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Blaq Jerzee New Single From East Meets West

Blaq Jerzee New Single From East Meets West

Blaq Jerzee New Single From East Meets West – 6 Am Drops This Friday On Ceek

A vitalising release from the West African Blaq Jerzee as he meets the Eastern side once again for the ground-breaking upcoming album.

Teaming up with Tanzanian hit maker Blackbeat, it’s a relaxing and emotionally rich track assisting the build-up to the long-awaited project ‘East Meets West’.

Previously a top producer in the scene, Blaq Jerzee has switched roles displaying his astonishing talent as a front man and vocalist.

As this album is accumulating, we recently were gifted the release of ‘Sokoma’ and ‘Falling for you’, which has achieved 2 million streams on Spotify alone. Gaining recognition across editorial playlists such as ‘African Heat’.

With the switch to artist, Blaq Jerzee is collaborating with chief beatmaker Blackbeat for ‘6am’. A clear display of the East meeting the West, Blackbeat from Tanzania brings his native and trademark ‘Bongo Flava’ sound to the ‘Afro-beat’ sound of the West.

This hybrid is what the album is all about and a truly pioneering step for the scene.

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Lush on the ears, ‘6am’ has lots of movement whilst also remaining effortless and seductive. An eclectic arrangement of sounds and instruments, sophisticated saxophones and dreamy synthetic melodies.

Combined with Blaq Jerzee’s smooth and signature vocals that are entirely cohesive with the summery track.

Codirected by KJ Spio, providing tasteful and luxuriant imagery to match this well-orchestrated collaboration.

Filmed on an extravagant island in Tanzania, taking place on an idyllic catamaran and also coming onshore to the silky beaches featuring well-choregraphed dancers, illustrating the rhythmic passion this song provides.

Powered by Ceek, this album is another step closer to its arrival. Breaking down barriers with some of the most influential artists and producers on the continent.

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Blaq Jerzee and Blackbeat showed the harmony of their East meets West combination and what this album has in store!

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Blaq Jerzee – 6 am


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