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1.MELODY feat Jaywillz ; produced by S2kizzy
-The song melody talks about a beautiful woman with a beautiful body in which they sing in melody the beauty of the woman.On the other hand Jaywillz being featured brought a Sunflower ep vibe into the song Melody
2.SOMEBODY ;produced by S2kizzy 
-The song somebody is talking about Diamond to have found somebody who he’s never met before that’s (beautiful woman) and that she’ll be he’s fast and last, no one shall interfere despite the woman being hurt by past lovers or relationships
3.FINE ; produced by krizbeats
-The song Fine talks about Diamond in the army from the visual video and then during his army practice suddenly sees a very beautiful woman and tries to approach her and wants to be with her in relationship 
4.MTASUBIRI feat Zuchu; produced by Lizerclassic
-The song MTASUBIRI talks about two lovers being together loving each other and telling people that they will wait so much for the lovers to go apart but they won’t 
5.SONA feat Adekunle Gold; produced by Blaise beats
-The song SONA talks about woman and man having good time together, the song brings Afro vibes mixed with Bongo Fleva
Diamond Platnumz Photo credit Ceek
6.LOYAL ; produced by S2kizzy 
-The song Loyal talks about a man (referring to diamond) promising to be loyal to his partner
7.WONDER; produced by Suga vybs 
-The song Wonder talks about Diamond suddenly meets s beautiful woman on Instagram then suddenly they meet , then suddenly it turns out to be a big thing meaning (relationship) marriage , so he’s telling woman to be together with two kids , he’ll be a commando and protector for their family
8.NAWAZA; produced by S2kizzy and Lizer classic
-The song NAWAZA talks about most of the people in the media industry in Tanzania; eg  Diamond talks about if he would still be with Wema Sepetu would he be successful or poor, He aslo says the beef with Alikiba he sat and thought it’s useless and for clout more useless, also talked about why Tanzania football team never makes it to the FIFA World Cup , also talks about Deceased Ruge if he was alive how would he view the music development in Tanzania now ! Also the way humans are evil creating negativity Between them even after Ruges death, 
 Also talks about if Mzee Nyange was alive would Uncle Shamte get the position in the Government , and also talks about what if Diamond dies , will people still listen to his songs ? , will WASAFI be there or it will fall apart? , will his mother Mama Dangote be able to hold the pain ?
9.OKA feat Mbosso ; produced by Nusder Venom
-This song has Congolese vibes in Swahili version very danceable song representing Tanzania dance too with Mbosso in it giving the Swahili vibes 
10.FRESH feat Focalistic,Costa Titch & Pabi Cooper ;
Produced by S2kizzy 
-This song very danceable too, gives South African and Swahili vibes in Amapiano since it’s the current trend now in Music, Very great song featured with great artists from South Africa 

What’s your favourite track on Diamond Platnumz’s FIRST OF ALL (FOA) EP? Drop  your comments below

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-The Richest Country in Africa 2022

The African continent remains the second-largest continent after Asia and the second most populated continent, with an estimated population of 1.8 billion. Africa is blessed with substantial natural resources, from plantations, minerals, water bodies, oil, and gas.

The continent’s economy is mainly dependent on agriculture, trade, and natural resources. However, it’s regarded as a country with rich natural resources but with its residents being the poorest in the world according to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita. Many of the countries in Africa are wallowing in extreme poverty, looking at World Bank’s economic indicators for poverty.

Despite all the unstable economic nature widely known by the world, some African countries have emerged on top of their economic development index.

Countries like Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Morocco, Angola, and Kenya, which is not in any particular order but according to the projections from International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, the aforementioned African countries are deemed wealthy based on the rate of their GDPs.

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On top of these countries is Nigeria, which is regarded as the richest country in Africa. As per African Celebs, it’s currently having an estimated GDP of 514.049 billion US dollars which is the highest among all the African countries as of 2021. Nigeria is also the most populous county in Africa, with its population revolving around 211 million. Its vast population may have contributed to its large economy in Africa.

The Richest Country in Africa 2021

The country is endowed with rich culture, natural resources, industries, and productive film industry, resulting in its emergence in the global market. Ranking on top in Africa’s economy, the country has also been ranked number 27 in the world based on its GDP figures and 25 in the world by its purchasing power parity (PPP).

The country’s economy has been the fastest-growing one from its petroleum industry since the latter parts of 1960. The increase in price in the petroleum sector contributed to the rise in the economy since the country is notable for its leadership in oil production. It helped in transportation, manufacturing, communication, technology, construction, and government services.

However, the country is ranked low for its Human Development Index (HDI) because the agricultural sector has become stagnant. Most of its rural residents who focused on primary agriculture relocated to the urban areas, with corruption erupting in the country since the 90s. Today few people occupying about one-fifth of the population make a living from agricultural production. Due to the increasing population, the land has deteriorated with inferior silos and restrictions imposed on the size of farmlands accessible to families.

Dealing with the agricultural instability, the country’s government decided to make serval state-owned enterprises owned by private individuals. The communication, power, and transportation sectors were entrusted in the hands of private stakeholders, which enhanced quality services and began running smoothly and successfully with less dependence on the government.

Although Nigeria has been facing fluctuations in its oil production, it has been able to keep up with the global economy. It’s not surprising that Aliko Dangote, who is famously known as the richest person in Africa, is from Nigeria.


-Who Has The Highest Net Worth In Africa

According to most Africans, Nigerians are the most popular business tycoons. Aliko Dangote is known as Africa’s richest man with the highest net worth of approximately $12.1 billion.

From the projections made by Forbes, he has topped the chart for ten consecutive times as the wealthiest man in Africa.

The mogul is widely known for his remarkable success in the global market through his multinational industrial company, Dangote Group, and investments in other lucrative projects worldwide. Aliko Dangote has a fascinating history behind his wealth today. It has been of great inspiration to many individuals striving to the top in the world of business.

Recounting his early life, he revealed that he was business-minded even when Dangote was very young and in primary school because he used to sell candies at the time.

Despite his family’s wealthy background, he didn’t slack but manoeuvred his way through business, making it to the top of his hustle and ranked among the top 100 richest people in the world by Forbes. Bagging all the enviable academic degrees, he paid much attention to buying and selling agricultural goods in the communes of Nigeria in his early 20s.

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Gradually, his business started flourishing, extending his business operations from outside Nigeria and settling in the capital, Lagos. He ventured into food processing factories like rice, flour, pasta, salt, and sugar and his well-known Dangote cement factory in African countries, including Ghana, Benin, Togo, and Zambia aside from Nigeria.

He began importing rice and sugar in Brazil and Thailand. Today, his sugar factory is a major supplier to most brewing and confectionary companies in Africa and the world. His company also has flourished in oil and gas, transportation and freight, banking, real estate, textiles, cash crops such as cocoa, cashew nuts, sesame seeds, ginger, among several others internationally.

According to Forbes, the magnate and philanthropist albeit has invested in multiple businesses under his conglomerate, but his significant wealth is contingent on his Dangote cement and the sugar factory. Statistically, the cement factory produces more than 45 million metric tonnes of cement annually from 10 African countries. The largest in Africa and third worldwide, its sugar processing factory makes 800 thousand tonnes of sugar every year.

Nigeria Flag - Who Has The Highest Net Worth In Africa

He also has a considerable share in telecommunications networks in Nigeria. He contributes mainly to the construction industry of Nigeria by employing constructors to build 14,000 kilometres of fibre optic cables in Nigeria. His company is currently an employer of over eleven thousand employees in Africa.

He has also led several benevolent and philanthropist projects in Nigeria and other parts of the world. He has raised millions of United States dollars into projects like the National Mosque, Presidential Library, Health especially Ebola and Covid 19 pandemic and Sports.

He has gained international recognition on several corporate programs and initiatives. He is a board member of Corporate Council on Africa, United Nations, World Cocoa Forum’s International Business Council, 2016 US -Africa Business Centre co-chair, and a lot more.

He has also earned a lot of honours which include, the Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger (GCON) under ex-president Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration, Forbes 2014 Africa person of the year and most powerful man in Africa from 2013 to 2018, respectively, listed among “50 most influential people in the world” by Bloomberg Markets, just to mention a few.

Aliko Dangote is divorced, but he is a father to three biological daughters known as Maria Mohammed, Halima, and Fatima and his adopted son, Abdul Rahman Fasasi.


Source; Nigeria News/Africa News/Aliko Dangote

Retired Ivorian national football team captain and striker of the Chelsea FC, Didier Drogba turns a year older.

The greatest of all time, soccer player has been honoured greatly on his birthday by his fans across the globe and the various clubs he played a pivotal role in the world of football.

His soccer colleagues also paid tribute to the living legend on his 43rd birthday celebration for the never ending excellent skills displayed as a professional footballer.


Knowns officially as Didier Yves Drogba Tébily, was born on March 11 in Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast. Drogba spent few years of his childhood age in France where he was raided by his uncle who was then a professional footballer.

Drawing inspiration from his uncle, he gained passion for football and decided to follow his passion at age five by making soccer his hobby and played almost every day at a car park where he lived. Later on, his parents moved to France.

Developing his professional skills, Drogba joined a French local sporting youth club, Levallois as an apprentice where he contributed exceptionally and impressed the team’s officials when he was just 15 years old.

At 21, he signed his first professional deal with Le Mans Club in Ligue 2, a France professional soccer league. He served the club from 1998-2002.  Drogba then moved to another club known as, Guingamp, between the years 2002 and 2003 where he scored 17 goals out of his 34 appearances.

In 2004, he stepped up his game by signing a prestigious contract with Premier League Club, Chelsea where he made remarkable impact on the team with his dribbling skills as the club’s striker.

Indeed, Drogba’s success in Chelsea gave room for the African continent in gaining international recognition in producing highly skilled young talents in the world.

It also inspired African players and served as a measure to explore their unknown abilities that earned them both local and international recognition.

Didier Drogba played a major role for Chelsea FC by helping the team to win its first Premier League Champions after 50 years while he made his debut appearance for Chelsea.

His subsequent roles for the clubs was such incredible that, he gained extraordinary titles in his name. He was recognised by FIFA for being the first Ivorian player to score a goal in the 2006 World Cup.

He is also the only African player to score highest goals for the club and 100 goals in Premier Leagues.  

Other soccer clubs the ace footballer joined include, Olympique de Marseille, Shanghai Shenhua, Galatasaray, Montreal Impact and Phoenix Rising. Drogba retired from his profession officially in 2018, at 40 years.


Aside his massive contribution in soccer, Drogba has taken up several social and philanthropic projects to help young ones in fulfilling their dreams through his Didier Drogba Foundation which was established in 2007.


Today we celebrate a true legend of Africa and the world at large. Happy birthday Didier drogba.

King of rap music Sarkodie is a year older today, Join  us in wishing this LEGEND an awesome birthday.

Sarkodie has been an inspiration to many people especially the young talents in the music industry.

His perseverance and resilience in the world of music influences and throws light on hard work and consistency if you want to achieve your dreams and climb the ladder of success.

Sarkodie has contributed greatly to the rise of African music internationally  and his choice of using the Ghanaian language (Twi) for his rap songs.

His enthusing rhythmic tunes and positive energy put out on stage performances has earned him huge population of die-hard fans across the world making Sarkodie a household name.

Fans who couldn’t wait on today to shower birthday blessings on the artist, began celebrating him yesterday with lovely birthday wishes.


As an internationally recognized hip hop artiste today, Sarkodie didn’t sleep on his talent. He started rapping at a very young age.

Sarkodie rose to fame when he won the competition for his community as the Best Rapper. He gained attention from Ghanaians and also inspired rappers who were upcoming at the time to build their rapping skills through the programme.

The successful win of the rap battle paved way for features on high quality music stars’ music including Edward Nana Poku Osei popularly known by the stage name, Hammer.

After his collaboration with hammer, Sarkodie released his debut studio recording album “Makye” which featured stars like, Kwaw Kese, J-Town, Sway and Paedae of R2Bees.

Along the line, he also worked with local and international artistes including, Castro, Edem, Efya, Stonebwoy, Joey B, David, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Banky W, Burna Boy just to mention a few.


Sarkodie can boast of eight albums including EPs and a joint album with Paul Jayso. They are, “Makye” (2009), “Rapperholic” (2012), “T.M. G” (2013) with Jayso, “Sarkology” (2014), “Highest” (2017), “Black Love” (2019), “Mary” EP (2015) and “Alpha” EP (2019).

He has released a lot of singles and hits like, Adonai, Mewu, Ilumnati, Azonto Fiesta and You Go Kill Me which was accompanied with the Azonto dance invented by Sarkodie, Lucky, Can’t Let You Go among others.

In addition to the above, he has also earned several awards for his hard work which include, 2012 BET award for Best International Act and 2019 BET hip hop award for Best International Flow, Best Rapper and Hip Hop Artist of The Year.

2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), Best Hip Hop Artist 2019 for African Entertainment Awards USA, VGMA Artist of The Decade in 2019 and a lot more.




Join us in wishing Honorable Kennedy Agyapong Member of Parliament for Assin Central,  God’s richest Blessings and also get to know him better.

Meet Ghanaian Business tycoon, Politician, (NPP) and a philanthropist!

Who’s Honorable Ken Agyapong?

Kennedy Agyepong is a Ghanaian business tycoons who’s contributing immensely to Ghanaian economy through his businesses.

He and  his wife Stella Agyepong own the KenCity Group of Companies, (13 in all) ranging from real estates, media.

Hollywood Shopping Center, the Supercare Group of Companies, cold stores,Ash FM, Net 2 Television station, Oman FM and Spice FM and oh did we mention shares in Assin Farms and Several other investments? Yes guys hard work pays…

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Honorable Kennedy Agyapong is not only known for representing Assin North in parliament for the NPP (New Patriotic Party) and speaking against corruption in Ghana, but also for giving back to the community.

”Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done~ proverbs 19 17”

It is widely known in Ghana that he even donates his salary to the needy people in his constituency.

He has provided Scholarships to over 2500 to students in Ghana from primary right us to higher education. Made donations to some hospitals in Ghana and also outside Ghana.

Ken Agyapong has been recognised as one of the 1st Africans to donate towards global humanitarian concerns, he was quick to help the Haiti victims during that horrible disaster in 2010.

For his many humanitarian contributions in Africa and the diaspora, he has received numerous Special Achievement/Lifetime Awards.

‘A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.’

Even though Honorable Ken Agyapong does not count on recognition to contribute to humanity we are pleased that his good works are being recognised over and over!

Address by Honorable Kennedy Agyapong on his ‘Lifetime Achievement on Philanthropy and Public Service Award from 5th GOD Awards’

“I want to thank the team that has come here today to announce the award that will be given to me on August 4,” 

“All I want to say is a big thank you for recognising my work, I hope we can do our best to make sure we go with good impression.”

“I will select three people from each region of Ghana to benefit from the scholarship. Let me say that I will not give it to people from my constituency only,”

Speaking to the media he also encouraged other philanthropist not to give up in helping humanity…

Keep up the good work!


Happy birthday to African Kennedy Agyapong. Join us in Hon. Kennedy Agyapong an amazing day!


‘There’s nothing more rewarding than giving back and making a difference in the lives of people… Until we next time check out 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇  👇



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Award winning Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh is a year older today. Join us in wishing Tonto an amazing birthday


Tonto Dikeh has starred in numerous movies. Some of her movies includes: Dream Maker, The Bride Is Mine, Love My Way, Wild and Dirty

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Keep Me Alive The Princess of My Life, Men in Love, For the Promise, Heavy Heart, Secret Shadows, The Torment, Sexy Ladies, Sisters on Fire,The Punisher , Royalty Apart, Across the Enemy Line, Celebrity Marriage, Garden of Love and Tears, 



It is no news that Tonto is one of the best Nollywood actress in Nigeria today. Tonto Dikeh is also a business entrepreneur  and a mother.



The beautiful woman continues to stay strong and focuses on her acting career that has given her all the fame.

What’s Your Favourite Tonto Dikeh Movie/s?

Photo Credit: Actress Tonto Dikeh

Handsome Nollywood actor Frederick Leonard is a year older today! Join AfricanCelebs in wishing Frederick an amazing birthday!  What is your favourite Frederick Leonard movie? 

Frederick Leonard has been in the movie industry for more than a decade , he has appeared in numerous movies both Nigerian and Ghanaian movies…..


Some of his movies includes, Great Betrayal, The Indian doctor, Disclosure”, a hit TV series  Family Man, Deadly plot, Message to Mary…..


Wishing Frederick Leonard More Success, Happiness and GoodHealth.

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Photo Credit: Frederick Leonard