Reverend Lucy Natasha is a renowned minister of God from Kenya, Africa.

As a young and dynamic pastor, Rev Lucy Natasha is well grounded in the word of God and with her unique way of preaching insightful mysteries about the kingdom of God appeals to many people around the world.

Through her interdenominational ministry, she has spearheaded spirit filled encounters through revivals, conferences and seminars in different parts of the world.

Rev Lucy Natasha has been a great influence in the lives of people as well as given platforms to inspire people as a guest speaker in Christian conventions locally and internationally.

The powerful woman of God who is widely celebrated for her beautiful and classy lifestyle is also recognized as a great author.

She has published more than 10 Christian books that prepares and guide readers in their spiritual lives and views about life.

Some of these books are, ‘Touching Heaven Through Prayer’, ‘7 Keys To Success’, ‘Characteristics Of A God Leading Lady’, Before You Say ‘I Do’ and ‘Every Problem Has An Expiry Date’.

Thousands of copies of the aforementioned publications are selling worldwide.

Rev Natasha started her ministry after a man of God received a revelation about her family.

The revelation said that, a prophet would be raised from her family and she happened to be the one the pastor pointed at when she was 10 years old.

Rev Lucy Natasha used to stammer during her early days but according to sources, her speech disorder ceased after the man of God laid his hands on her and prayed for her.

Few years later, the prophecy manifested and in 2011, she was anointed and given the mantle under the ordinance of Redeemed Gospel Church in Huruma, Kenya.

Since then, she has preached the gospel in many countries like, the United Kingdom, Qatar south Africa, Malawi, Nigeria and a lot more.

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She hails from Huruma in Kenya and was born on July 24. She began her education in Umoja, Kenya.

After completing her secondary education, she continued her studies in South Africa where she earned a graduate certificate in Public Relations and Theology.

Growing up from a family well dominated by the Christian values and carries the anointing of God, Rev Lucy Natasha learnt a lot from her mother which guided her with firm spiritual background.

She has got thousands of people who sought after her ministry and gained followers around the world.

She has also blessed people together with several great ministers of God through her ministry as well as  invested in a lot of divine projects and supported the homeless, needy, children and the sick.

Join us in wishing this talented woman of God an awesome birthday 🎁 🎉 🍰 

Photo Credit: Rev Lucy Natasha

Congratulations are in order! Bongo flava artist Diamond Platnumz has been applauded for making over 1 billion views on his YouTube channel.

The applaud was in a form of a surprise visit by his crew to the pop star’s residence.

Platnumz was at home when his team members surprised him with a well decorated cake which had the colours and logo of the YouTube app to celebrate the history made in his music journey.

Whiles he was putting on his shirt, his team recorded a video of him and congratulated him for emerging as the number one sub Saharan African to make 1 billion views on YouTube.

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Commenting on the achievement, his team expressed they were pleased with the historic achievement and are delighted to be a part of his movement.

‘The determination and hard work of the ‘Jeje’ hit maker has created a huge fan base of Tanzania’s population to jam to his music since it’s usually in the Swahili language’

DJ Edu from Kenya stated that, songs including Platnumz’ new single, “Quarantine” which has been made viral through the TikTok app could also sell better on YouTube because the more people watch on TikTok, the more it drives them to watch the video of the song, “Quarantine” on YouTube.

African artistes over the past years have been easily connecting with fans through YouTube than relying on TV stations.

Diamond Platnumz is one of the African artists who has been consistent with his songs.

Credit: Diamond Platnumz/ Tanzania News

The World Economic Forum (WEF) which began on 21st January this year is an annual three days meeting where international leaders, celebrities and forerunners of civil society  come together to discuss major global issues and brainstorm on possible solutions to address such problems.

The forum was held in Davos in the Switzerland every year.


As part of the program, various personalities including powerful political leaders, businesspersons from across the world prepare a particular speech regarding both progress and glitches faced by their continent, country and its effect on the world at large.

This year’s summit fell on the theme, “Stakeholders for Cohesive and Sustainable World”.


World leaders included Ghanaian president Nana Akufo- Addo, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook; Uber boss Dara Khosrowshahi among other guests were present.

On Wednesday night, President Nana Akuffu-Addo addressed the global investor community. 

According to Nana Addo,

’21st century was for Africa with Ghana being the head, and it is going to be so, God willing”.

He further explained that, Ghanaians were kind, welcoming, hospitable, generous, hardworking and blessed with valuable natural resources…’

He spoke about a lot of business investments opportunities, stability of governance, strong judicial system and many more which Ghana possesses to create more avenues

for collaborations with the developed countries and well vested business leaders to help Ghana and Africa attain a stable economy…



Africa News: Today, 9th December 2019, African Leaders attended the 9th African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Summit. 

The theme for the Summit is “A transformed ACP committed to multilateralism”


‘Developing countries should back reformed multilateral system that promotes fair trade as well as climate change awareness’ ~ Uhuru Kenyatta

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Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo was one of the keynote speakers.



The event was attended by many African Head of states including Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame, Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, President of Botswana Mokgweetsi Masisi ,Government officials.

In addition to the above attendees was H.E Teneng Mba Jaiteh of Gambia, H.E. Robert Dussey,  H.E. Geoffrey Onyeama with the newly elected Secretary-General of ACP.

If you could take an all-expense paid trip to any African country, where would you go and why?

H.E. Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoti of Angola,  Nigerian economist the Tony Elumelu, The President of Mozambique, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi,  


In 1997, the first ACP Summit of Heads of State and Government was held in Gabon.

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Photo Credit: President Nana Akufo-Addo

Paul Kagame is an ex-military leader. He is currently the president elect and the fourth president of Rwanda in the political history of Rwanda.

As part of his growth in politics, he served as a vice president and a prime Minister of Defense between the years, 1994 and 2000 in Rwanda.

President Kagame has been noted as the “most inspiring “and one of the “most authoritarian” leaders in Africa.

Despite his despotic personality, he stands for positive things and discipline making the best out of Rwanda.

Today, Rwanda is one of the African countries growing strongly in almost all the dimensions of development.

The president has set his priorities right in terms of developments for his country.


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Following a program launched to develop Rwanda as a middle-income country, the country is now seen climbing the success ladder in areas including healthcare,

education, law and order and building close ties with the East African countries, the United States, Asia and France.

Kagame’s foremost plan was to help curb the situation of genocide among the citizens of Rwanda as a leader, which raised a lot of doubt about his decision since, some Rwandan leaders were notoriously known for their killing.

However, Kagame is proving some people wrong. Today, there’s stability among the people of Rwanda, killing acts has stopped with people being treated fairly.

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His style of governance has indeed brought peace in the country, minimized corruption and lifted the banner of Rwanda across the African continent and beyond.

Resulting in great investment plans in the areas of trade and banking, the industrialized countries have given the less industrialized ones including Rwanda to link up and benefit from their manufactured goods.

His government has also invested in private sectors and in technology. Today, Rwanda is one of the must visit African beautiful countries.


Twitter and Square founder and CEO Jack Dorsey is set to me Moving To Africa For At Least 3 Months In 2020.

Jack Dorsey took to his Twitter page to announce his African trip…



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Jack Dorsey recently returned from Africa where he visited Ghana, where he attended bitcoin meet ups Ghana and visited few sites as well meeting business entrepreneurs.

Some of the other African Countries that he visited included Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa.









Source: Jack Dorsey|Africa News

Cover photo credit: Your Favorite Titan

Good News For Potential International Students In UK

The educational system in the UK has been reasonably accepting towards foreign students despite the high tuition fees.

One of the biggest obstacles for an international student was to find a job in the UK after graduation.

This was mainly because of the visa regulations that forced the student to leave the country immediately after finishing. Now, the government made a recent change in the system.

The announcement from the government on September 11th stated that a new type of visa is under development.



The post-study visa will be valid for two years, allowing international students to get hired more efficiently and without any hassle during the application process.

Students from Europe, Asia, and Africa, are particularly happy about this announcement because this makes the job hunt much more comfortable and opens a gate for permanent immigration.

The Indian student population is the highest among all the nations, so it is expected that the visa will help them the most.

The new regulation will benefit not only international students but also employers. 

Prior to the visa, a company would think twice before hiring an international student due to the expenses of providing sponsorship and the high salary threshold requirement.



In other words, many talented students would be rejected just because of their nationality.
The visa will guarantee two years for the students to look for jobs.

The students who will enroll at the UK universities starting in the 2020-21 academic year will be eligible.

UK International Students Can stay 2 years

This creates an issue, as the current international students will be excluded from this opportunity.

Many students, especially those from India, have created petitions to demand that the visa regulations include the current students. On petition has already collected over 6000 signatures.

The Home Office made a follow-up announcement to make things clear. Anyone who is enrolled at a university at the time when the new route is introduced will be eligible to apply regardless of when they were registered.

For instance, a student who was enrolled in 2018 and will have graduated from an undergraduate course in 2021 will be able to apply.


UK International Students Can stay 2 years


On the other hand, a student who will graduate in 2019 or 2020 won’t be eligible.

The confusion about the timing of the new visa has left many students distraught. Many of them are trying to defer their admissions to the 20-21 academic year.


Those who can afford to pay an extra year of studies are trying to extend their studies to avoid early graduation.

Nevertheless, the post-study visa will impact many lives in the next few years.


Souce: UK News

Happy Birthday to Becca. The stunning and gorgeous Singer and Actress is a year older today! Join African Celebs in wishing her an amazing birthday!

beccaAfter several years abroad She returned back to native home Ghana where her undisputed talent was discovered by a trailblazing record label E K B records who signed her on and proceeded to work.

Her first single “you lied to me” was released in August 2007 and was followed by the release of her debut album “Sugar” which was lunched on the 13th of November the same year.


Her album sugar feathered may of Africans renowned musician and was graced by South African legend jazz musician Hugh Masakela who collaborated with her on the song “I love you” which is enjoying massive air play in south Africa.

Becca’s style of music and dressing is influenced by her surrounding and up bringing as an African.

Becca Ghanaian singer

African Celebrities Birthdays

She’s also set up a rescue organization which aims at raising funds to help promote the awareness of children affected by HIV AIDS.

In addition, she also helps imprisoned children in Ghana and hopes to go beyond Africa and around the world. 

What is your favourite Becca song/s?

Photo Credit: Becca



Nollywood star Clarion Chukwurah turns a year older!.


The talented actress is  recognized as a United Nations peace ambassador for her charity work across Africa.




Clarion Chukwurah was born on 24 July 1964. The Nollywood Veteran began acting in 1980 and came into limelight in 1984 in a then popular Television Soap Opera titled “Mirror in the sun”.

She has since been involved in over 100 English and Yoruba Movies.

Clarion Chukwurah

She created the Clarion Chukwurah Initiative, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), designed to support the less privileged in the society which has positively touched the lives of several less-privileged homes in Nigeria.

Keep up the good work Clarion!

African Celebrities Birthday

Join us in wishing Clarion a very Happy Birthday and God’s blessing on her life always!


Photo Credit: Clarion Chukwurah 


“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

As surprising as it might sound, the number of castles in Africa is more than we can imagine. Due to the colonization of Portuguese, Dutch, German and British forces and subsequent wars, many castles were built for different purposes. Here is a look at iconic castles from Africa.


Castle of Good Hope is one of the first examples of Dutch architecture in Cape Town. It was built in the 17th century as a defense mechanism, residential area and later prison for Dutch army officers who surrendered after the Second Boer War where they lost against British forces.


Interestingly, the castle was on the coast when it was first built, but is now located inland after the land reclamation. Inside the bastion fort, there are many interesting exhibitions and events for you to check out.


Ghana has the highest number of fortifications by far. Elmina Castle erected by the Portuguese in 1482 is the oldest European building in the country. It was basically used as a trading post on the Gulf of Guinea as well as a center for slave trade.

The fort was subsequently conquered by Dutch forces and was held in power for 200 years before being taken over by the British Empire. The castle has been designated as a UNESCO Heritage Site since 1979.



This castle was a distinct design of Italian architect Giovanni Battista Cairati. Mombasa Island of Kenya was an important port as it was the seen as the gate to the Spice Route and other trades routes surrounding Indian Ocean., so the king of Portugal built Fort Jesus to declare control in the area.


Its design has Renaissance features, but the building materials were provided by Swahili people, which resulted in an extraordinary look as a combination of the west and the east.

When viewed from the air, you can actually see that it was built in the shape of a man. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011 as the most outstanding example of Portuguese military fortificiation.



As you might understand from the name, Fort Capuzza was built in the Italian colony of Libya near the Egyptian border. The Italian colony of Libya was in a war against the Senussi tariqa during the first half of the 20th century, so they had to build large barriers along the borders.


Fort Capuzzo constituted an important part of that barrier to prevent Senussi forces from crossing the border. It is possible to visit the castle during guided tours of the battlegrounds in North Africa.



The fortress city of Fasil Ghebbi is perhaps the most spectacular building of Ethiopia. Founded in the 17th century by Emperor Fasilides, the castles served as a home to Ethiopia’s emperor for a long time. Declared a UNESCO World Heritages Site in 1979, the castle is one of the best examples of Nubian Architecture style.



The medieval Islamic fortification of Cairo Citadel was built in 1176 by the Ayyubid dynasty to protect the city during the Crusade wars. The most interesting feature of the castle is the mosque erected in the 19th century by Ottoman Commander Muhammad Ali Pasha after taking the control of the city from the Mamluks.

Today, there are two other mosques as well as several museums such as the Egyptian Military Museum, Carriage Museum and Al-Gawhara Palace Museum.

The fort lies next to Alexandra’s ancient lighthouse, which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It served as a defensive fortress against the threats coming from Mediterranean Sea, especially that of the Ottoman Empire. It was renovated several times since it got severe damage from earthquakes and wars.


This Portuguese fortress was built in Luanda, Angola in 1576 by Paulo Dias de Novais who was the first governor of the Portuguese Angola. The fortress was an administrative center as well as the checkpoint for trade and slave traffic to Brazil. Visiting the fortress, you can find out about the Portuguese colonization.


There is a courtyard that contains statues of Vasco da Gama, Portugal’s First King and Diogo Cao (who was the first European to reach Angola). The fortress also holds Museum of the Armed Forces that depicts the military structure of Portuguese Angola

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Another example of Portuguese architecture in Africa is the Fort of Sao Sebastio in Mozambique. Its construction by the Portuguese colonizers began in 1558 and took fifty years to finish.

The resultant massive fort has managed to still intact to this day. The Chapel of Nossa Senhore de Baluarte, which is the oldest European building in the southern hemisphere, lies right next to the fort.



Osu Castle is one of the first and few examples of Scandinavian influence in Africa. The first fort was built by the Kingdom of Denmark and the Kingdom of Norway in 1660. By building the castle, they wanted to keep the area protected from the Portuguese army whom they acquired the area from.

Throughout its history, the castle changed hands many times between Denmark-Norway, Portuguese and Britain, so their influence in the expansion and renovation of the castle can easily be observed. It has political importance as the seat of government in today’s Ghana. The castle also contains the burial ground of the late president John Alta Mills.



Taleh is a historical town in eastern Somali, serving as the headquarters of the Dervish State. Mohammad Abdullah Hassan, the religious leader of the Dervish State, erected five forts in the early 20th century.

Taleh Caste is the largest of these forts. The castle is surrounded by tombs of early dervishes. Although the fort was significantly damaged by British forces, it was renovated by Somalia forces where they built a large military base in the town.



The ancient city of Great Zimbabwe was built within a large fortress, serving as the capital of Kingdom of Zimbabwe. The fortress was so large that the completion of its construction took nearly four centuries.

It boasted the royal palaces for the local monarch as well as the seat of political power. It was also an important landmark for the trade of gold and iron through the Central Africa.

Today, there is an ongoing archeological work for constructing the chronological history of the fortress. An interesting landmark inside the fortress is the Great Zimbabwe University which focuses of arts and social sciences.


Compared to the other castles in the list, Nesbitt Castle was built much later in the 1920s by businessman Theodore Holdengarde. Holdengarde was a South African – British businessmen and mayor of Bulawayo.

He decided to build the castle after arriving in Southern Rhodesia and buying 100 acres of land. Its architecture was heavily influenced by neo-gothic architecture. Although the castle was later converted to a hotel, there are certain renovations still underway, so the castle will have more options for the visitors.




Set atop a hill overlooking the Namib Dune Desert, Duwisib Castle was built by Baron Captain Heinrich Von Wolf after the German-Nama War. More than just a residence for him and his wife, the castle represented his victory and dedication in the area.

The raw materials used for building the walls were imported from Germany. After the World War I, Von Wolf sold the castle to a wealthy Swedish family, who then transferred the castle to the state in the 70s.

It was opened to the public in 1991 as a museum containing antiques, armor and paintings. There are also numerous accommodation options including camping around the castle.

If you love adventure, then Namutoni Camp also called  Etosha National Park is one of the must visit places whenever in Namibia