that is damage-resistant. The camera will have filters for portrait and facial shots. The other product is called Mara Z that has similar features. Its screen is bigger with 5.7” and HD display.

The phone is expected to have a novel Android operating system called Android One. The 64-bit Octa-Core Processor will have 3 GB Ram and 32 GB Internal Memory.

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Since April 2019, the construction of the second Maraphone factory in Rwanda has been ongoing under the supervision of Rwanda’s Minister of Information and Communications Paula Ingabire.

According to the Maraphone website, the price for the Mara X will be 177 USD and while Mara Z will cost 254 USD.

For more information about these promising smartphones, check them out on Instagram using links below





Credit: South Africa News/Mara Phones

Tech News Of The Month:

Inspirational Stories: Being a pilot is still one of those jobs that haven’t implemented gender equality, so there are only a few female pilots in South Africa.

Meet Boitumelo Katisi, a young and promising pilot who has already accomplished a lot at the age of 27.

Boitumelo Katisi was born in Pimville, Soweto in 1992…

Her first encounter with Aviation was actually coincidental. Up until 2008, she had always thought that she wanted to be an architect. An assignment during grade 10 required her to spend a day at a work place of her interest.

Because she couldn’t find an architecture company to visit, her aunt proposed to take her to her office at South Africa Airways. In addition to that, Katisi got to visit the pilot department, which triggered the admiration and excitement in her.

Coming from a black family, attending a flight school wasn’t so easy for her. According to the post she shared on Humans of New York Facebook page, she had to drop out for a while since the family couldn’t afford it any longer.

So, she had to ask an unimaginable number of South African brands for financial aid, most of which refused except for Pick n Pay.

Taking matters into her own hands, she decided to organize a raffle where Breitling helped her by gifting a watch for the purpose of raffle. So, she started earning money by selling raffle tickets.

Although she earned quite a lot in the beginning, this wasn’t taken very lightly by the Lottery Board who deemed her raffle illegal. Luckily, later that year, her mentors and various other wealthy businessmen agreed to donate to her cause.

In 2017, she started getting training for her Commercial Pilot license to fly a Baron 55 which is a very powerful and fast multi-engine plane.

During the training, she has learned the aircraft speeds, the flying procedures, instrument flying and holding pattern procedures. She finally got the license in 2018.

Realizing there might be many other students out there who might be dreaming about pursuing her footsteps, Katisi recently founded the NGO called Aviation Development.

The organization visits schools at townships regularly, informing children about career choices, especially in the flight sector.

In her post on Facebook, she wants to visit schools in black neighbourhoods to show what an African female plot looks like.

For her 27th birthday, Katisi has organized an Open Day Event for students from townships who are interested in Aviation. The even contained many stalls regarding various forms of aviation, information about bursaries and even a flight simulator.

More About African Pilots Who Inspire Us

Photo Credit: Boitumelo Katisi


Everyone is talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger video that went viral. This is unlike his various videos of bodybuilding, because he actually gets hurt by getting a fly-kick in the back. Here is what we know about this bizarre incident.

Schwarzenegger’s organization called Arnold Classic Africa visits 6 continents in a year. The main goal is to visit the areas inhabited by disadvantaged or disabled people to encourage them to get involved in sports.

The Attack

He was in front of the camera and chatting to the people around him. Things looked normal until a random guy sneakily came up from behind and delivered one of the most violent flying kicks possible. The kick sent a surprised Arnold into the crowd, while the guards immediately seized the attacker.

Shortly after the incident, Wayne Price – the director of Arnold Classic Africa for South Africa, stated that the situation was dealt with instantly

. He also said that Arnold was not injured and that he was even smiling afterwards. It also revealed that the offender indeed had a criminal record and he orchestrated similar attacks before.

The explanations of Arnold Schwarzenegger about the incident were somehow funny and relieving. He later stated on his twitter account that he hadn’t even realized he was kicked and that he thought he was jostled by the crowd.

The former actor jokingly continued “I’m just glad the idiot didn’t interrupt my Snapchat”. He also expressed his disapproval of the video being constantly shared and becoming viral, saying “Do me a favor: instead of sharing the video of the guy who wants to be famous, watch some of our @ArnoldSports athletes”.

The harassment against Schwarzenegger sent the country into an outrage against the attacker. Thousands of people shared their embarrassment and concerns on Twitter, some even went on to saying that the guy must be “terminated”.



On the other hand, Schwarzenegger seems to continue his tour according to his schedule without any interruption. He also decided that he doesn’t intend to lay any charges on the person.

The unfortunate event also triggered some controversy. Politician and the Premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille used it as an example to the “increasing black privilege in South Africa”.

According to her, if a black celebrity was attacked by a white person, it would have gotten more media coverage around the world.

The statement backlashed around the world for being racist, simply because Schwarzenegger’s attack was covered in all the news channels around the world.

Regardless of Zille’s opinion and the intentions of the crazed attacker, we seriously hope that something like this doesn’t ever happen in the future.


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African Celebs - Best Passport in the world
TBT: Seychellois passport holders can visit more countries in the world than Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya or Nigeria without the need to apply for a visa beforehand.

An infographic published by GOOD Magazine, which ranked countries according to the number of countries their passports can enter either without a visa, or with a visa on arrival, reveals that Seychelles passport holders have access to 126 countries, making it the African passport with the best access to the world, sitting in 28th position worldwide.

The UK passport tops the list, along with Finland and Sweden. In fact, UK passport holders have the best access to foreign countries in the world, along with Finland and Sweden, according to this information put together by GOOD Magazine.

The two Nordic countries and Great Britain can visit 173 countries using their passports, enjoying visa-free access or simply getting a visa on arrival.

In comparison, US citizens and Germans can visit 172 and Canadians can only visit 170 and Australians 168.

“Unlike the vast majority of African States, Seychelles is insular in terms of its geography,” ……..



We may not be aware, but quite a lot of celebrities were born in Africa. Some of them moved to Europe or the US with their families while some of them still reside in their home country.

Nevertheless, all of them had significant impacts on the society both with their brilliant works and their volunteering activities that raised awareness among millions.

Trevor Noah was born in 1984 in Johannesburg, South Africa to a Swiss-German father and a Xhosan mother. Interracial marriages were forbidden under the apartheid regime, so his mother had to face charges. He was raised in the township of Soweto until 2002.

His early work began in 2002 when he started hosting a radio show called Noah’s Ark on Gauteng’s YFM. He then started focusing on comedy and performed on stage with many local and international comedians while also hosting various other TV programs on SABC 1 and SABC 2.

He moved to the United States in 2011 and appeared on the Tonight Show and the Late Show with David Letterman as the first South African stand-up comedian.

He also continued his on-stage performance with one-man comedies such as Trevor Noah: The Racist. Since 2015, he has been hosting the Daily Show as the successor of Jon Stewart. His debut was so successful that the Comedy Central extended his contract until 2022.

Besides his TV career, he also wrote an autobiography about his childhood years and the apartheid regime. The book “Born a Crime” was published in 2016.

Happy Birthday Trevor Noah

Only 2 days left until The Global Citizen Festival! Check out the dates, Line up and where to watch it!

The Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 will be hosted in Johannesburg by South Africa’s Motsepe Foundation, which seeks to reduce poverty through education and job creation.

Did you know? Usher has won over 50 Awards?

Celebrities that are scheduled to perform at the South African concert on Sunday 2nd December in honor of the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela @ 100 includes Usher, Femi Kuti, Beyoncé & JAY-Z, Wizkid,  Ed Sheeran, Cassper Nyovest, Tiwa Savage, Usher, Eddie Vedder, Pharrell Williams & Chris Martin, , Sho Madjozi,  D’banj…

Did you know? Beyoncé has won over 20 Awards?

Beyoncé & JAY-Z,


Did you know?  Wizkid has won over 15 awards?


Photo Credit: Wizkid


Did you know? Tiwa Savage is the first Nigerian female artist to win the MTV Europe Music Awards (MTV EMAs) in the Best African Act category

Photo Credit: Tiwa Savage


Did you know? Cassper Nyovest’s new album out now!

The foundation is partnering with Global Citizen, an international advocacy group that supports sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.

It is believed Oprah is among the influential figures attending  and will be delivering a keynote address about Mandela’s legacy at the festival.

For more information about The Global Citizen Festival visit

Did You Know You Can Watch The Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 Wherever You Are?Here Are 4 Ways To watch

Don’t Miss Out!

Photo credit: The Global Citizen Festival