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Diamond Platnumz Hits 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Diamond Platnumz Hits 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Congratulations are in order! Bongo flava artist Diamond Platnumz has been applauded for making over 1 billion views on his YouTube channel.

The applaud was in a form of a surprise visit by his crew to the pop star’s residence.

Platnumz was at home when his team members surprised him with a well decorated cake which had the colours and logo of the YouTube app to celebrate the history made in his music journey.

Whiles he was putting on his shirt, his team recorded a video of him and congratulated him for emerging as the number one sub Saharan African to make 1 billion views on YouTube.

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Commenting on the achievement, his team expressed they were pleased with the historic achievement and are delighted to be a part of his movement.

‘The determination and hard work of the ‘Jeje’ hit maker has created a huge fan base of Tanzania’s population to jam to his music since it’s usually in the Swahili language’

DJ Edu from Kenya stated that, songs including Platnumz’ new single, “Quarantine” which has been made viral through the TikTok app could also sell better on YouTube because the more people watch on TikTok, the more it drives them to watch the video of the song, “Quarantine” on YouTube.

African artistes over the past years have been easily connecting with fans through YouTube than relying on TV stations.

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Diamond Platnumz is one of the African artists who has been consistent with his songs.

Credit: Diamond Platnumz/ Tanzania News

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