Mwansa M. Changwe has shown up in 2020 as a true Renaissance Woman. She is an African Dancer, Fashion Entrepreneur, Business Woman and proud graduate from the University of the District of Columbia in the United States (US) — and she has also found ways to make people look and while staying fashionable despite the novel coronavirus.


According to contributor Tony Denis who talked to Ms. Changwe after noticing the circumstances around Covid-19, he observed that Mwansa saw the pandemic as an opportunity to apply her talents and skills to positively address some of the health issues at stake.

This pandemic allowed me to choose to fuse my love of fashion with the need for safety in my community, which is how. Palearsi Couture was born in collaboration with my good friends Precious Israel and Ivy Berko-Boateng,” the fashion and health-conscious entrepreneur said.

Mwansa M. Changwe showing off one of her coats designed with African fabric

Palearsi Couture is custom-made clothing and accessories specializing in African and European attire for men, women, and children. Some of their products include tops, pants, dresses, bowties, pocket squares, earrings, purses, customized matching print shoes and just to name a few. They are based in Maryland in the US but provide services globally thanks to the power of social media and their website:

You can also find out more of Palearsi Couture’s services work that specifically seeks to give back to the community in their quest to join the fight to minimize and eventually alleviate the woes of COVID19 by calling or emailing +1240-316-9870 | respectively to learn how u can join or benefit from their current focus on providing customized face masks.

According to the Zambian native Mwansa their masks come in “‘Combat COVID-19‘ which is a three-layer design that comes with an inside pocket that you can wear with or without a filter. We also have the ‘Quarantine Party’ that is a reversible mask giving the wearer an option of two different print patterns that is double-layered. There’s also the ‘AhHaHa Stay @ Home‘ product, which is a double-layer mask with one pattern print throughout,” for more mask designs and other fashion products and accessories visit their official website.

All their masks come in various color preferences with Palearsi Couture asking that users wash them as often as possible and adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols while staying ahead of the fashion trends too. They are currently running a promotion of 10-15% off all masks, just visit their website and tell them sent you.

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Check out the latest African prints in fashion by Fashion Selections … Unique Custom Made And Ready To Wear African Print Garments…

”People will stare, make it worth their while!”


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Get the Fashion Trends, Latest Fashion Ideas and Style from Mansa Larbi, a Ghanaian Graduate of British college of professional styling, Personal Fashion Blogger as well as a Brand Ambassador  who’s London based…







Join us in wishing all the 14 Contestants from 11 different African countries huge CONGRATULATIONS!

Especially To Aminata Dabo From Guinea Conakry On Being Crowned Miss Pride Of Africa UK 2019! 


Aminata Dabo 
Miss Pride Of Africa UK 2019/2020 Aminata Dabo

Fashion Is Very Important,  fashion can be two things:

It can be as simple as something you put on to make yourself feel beautiful or as dynamic as something that illustrates your culture. 

Check out what the Contestants and some attendees wore to Miss Pride Of Africa UK


Aminata Dabo Miss Pride Of Africa UK 2019/2020, Phillipa Karikari From Ghana, the 1st Princess and 2nd Princess is Isabel Chitiyo From South Africa


We will start with none other that the reigning Miss Pride Of Africa UK 2019/2020 Aminata Dabo 


Deborah Jay Kelly and Sporah at Miss Pride Of Africa UK
Sporah and Deborah Jay Kelly at Miss Pride Of Africa UK – Photo Credit: Sporah


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Miss Uganda UK 2019 Caitlin Ochana and her 1st Princess Teopista
Miss Uganda UK 2019 Caitlin Ochana and her 1st Princess Teopista


Let us know your favourite and best outfit of the night by commenting below. 




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Photo Credit: Miss Pride Of Africa UK 2019 | African Celebrities 

The fashion industry has been rapidly evolving over the past few years with big and small brands alike actively seeking to enter new markets. 

Not to be outdone leading Harare fashion House, HL Classique is making a strategic move to diversify its sales strategy in order tap into an increasingly viable demographic of young trendy fashionistas.

HLC, popular among Harare socialites has seen a recent upsurge in interest and sales from younger customers particularly high among university and colleges students.

This is a significant shift from the brand’s traditional base and as such the company felt it needed to establish itself in that niche by providing ‘affordable luxury,’ products that are both desirable and affordable,

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allowing new consumers to exercise brand awareness and buying power in this new retail sphere.

In order to reflect this change HL Classique has recently signed Wadiwa Wepamoyo leading actress Noku to be its new brand ambassador taking over from Mrs Kay, DJ Stavo’s wife.

Noku, real name Tadiwa Bopoto (21) is a medical student at the Midlands State University who became an overnight celebrity after she took a leading role in a popular online drama which premiered on Youtube in February 2020.

Tadiwa who has been described as beauty with brains as she is currently a second-year medical student at MSU, is a perfect ambassador for the brand as she embodies the essence of HL Classique,


built on the desire to empower beautiful, hardworking women to go out and conquer the world.

HLC believes that fashion can play a significant role in promoting upward social mobility among women. 

“Noku is excited to be our new brand ambassador and we all cannot wait for you to see our upcoming projects. “ – Tari MK 

Fashion Ideas for the Office. ‘What should I wear to work today’? Are you running out of ideas on what to wear to work? Check out our selection of office outfit inspiration below

Whether your office is in a ‘posh’ corporate building , mid-size, small company or always  visiting one customer after the other, you always have to look the part! Dress appropriate, look smart, Professional, Stylish, Chique…

Getting dressed is easier when you know what outfit best suits your body type. .. Most people choose their outfits based on how good it looked on someone else. The question is do you have the same, shape, size…?

Dressing based on your body shape is very important…makes you look good, classy, professional and confident!

Matching a perfect outfit with the wrong shoes, bag, tie, nail polish can ruin your LOOK

Check out our selection of office outfit inspiration below:

bankeofbeauty - office-wear-ideas-african-celebs4


bankeofbeauty - office-wear-ideas-african-celebs4

bankeofbeauty - office-wear-ideas-african-celebs4

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From daily life to special ceremonies and rituals, African textile has always had an important part in the lives of African nations.

Now, the textile and fabrics produced in the continent are widely used by world-renowned fashion designers.

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly-used African textiles.


This popular fabric can be considered the denim of South Africa.

Made of cotton and dyed indigo with geometric shapes, this fabric is used in a lot of women clothing from dresses and skirts to aprons.

Ghanaian Actress and TV Host wearing Shweshwe – Photo Credit: Benedicta Gafah

Shweshwe is an important part of both traditional and modern life in South Africa. It has currently been used in the US as a quilting fabric.


The name means “mud cloth” in Bambara, so you know what to expect from its colours. The Malian textile industry uses this fabric very commonly in fashion and decoration.

Beautiful mud cloth at Accra Fashion Week

The brown tones are acquired by dying the fabric with fermented mud.


For instance, the fabric was traditionally worn by hunters and women undergoing rituals. The fabric is currently being imported in mass amounts to the US.





Barkcloth is an interesting fabric that originally comes from Moroceae trees, specifically the fibrous inner bark. Its main manufacturer is Uganda.

During the production stage, the inner bark layers are adhered onto sheets.

For that reason, it was even called paper clothing. Its current production involves similar cotton-based fabrics with a rough surface.

This prevents the destruction of trees and forests.


Kitenge is the Tanzanian version of sarong usually worn by women as a scarf of baby sling.

Tanzania’s Award-winning actress Elizabeth Michael Lulu in a beautiful kitenge dress Photo Credit: Lulu

This printed cotton fabric is always mesmerising with its bright and contrasting colours as well as its attractive printings done by batik or wax prints.

Tanzania’s Award-winning actress Elizabeth Michael Lulu in a beautiful kitenge dress Photo Credit: Lulu

Kitenge is among the cheapest pieces of cloth you can ever find in Tanzania, they are also distributed at Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Zambia and DRC.

It is usually worn in formal occasions 


Nigeria’s unique textile Akwete is a handcrafted material made of sisal-hemp, raffia and spun cotton. One of its distinct features is the simultaneous use of many motifs in the same piece of cloth.

Furthermore, many motifs are predominantly dyed with earth colours. Although this piece of fabric was used by warriors in the old times, it can be seen widely amongst many Nigerians.


This is another Nigerian fabric based on Nsibidi that consists of indigenous abstract depictions.

With the same raw material as Akwete, the only difference of Ukara Ekpe is the dominance of blue in the woven material.



The white-dyed motifs usually include many symbols from powerful animals to trees, affection and friendship. The symbols were also a source of inspiration for the Wakandan alphabet in Black Panther.


Kanga is very similar to Kitenge in terms of colours and patterns; however, it is made of a thinner cotton fabric.

It is also much more multi-purpose and informal, as it can be used as a head-wrap, apron, skirt or even a decorative piece at home.

You can find many interesting Kanga clothes with Swahili writings on them in Tanzania and Kenya.


The origins of Kente date back to the Ashanti Kingdom and Akan people in Ghana.

Different types of Kente from Ghana

It can be easily recognized by the interwoven cloth strips with warm earth colours, blue and black. Its raw materials are silk and cotton.

Miss Pride of Africa Contestant num. 1 in a beautiful kente outfit

Although it was only worn by the members of the royal Ashanti families, it is now an integral part of the daily lives of Ghanaian people.

In other words,  Kente cloth is now used worldwide by many people especially used in academic stoles during graduation ceremonies.


This indigo-dyed cloth made of spun cotton remains to be an important part of the lives of West African women. It is mainly produced in Nigeria, Benin and Mali.

Its crafting consists of many delicate techniques focused on resist-dying and tying raffia throughout the cloth. Adire-based dresses have been worn by important figures.

For instance, Adire is now used by many people for their home decor, cushion cover and more. 

In addition to the above, there are other African textiles like Dashiki, Angelina, Ankara and more

More African Textiles Coming Soon


Here’s what most Celebrities wore to Afro nation Ghana in December 2019. From oversized outfits to head turning outfits.






The four-day event which saw many exciting live performances from artists hailing the Afrobeats, Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae and dancehall music genres.


Naira Marley


Shatta Wale




Burna Boy




King Promise


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Eddie Kadi and Adesope


Kwesi Arthur





Seyi Shay







Mugeez of R2Bees















Davido and Smade


Wendy Shay



More About Afro Nation

This Event Is Brought To You By SMADE EVENTS|Afro Nation 

Afro Nation Ghana was one of the most talked about event last year and people still can’t stop talking the 4 day event.

The show gave lots of fans the chance to watch their favourite artists perform live, others even got to meet and take photos with them.

The event was hugely successful! 

Check out some freestyle fashion trends from Afro Nation Ghana:

Swimwear & Beachwear







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Afronation Ghana



Afronation Ghana


Afronation Ghana





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Afronation Ghana




 Which style do you like best and why? Drop your comments below:


Event brought to you by  Afro Nation| Smade

Check out the beautiful swimwear the final 14 Contestants from 11 different African countries wore at the 2019 Miss Pride Of Africa UK.  



Aminata Dabo From Guinea Conakry won Miss Pride Of Africa UK 2019! 

The 1st Princess is Phillipa Karikari From Ghana and South African Isabel Chitiyo From is the 2nd Princess

Miss Pride of Africa UK was took place at The Great Hall in London on on Saturday 2nd November 2019


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Congratulations to all the 14 Contestants.


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