East African music icon, Diamond Platnumz showed up magnificently at the just ended BET Awards with his traditional look.

The CEO of Wasafi Classic Baby records was nominated for ‘Best International Act’ with fellow African artists Burna Boy and Wizkid all from Nigeria and Aya Nakamura.

Diamond Platnumz embraced the occasion in a grand style showcasing the East African culture through his outfit which melted the heart of East Africans.

Photo Credit: Diamond Platnumz – BET Awards 2021

The artiste was spotted in a warrior outfit usually worn by the Massai tribe of Kenya and Tanzania. The fabric was red in colour with a lot of ornaments including a sword and a shield complimenting his appearance as a warrior.

Diamond Platnumz’s choice of African traditional outfit for the occasion shows how proud his of his African roots and culture.

“A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”~.Marcus Garvey


Simba fans worldwide are celebrating  him for promoting the African culture particularly that of East Africa to the world. He shared photos of  himself on his official Instagram page where he expressed his appreciation to Tanzanians for the massive love showered on him.

 “through this award I have seen how much Tanzanians have unity, love and appreciation for us … I thank each and every one of you for the great love you have shown me … And I believe that sometimes we will carry it …

I will be comforted tomorrow and the next day another artist will also be in the matter of representing the Nation give us strength as you have given me …#SwahiliNation we are a Swahili Nation”.



Photo Credit: Diamond Platnumz

Harmonize Ceek Press Conference In Nairobi

Harmonize Ceek Press Conference In Nairobi, It’s been an amazing weekend in East Africa with one of East Africa’s top notch music icon Harmonize, joining forces with Ceek virtual reality platform on its mission to extending its territories in East Africa.

Beginning on Friday, June 18 in Tanzania, Harmonize’s motherland, the mission continued through to Sunday, June 20 in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. The press conference and after party was hosted by Harmonize at B-Club in Nairobi.

Ceek’s partnership with Harmonize is yet another mouthwatering deal for the Konde Gang and East Africa.

Harmonize – JKIA Nairobi

The presence of Harmonize and his team in Nairobi activated appealing ambiance with impressive love shown by huge crowed in the city.

He was highly celebrated upon his arrival at the Nairobi airport on Saturday, June 18. Surrounded by huge media and fans, he briefly delivered his welcome address at the airport and also encouraged the press for their support.

Harmonize was showered with gifts from die-hard fans as well.

At the press conference in Nairobi, he talked about how excited he feels to be back in Kenyan, which he referred to the country as his second home. He further explained the opportunities his partnership with the streaming platform Ceek.

Harmonize is very exited about the Ceek Platform it allows artists to create premium and exclusive content for their super fans and for super fans to get closer to their artists than ever

Harmonize also hinted on his upcoming exclusive concerts and shows on Ceek as well as his new album to be released  in August.

One of the officials from Ceek, Mr Harold Ofori mentioned that the uniqueness of the Ceek platform that makes it different from other streaming platforms is the fact that they have integrated Momo Pay, MTN and are in the process of integrating MPESA

Mr Harold Ofori of Ceek – CEEK Partners With Harmonize press conference

, TIGOPESA and more to allow fans in east Africa to pay artist and make it easy to compensate artists.

Additionally, they have also incorporated cryptocurrency which ensures equal compensation for artists no matter where they are located in the world and that fans can also pay their favourite  artists using crypto and allow CEEK to pay artist with cryptocurrency

 ”A dollar in the US is the same as a dollar in the Tanzania, artists can charge what they want for their content no matter where they are located in the world.”

Harmonize (Kondeboy) leads the official launching of Ceek in East Africa.

As part of the introduction of the streaming and virtual reality platform to the people of East Africa, the Bongo Flava artist organised and hosted a press conference at the White Sands hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.



Harmonize and his crew sought to explain to East Africans the positive impact of the Ceek streaming platform and its contribution to the world of technological advancement. Additionally he also explained the essence of adapting to the platform

He also addressed several industry issues and spoke about the upcoming and exclusive virtual events he’s yet to bring on board to his fans and East African’s on the Ceek platform.


Press Conference – Harmonize Partners With CEEK

Famously known as Kondeboy, the multi-award winning superstar who has over half a billion views on YouTUBE and over 11 million followers across his social media platforms has been well embraced by Ceek.

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At the press conference, Harmonize expressed that he is very excited about his partnership with Ceek because the Ceek Platform will allow him to put out more premium and exclusive content and also for the world to see East Africa’s Talent’.

Addressing the media, Mr Harold Ofori, one of the directors from Ceek stated that, talents such as Harmonize deserve massive financial and social support. Through their partnership with Ceek artists will be fairly compensated on their progress irrespective of their country of origin. 


Harmonize and Director Ofori from Ceek at the Press Conference

Additionally,  Mr Ofori stated that Ceek has integrated MTN, Momo Pay and is in the process of integrating Impesa and Tigo Pesa to make sure ”artists will be fairly compensated for every single thing that they put out there”


Director Ofori From Ceek


Many artists are very happy about this new partnership with Harmonize and are also excited to see what Ceek brings to East Africa.

The press conference saw huge media networks from East Africa broadcasting the information to the world. the likes of Maximum TV, Mzuri TV, Foxe TV, Minutes TV, just to mention a few. 

Visit www.ceek.com for more


Blaq Jerzee New Single From East Meets West – 6 Am Drops This Friday On Ceek

A vitalising release from the West African Blaq Jerzee as he meets the Eastern side once again for the ground-breaking upcoming album.

Teaming up with Tanzanian hit maker Blackbeat, it’s a relaxing and emotionally rich track assisting the build-up to the long-awaited project ‘East Meets West’.

Previously a top producer in the scene, Blaq Jerzee has switched roles displaying his astonishing talent as a front man and vocalist.

As this album is accumulating, we recently were gifted the release of ‘Sokoma’ and ‘Falling for you’, which has achieved 2 million streams on Spotify alone. Gaining recognition across editorial playlists such as ‘African Heat’.

With the switch to artist, Blaq Jerzee is collaborating with chief beatmaker Blackbeat for ‘6am’. A clear display of the East meeting the West, Blackbeat from Tanzania brings his native and trademark ‘Bongo Flava’ sound to the ‘Afro-beat’ sound of the West.

This hybrid is what the album is all about and a truly pioneering step for the scene.

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Lush on the ears, ‘6am’ has lots of movement whilst also remaining effortless and seductive. An eclectic arrangement of sounds and instruments, sophisticated saxophones and dreamy synthetic melodies.

Combined with Blaq Jerzee’s smooth and signature vocals that are entirely cohesive with the summery track.

Codirected by KJ Spio, providing tasteful and luxuriant imagery to match this well-orchestrated collaboration.

Filmed on an extravagant island in Tanzania, taking place on an idyllic catamaran and also coming onshore to the silky beaches featuring well-choregraphed dancers, illustrating the rhythmic passion this song provides.

Powered by Ceek, this album is another step closer to its arrival. Breaking down barriers with some of the most influential artists and producers on the continent.

Blaq Jerzee and Blackbeat showed the harmony of their East meets West combination and what this album has in store!

Watch here https://www.ceek.com/preview-play/60c05a5d464c8c70e36e4414/

Blaq Jerzee – 6 am https://www.ceek.com/blaqjerzee/


Blaq Jerzee – Instagram | Twitter | Spotify



Simba In Guinea Conakry. Diamond Platnumz begins end of year concert with mind-blowing concerts in guinea.

The concert is in partnership with Doulaye Productions and Gold Communication dubbed, The Guinea Diamond Tour 2020.

The notice posted on the Tanzanian music icon’s official Instagram handle shows that, he will be performing in different locations in Guinea and other parts of the African continent.

Diamond platnumz will share the stage with over 30 artistes at the concert. Other guests include, Marème Dial and Djalika Sagna of a famous Senegalese television series “Mistress of a married man”.


Simba In Guinea Conakry


Already landed in Guinea, the multiple award-winning artiste, performing throughout this weekend is set to commence his performance today, December 03, 2020 in Conakry, capital of Guinea for VIP.

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The show continues with performances for the general public at Conakry stadium on

Friday, December 04, Guinea Kindia stadium

Saturday, December 05

Sunday, December 06, 2020 at Labè stadium.

Later in the month of December, Platnumz is also expected to perform in South Sudan to entertain his fans.

Diamond Platnumz was part of the artistes who were compelled to truncate their touring plans as scheduled for this year, as a result of a global battle against Covid  pandemic where travel restrictions became a major measure to combat the deadly virus.

Although, the various safety protocols still hold but there is a little ease of movement restrictions in some parts of the countries including African countries and this has paved way for the Tanzanian artiste to resume his programmes but in Africa.

His Guinea tour comes after holding several concerts in his homeland, Tanzania.

Photo Credit:  Diamond Platnumz

Top 10 Bongo Flava Artists

Bongo Flava is the name given to Tanzanian Hip Hop.

It can be likened to the famous American hip hop, however, with little modifications that include Afrobeat, Reggae, Dancehall along with other traditional genres such as Dansi and Taarab to express its uniqueness.

Many Tanzanians are giving it their all to make the new genre of music spread across the whole world, and arguably, the genre is one of the most listened to throughout the continent.

Check out some of the top Bongo artist in Tanzania along with some of the songs that brought them to unavoidable limelight.


Diamond Platnumz, Born Nasibu Abdul Juma is the current icon of Bongo music. He has won numerous awards since his first single in 2009. His track, Number One which was released in 2015, won the East Africa Superhit Award. 

This is our short interview with Diamond Platnumz in London. Enjoy

The resourceful singer featured Harmonize to release the most viewed Bongo Flava song on YouTube, Kwangwaru, with over 50 million viewers.

Bongo world sure appreciates his effort as he continues to shoot Afrobeat to the whole world. In other words, the world can’t have enough of him.

AliKiba – Ali Saleh Kiba is a veteran Bongo Flava singer. He can be called a studio commander with his unique voice and style.

For instance, his album, Cinderella broke the record of the best-selling album in the whole of East Africa. Single Boy also enjoyed a deserving reception.

We can’t have enough of Mwana!


Harmonize – Mr. Rajab Abdul Kahali went all-in into the genre and has recently become the centre of attraction in East Africa. The talented singer recently fell out of WCB records owned by Diamond Platnumz.

He released the song ‘Kwangwaru’  that has attracted over 50 million viewers along with Diamond. Aiyola, his debut song was rated among the best.


Rayvanny – Raymond Shaban Mwakysua began in 2011 and has immensely contributed to Bongo Flava. The prominent vocalist is best known for his song, titled Kwetu in 2016.

He has since lived up to the expectation of the Tanzanians and other fans across the globe.


Rich Mavoko – The Moyo Wangu singer became famous with this unique style of song. He was known to release nothing but hit songs. His song, Roho Yangu, is being used by many in his home country as ringtones.


Professor Jay – Joseph Haule is one of the top representatives of Bongo Flava songs. Similar, he has been able to mix, excellently, politics with music without lagging behind in any of the two demanding careers.

Nikusaidiaje and Kumekucha are two of his top songs.


Shetta – Nurdin Bilal Ali is one of the best Bongo Flava singers in the whole of Tanzania. He is talented, energetic, and hardworking.

He topped several Tanzanian Charts with his sing, Namjua in 2016 and 2017, Above all, he nullified the believe of doubters that he has come to stay with Wale Wale.


Kassim Mganga – He has been relevant since 2002. Kassim earned his fame through his single, Haiwezekani in 2007. Shanaiza is one of the songs to be listened to if one wants to understand what the mogul is capable of.



Barnaba Classic – Elias Barnabas Inyasi began his musical career in 2000 with celebrated musicals at his church. Njia Panda brought him to remarkable prominence, awards, and nominations. No Bongo Flava lover will turn back on Dicewar.


Navy Kenzo – When you see females doing things men do, they do it exceptionally. Navy Kenzo is a music group that includes Aika and Nahreel.

The two female singers sang Katika to announce their arrival in the industry.

The list goes on and on! If your favourite artist is not on this list,  it doesn’t make him or her less irrelevant. Of course, we all know that there are many outstanding Bongo Flava singers in the country.

Therefore, we have randomly selected few this time arounds. For more updates on the above African Celebrities, keep following them on their social media pages if you’re not already.


 Who is your favourite Bongo Flava artist and why? Drop Your Comments below

Applications are now open for Africans to engage in SIMP. The program will train African with the requisite skills to help them contribute to positive changes in the world of business in Africa and beyond.


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Applicants must be between the ages of 25 and 45 years.


Countries eligible for this programme: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia


Application Deadline: The end date for the application is February 20, 2020.


Click on the link below to access the official website! https://si.se/en/apply/leadership-programmes


Source: Swedish Institute


Tanzanian Actress, Model, Musician and Entrepreneur Hamisa Mobetto  is a year older today. Join us in wishing this stunning and gorgeous superstar an awesome day!


Hamisa Mobeto has been one of the most sensational young figures of Tanzania, especially with her personal life. Her on & off relationship with musician Diamond Platinumz is no different than a soap opera. 

She was born in Mwanza, Tanzania in December 1994. She went to Mabatini Primary school and continued her secondary education at St. Kayumba.

Her modelling career began in 2010 when she joined school competitions. The one that she participated was called Miss XXL organized by XXL Clouds Radio Media. She won the competition and earned the crown as Miss XXL.

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This triggered further success when she went on to participate on another beauty contest Miss Indian Ocean. She also competed in another regional contest called Miss Kindoni.

She came the second in both of them. Although she didn’t win, her performance made her qualified to compete for Miss Tanzania and Miss University Africa. She was placed among the top 10 in both contests.

In the meantime, she appeared on media in various video clips. One of them was the video for the song Salome by the famous musician Diamond Platinumz.

Hamisa’s mother has been the biggest support all along as she helped her raise the children, allowing Hamisa to continue with her modelling career.

Hamisa set the social media ablaze with one of her music videos, when she shared intimate poses with a mystery handsome male for her music video Tunaendana.

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Last year, Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa met at the same event on the stage where Diamond Platnumz received an award. It was nice that they have put any issues aside and were civil to each other at the event in TZ.


Some of her songs include, Madam Hero, Sensema, My Love, Sawa, Boss

Photo Credit: Hamisa Mobetto

Harmonize Live In Milton Keynes 2019

Tanzanian musician Harmonize is set to performe at The Point, 602 Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes, on Sunday 31st August 2019 



DJ’s for the event includes DJ Costa Frisch, DJ Kasongo Kassmoddy, DJ Richie Dee, DJ Bugz, DJ John…


Harmonize Live in Milton keynes 2019




Harmonize’ performance at The Point , in Milton Keynes last night was great! Check out some of the highlights below.


Did you know? Eddy Kenzo X Harmonize’s  Inabana Official Video is out now on YouTube.


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Mbalamwezi was part of the popular boy group called ‘The Mafik’.


The Mafik
Photo Credit: The Mafik


According to multiple media outlets, the artist has been brutally murdered. African Celebrities have taken to social media pages to express their surprise.









Our thoughts and prayers are with Mbalamwezi’s family and friends





Photo Credit: The Mafik