Khaby Lame Amazing journey – From being jobless to being a world famous millionaire in just 17 months.

That’s the life story of Khabane Lame, better know as Khaby Lane, who recently hit the fascinating number of 100 million TikTok followers.

Maybe you haven’t heard his name, but you have certainly seen his face.

The 21-year-old was desperate when he lost his job to the Covid-19 pandemic in March but that failure ended up as the best thing that has ever happened to him. Just 17 months ago he wasn’t known but now the young man has a net worth somewhere between £1 million and £2 million.

Khaby Lame - from being unemployed to world-known star in just 17 months
Photo Credit: Khaby Lame (Instagram)

The TikTok sensation is originally from Senegal, a West African country with a population of more than 15 million. Poverty and insecurity forced Khabi’s parents to search for a better life and they moved to northern Italian industrial town of Chivasso when Khaby was only 1-year-old.

Khaby was just another immigrant who fight to provide for himself and his family, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he lost his job. His dad reportedly begged him to apply for another job but Khaby had other plans.

Just like any young man with plenty of spare time, Khaby decided to make TikTok videos where he reacts to some of the internet’s weirdest life hacks. Only two months after he created his own TikTok account he got 50,000 followers.

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His fandom grew quickly as he reached one million followers in February with famous footballers, such as Juventus player Paulo Dybala and former Italian star Alessandro Del Piero, featuring in one of his videos. He never speaks a word, instead he makes unimpressed, face expressions and shrugging to the camera.

Soon his content went viral and that changed his life.  He’s had 1.5 billion likes on TikTok and his most watched video has been viewed 158 million times. Lame knows that he owns the success to his facial expressions.

“It‘s my face and my expressions which make people laugh,” he told in a recent interview.

He considers his muted reactions as a “global language”. Khaby Lame’s estimated net worth was calculated based on the number of likes and followers he has across all his different social media accounts. The popular platforms pay him as a content creator but he also lands sponsorship deals.

“His desire to make the most out of his situation and turn it into an opportunity to achieve his dream of making people laugh motivated him to start a TikTok account and share his first comedy videos,” TikTok said in a blog post.


“With one funny video after another, his followers began to grow, and in less than 17 months, Khaby has quickly become one of the most recognised and loved TikTok creators globally as he continues to use his unique creativity and sense of humor to spread joy to a global community.”

How much followers does Khaby Lame have?

Khaby Lame has 103 million TikTok followers and over 1.5billion likes, Lame has additional 35 million followers on Instagram and 70,000 on his Twitter account.

He also recently launched his own YouTube channel, and is on his way to do his thing on this platform as well.

Lame is only the second person who has made 100 million TikTok followers after the 17-year-old Charli D’Amelio, who has 120 million followers and is the most successful TikToker ever.

However, it’s believed the Italian will soon overtake his rival to become the most popular person in the TikTok world as he gets millions of new followers every week.

“I will continue to work towards my dreams, knowing I can count on a beautiful community ready to cheer me on,” Khaby said.

Despite being a world-known star which brings him plenty of income, the young man doesn’t forget where he comes from.

“Public housing is a place to which I owe everything. They taught me education and allowed me to cultivate many bonds.” says Khaby.

Once again Congrats to Khalby Lame for being the second Tiktoker to reach 100 Million fans!

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Photo Credit: Khaby Lame

Another month, another celebration of an individual or organization extending their selfless services to humanity in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. This time’s Heroes of COVID-19 recognizes the passion and humanitarian services of Public Health Nutritionist of St. Joseph Hospital in the Nkwanta South Community of the Oti Region of Ghana, Mr. Francis Danso.

We are delighted here at for the opportunity to bring to light and celebrate Mr. Danso’s passion for addressing the nutritional needs of the vulnerable in the Nkwanta South community where he has worked for eight years as its Public Health Nutritionist.

Mr. Danso upon setting himself on a quest to improve the nutritional needs of his community decided to found Cure Children Under Five Years to support poor parents with sick or malnourished children with food during their admission to the health facility he works at. Besides a square meal, support came in the form of full or partial payment of their medical bills. Francis revealed to that 45% of deaths among children less than 5 years of age are linked to undernutrition.

Francis Danso (left) seen in photo on right attending to children in Ghana

In Ghana, 1 in 3 children under 5 years is either undernourished or overweight and one in every five children under 5 years is stunted. Malnutrition has ignited a global burden with a lasting negative impact on individuals and their families in communities, Nkwanta South not being an exception.

Why the formation of Cure Children Under Five Years

Speaking passionately about the formation of his foundation, Mr. Danso said “About three years ago I took an initiative to set up a small foundation I called ‘Cure Children Under Five Years’ to mobilize efforts and create awareness for the fight against infant malnutrition. I started with 20 of my colleagues to help malnourished children get a balanced diet to eat by donating some funds to support such hungry and malnourished children.

As a measure to ensure sustainability the Nutritionist and his friends empowered the mothers of their beneficiaries to either go into farming or set them up in a small trade to enable them to raise money to feed their families.

Here at we feel it is worth celebrating Francis and his colleagues as our COVID-19 Heroes for May 2021 because the support system they created through the foundation has still been running effectively, providing food and cash supports to some 150 families even under the sharp teeth of the pandemic.

This pandemic has increased the number of malnourished children and more families need food support in most of the poorest and deprived communities of Ghana. On the good side, the foundation has reduced the mortality rate of children under 5 years due to malnutrition, from 70% to 20% in just under 2 years,” said Mr. Danso.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Danso is a problem-solver and believes strongly that every problem can be solved provided we pay attention to details and collaborate with others. He has exhibited such skills in setting up a Tuberculosis (TB) chest clinic in the St. Joseph hospital at a time when cases of TB were surging in the community, this has mitigated the spread of the disease and enhanced treatment for its patients.

Despite the advent of COVID-19 and accompanying stress, he marches on

Ghana recorded its first case of COVID-19 in March 2020 in its capital city of Accra and the government declared a lockdown as a measure to reduce the spread. Speaking to correspondent Clifford Benjamin Oppong in Ghana, Mr. Danso said he really felt the weight of COVID-19 during the lockdown, sharing that “I started feeling the pinch of COVID-19 when the lockdown was imposed. My mom who is staying in Accra was not able to go to work again.”

As a result of this, the Nutritionist took upon himself the job of providing more sustenance for his mother: “I have to send the family money every month for their upkeep. Other external family relatives also needed help from me. I was so stressed by this, besides the added stress already from work. I was previously supporting two or three people a month but suddenly that increased to 10 a week which was suddenly overwhelming…” said Mr. Danso.

The advent of COVID-19 increased the number of beneficiaries of the Cure Children Under Five Years, which brought financial burden to the foundation that relies on member funding.

To cater to this matter, the foundation resorted to online fundraising platforms to raise funds to support its operations.

But they could have thrown in the towel and caved under pressures and not be blamed too much, yet the foundation’s core people decided to ride the storm and stick to its commitment, something feels is a mark of excellence in the face of difficulties and great service to humanity.

Their funding campaign dubbed Feed A Child is aimed at supporting some 500 malnourished children and other hungry families in the most deprived villages of Ghana with food and cash, and empowering mothers with basic vocational skills such as soap making and sewing of nose masks among other enterprising ventures that will enable them to provide for themselves subsequently.

Kindly email Francis Danso with and check him out on LinkedIn using the following link to support his work or just encourage his efforts:

The mission of to tell the stories of Africa and Africans from an African perspective led to the initiation of the ‘Heroes of COVID-19’ writing series in April 2020.

The series celebrates individuals and organizations in defiance of the Coronavirus Pandemic carrying out their functions to fight the deadly virus, like Mr. Emmanuel Kulu Jnr. who is our January 2021 COVID-19 hero.

Mr. Emmanuel Kulu Jnr., an African Historian and Author of Cameroon’s Zulu/Bantu Tribe is also a career social worker deeply passionate about history and creative arts. Kulu began his professional creative career in 2015 with film writing and acting. Some of his early roles were in films like The Rize & Fall of Tephlon Ent., Bug Love, and The First Purge.

Emmanuel Kulu Jnr. (right) with his father Emmanuel Kulu Snr (left) in file photo

In more recent years, Kulu turned his focus to his African lineage. After several years of deep study and research of great African kingdoms, he drew his attention to ancient Egypt, which serves as the monarch of African Studies and Antiquities.

What made Kulu a great fit for our ‘Heroes of COVID-19‘ January 2021 pick was his deep questioning of the validity of prior novel and film depictions of ancient Egyptians who were, in fact, African people.

As an African Historian, Kulu has traveled around for lectures, seminars, and conferences on the miseducation of African history at various high schools, colleges, and universities, a great service feels is badly needed, especially for the youths who might be distracted by prolonged exposure to the wrong kinds of media owing to the pandemic lockdown.

See both sides of the spectrum, and bridge the gaps between

Based on his thorough research, Kulu created a historical fiction based on true events in writing. These works were “I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power (2020)” and “I, Black Pharaoh: Golden Age of Triumph (2021)“. Both novels restore the true African imagery of Ancient Egypt, which is known as Kemet. recognized Kulu’s nonprofits engagements in the development of African history and asked him what was the inspiration behind what he did.

Beginning with a faint pride smile in his voice, he said “As an African living in America, I was subjected to a Eurocentric Curriculum, but thankfully my African father, Emmanuel Kulu, Sr. raised me in line with the glorious achievements of ancient Africa.”

That upbringing with a heavy devotion to who I am as an African led me to pursue the need to educate those that have been misled on their African history in the western world. Yes it was going to be a Herculean task, but all big tasks have small beginnings, and I saw my opportunity to begin in my small way through my writings,” Kulu said.

The need to correct the many misinformation in African history has been a major concern to teachers of African history in America, indeed.

Kulu saw a responsibility there to contribute his bit to fixing this error by being an ambassador of Africa in the Diaspora. What better person for this all-important task than a man whose father is a Bantu descent of Zulu extraction. and a mother (Betty Kulu) who is African-American.

I was able to see both sides of the spectrum, and bridge the gaps between the two,” Kulu told of his parents’ influence on him – his father played for the Indomitable Lions in the early ’70s — national football team of Cameroon.

Lets all now go back to Kemet amidst COVID-19 and teach the love of Africa

This history adventurer needs to leave their comfort zone to do best what he does because he wants to impact the African diaspora in ways that will make them look at themselves with pride and no longer see themselves as slaves or people of poverty. He does this by telling his followers and listeners that “to know where you are going, you must know where you came from. Wake up Africa, you are royalty!

Coronavirus has affected everyone in many negative ways. It impeded many of Kulu’s planned book tours, conferences, and seminars. He told that he has lost associates and friends to the icy grips of COVID-19. This pandemic has been tough for many small businesses in the United States and across the world, especially African and African-American business owners.

But the virus in a way presents a fine example for us all to return to our African cultural roots and maintain the healthy life habits of our forefathers and foremothers from generations past. To practice cleanliness on the level they did and train our children and family in this practice. To learn patience, faith in God, kindness, and begin to appreciate more the value of family and the little things we have — just like in the days of Kemet,” Kulu explained.

Despite the pandemic Kulu has nevertheless not stopped educating the masses in the diaspora about the true African history, he is using online platforms and making the most of the Internet to reach the world, which is how we found him.

This 2021, Kulu plans on releasing his second book to I, Black Pharaoh Golden age of Triumph, and a children’s book as well. The Buffalo New York-based historian advises other African historians to not “teach with resentment to oppressors, with hateful, racist, and unjust speech. However, continue to spread the remarkable history of Africa with love because Africa is where all humanity began.

The truth Cannot be hidden forever

For years, the Western world through mediums like film, novels, and educational literature has continued to perpetuate the perspective of the “European/Middle Eastern” depiction of Ancient Egypt. But is this depiction accurate based on how the Ancient Egyptians depicted themselves? Well, the answer is, No!

By unanimous testimony from Greek historians and philosophers including Aristotle, Herodias, Pythagoras, Hippocrates and many more including African kings like Mansa Musa (Musa I) the richest human to have ever lived, and even ancient Egyptians themselves, the people of Kemet were no different than other black Africans in physical appearance and features,” — Emmanuel Kulu.

This kind of knowledge emboldens me as a person with African descent,” Kulu disclosed to as he recounted how onetime upon posting his book cover via social media, he had to overcome racism from commenters. “I was constantly called monkey, nigger, slave, and was even accused of black-washing Ancient Egypt. This happened so often that it made him want to give up,” but he kept pushing on, letting his knowledge and history of his past drive him into his light.

It is his quest to share his light and his father’s advice to continue the path of truth and understanding that kept him going and to ignore “those who oppose the African truth as they have been miseducated,” he said, concluding that “it is not their fault that they have been miseducated, but it could be my fault for not sharing my knowledge amidst opposition, the truth cannot be hidden forever.”

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Written by Oral Ofori

Daisy Mina Antwi is our COVID-19 hero at for June 2020.

Daisy is Founder at the GoldCoast Literacy Program (GCLP) in Ghana, a nonprofit organization that focuses on enhancing and increasing child literacy and children literature in Ghana.

The global pandemic did not steal the desire of GCLP to see every child enjoy and have fun reading in Ghana, so they ensured that that happened on June 14, 2020.

Daisy and I have been friends on LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals since late 2018, what drew us together was our mutual interest in communication.

So when I got the opportunity to visit Ghana this past March it was only obvious that we made plans to meet face-to-face and explore ways in which we can connect in the interest of GCLP.

Our meeting went great, it was at a mall in Ghana’s capital Accra. Daisy informed me of the desire of her organization to launch its maiden program under the theme ‘Immune Your Mind‘ to benefit children, mostly underprivileged ones, in the bustling suburb of Nima, inside Accra.

The event she said: “…will deal with the dwindling habit of reading among children today, I want to help change that and help encourage the culture of reading.

Gold Coast Literary Program founder (in face mask) rewards a child participant

How COVID-19 threatened a worthy cause

We shared all these exciting ideas and visions for the program, only for the trip to be cut short by COVID-19, forcing me to fly out for the United States on the night Ghana’s President announced the closure of the borders to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

All the above happened in early-March when visited Ghana on a business trip, I felt bad that this great idea for a beautiful program by GCLP wouldn’t go according to plan because of the pandemic.

But life had other plans and for Daisy it was a moment to keep planning, to stay positive, and keep getting ready for a window of opportunity whenever one opened.

She went on preparing for her event as though nothing was preventing it from happening, flooding my inbox with emails to update me on developments and using the power of social media by way of WhatsApp and Facebook to hold virtual meetings with her amazing team to fine-tune plans for their Immune Your Mind event.

Two months down the line in the early month of May, borders still shut and lockdown now loosening a bit for Ghanaians.

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By the last week of last month, it was not just a matter of how, but where the event was going to happen. Daisy had convinced me beyond a reasonable doubt that she and her team were just ready.

Alas, it came, June 14, 2020, and the following day I received a WhatsApp message in which Daisy said,

the event was a massive success! It won great accolades from dignitaries and the kids loved it as we could tell from the smiles on their faces,” yes she sent photos to back this claim.

The charity outreach project started in the morning at exactly 8:00AM Ghana time, kids had lots of fun reading and receiving books and talking about themselves while engaging in activities like spelling craze, aerobics, debate, dance competition, musical chairs, educational talks, and many more.

Triumphed at last, despite this pandemic

Gracing the occasion were dignitaries like the Chief Imam of the community in the person of Mallam Mohammed, the Assemblyman of the Ayawaso East electoral area Abdul Ganiyu Ibrahim aka Mallam Fari, Zongo community chief Sheik Yussifu Iddrisu Kamagate and so many children who were taken through fun exercising routines by Eric Adjei Marpe of Marpe Fitness Club, Ghana.

Captivating stories were later read to the children by the GCLP founder who later asked them questions to ascertain whether they were paying attention — those cute creatures sure were.

Hilda Hunte of Hunte’s Wigs and Cosmetics volunteered to enlighten the young girls on menstrual hygiene. Daisy relayed that

Hilda taught the young teenage girls how to keep themselves clean during monthlies. She encouraged them to cultivate the habit of changing sanitary pads regularly, adding that these and other measures will in the long run promote their reproductive health. shouts a loud kudos to the GCLP for drawing these men of prominence and women of determination into a common circle to ensure the success of the Immune Your Mind event under the theme #WashedHandsOnDeck to highlight the need for adhering to government protocols of social distancing.


Children at the Gold Coast Literary Program event

There were so many people in attendance that the event was split into two sessions to avoid overcrowding. In all, there was orderliness based on what Daisy later told in a phone conversation.


A burst of fresh air for kids, then on to the next one, hopefully sooner

My heroes of COVID-19 include the entire team from GCLP including those who helped from the sidelines and the rest that couldn’t attend, everyone else that took time out of their busy schedules to show up in person in support of this event, and the children whose priceless smiles betrayed how much fun they had despite the difficulties, yearned for a return to school and above all, normalcy.

The mere opportunity this event gave them to step out and mingle with friends while learning about cultivating the art of reading and walking away with materials and experiences to encourage it.

This is simply epic if you ask me, considering that it was a maiden event for this newly minted nonprofit organization.

GCLP told that all attendees were encouraged not to stigmatize survivors of the Corona Virus disease. Samuel Quaye, a volunteer at the event particularly told all to desist marginalizing COVID patients but rather accept them back into the community after they’ve been declared fully recovered. What a fantastic event, it only took less than 100 days to put together.

I think you should check our heroes and heroines of the GCLP out on Facebook by searching GoldCoast Literacy Program or and extend a helping hand towards their worthy causes. The world could use a little hope, however little it might seem, because who knows, you help could make their next event happen in less than a 100 days.

Written by Oral Ofori

The Covid-19 pandemic is still making waves around the world and leaving countries in a staggering state and causing fear among individuals, with its devastating impact on the economy, livelihoods, societies, gatherings and more.

However, in the wake of this misshapenness, should not make life seem daunting but being optimistic that, this too shall pass.

One thing the world or every country is looking forward to is seeing its citizens staying safe and healthy whiles practicing the precautionary measures.

And allow the forefront health workers fight for solutions to contain the deadly virus.

Therefore, the African continent, as part of the fight against this pandemic, has decided to team up with its skilful entertainers to inspire Africans through the African music and goodwill messages.

A program dubbed, “Covid-19 Hope for Africa Concert”,

has been scheduled on Sunday, May 31, 2020 which will be streamed live across Africa to entertain people in the comfort of their homes.

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The Hope For Africa Benefit Concert is a  collaborating between MultiChoice media group and One Africa Global.

This upcoming event aims to help disadvantaged individuals and less privileged societies in Africa through education, innovative ideas and public health interventions.

The virtual concert is set to leave exciting memories and bring families together during this pandemic era.

African Celebrities participating includes, Diamond Platnumz, Sakordie, Stonebwoy, Efya Nokturnal, Adina, Mzvee,  Ykee Benda, Banky W, Denola Grey, 2Baba, Princess Jnap Sessay and several great acts.

MultiChoice has described the partnership with One Africa Global Foundation as serving similar purposes to the African continent which is giving back to societies across Africa and aid development among the vulnerable.

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They are using the power of music and arts to reach out to the hopeless, help people to put themselves together as we all struggle with the pandemic as well as creating unity among people through the musical concert.

Adding to the above, Paul Okoye CEO of One Africa Global Foundation commended the continent for the immense support regarding the global fight against the covid-19 pandemic.

He believes that staying together as Africans and supporting the fight by inspiring each other whiles we hope and stay safe is the best approach to defeat the difficult situation.

It was revealed by the partnered institutions that the funds generated from the virtual concert will be used to provide safety for the health workers risking their lives to help fight the virus and to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to prevent them from contracting the virus.

They will also help in the provision of testing kits and Covid-19 zones to improve the testing capacity of people.

Credit: One Africa Global 

Stephanie Linus Launches “Hygiene First” A Campaign That Seeks To Put Hygiene At The Center Of Our National Culture.


As people and nations around the world grapple with the new reality of Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19), Multi-award winning star Stephanie Linus is inspiring a long-term and purposeful lifestyle change among Nigerians to stimulate personal and community hygiene as a tool for preventing person-to-person transmittable diseases.


The campaign which is titled “Hygiene First – My New Habit” is an attempt to drive the conscious awakening of good hygiene habits among people and communities in Nigeria and get Nigerians to take responsibility for their personal and community hygiene.


More Stephanie Linus News & Updates


Maintaining good health and sustaining the beauty of our city all starts with us; we all can commit to good health and cleaner cities by practicing the simple steps of deliberately identifying new habits we need to form.


Practicing good hygiene develops a person’s self-worth and self-confidence. It benefits our own health and impacts the lives of others around us.

From regular hand washing, to proper waste disposal, deep cleaning of homes and public spaces such as streets, markets, schools and hospitals, this campaign is geared towards encouraging simple tips and ideas that families can integrate into their daily lives.

These changes, when positive and deliberate, help in shaping our lives far more than we probably realize. 


The “Hygiene First – My New Habit” campaign is an initiative of the Extended Hands Foundation.


Credit: Stephanie Linus

USA Delivers Critical Medical Supplies To Boost COVID-19 Testing Capacity In Ghana


In the process of fighting to curb Covid -19 pandemic, Ghana has received critical medical materials that will enhance testing capacity from the US Naval Medical Research Unit, Three (NAMRU-3) Ghana Detachment.

This has lots of people from Africa asking why would the US send critical medical materials to Ghana when their Governors are pleading for these same critical medical materials?

Ghana coronavirus deaths




USA coronavirus deaths



The U.S Embassy in Ghana posted on their Facbook (Link below) that the medical supplies had landed in Ghana Kotoka International Airport Rammstein Air Base in Germany.

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The embassy explained that, ‘the medical supplies were initially requested in January 2020 to assist NAMRU-3 Ghana Detachment’s ongoing Influenza Surveillance in collaboration with research institutions in Ghana.

This Includes,  National Influenza Centre at the Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

More About Helping Others


This move by the us, has sparkled several comments on social media, with some appreciating it as a good move whiles others think otherwise.


We’re praying for the world 🌍 to be healed from this deadly disease 🙏 

Source: US Embassy Ghana



In the quest for solutions to this daunting coronavirus pandemic which the world is battling with, Madagascar has emerged as the only country to develop a herbal medicine which is believed will cure persons affected with the Covid-19.

The president of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina has expressed his certainty about the herbal medicine produced by his country from Artemisia, a plant cultivated on the island to treat malaria, as a potential medication for the virus.

The herbal mixture was made by the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (IMRA) and has been branded, Covid Organics (CVO).

Madagascar’s Cure For Covid-19

According to the president, there were several examinations and trials conducted on the herbal concoction which worked effectively to curb the symptoms associated with the pandemic.

Hence, the drug has been officially approved for the treatment of covid-9 infected people in Madagascar.

President Rajoelina announced that, the medicine will be distributed to the most defenceless countries affected by the pandemic free of charge.

Profits derived from the drug will be donated to the research institution to support Scientific Research in Madagascar.


Residents of the large island have already started taking the herbal mixture, believed to treat the virus.

Apart from Equatorial Guinea which happens to be the first African country to receive it portion of the herbal medicine free of charge.

Other African countries including, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea Bissau and Tanzania have also shown interest in Madagascar’s herbal remedy for the coronavirus pandemic.

The fact that Madagascar is using herbal to cure those affected by Covis-19 is not a surprise to most Africans, because historically it has always worked.

We hope this is the actual breakthrough that everyone has been waiting for.


Regina Daniels And Her Mum, Rita Daniels Charitable Work During This Covid-19 Lockdown

 We love Celebs Who Give Back !

”Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done~ proverbs 19 17” 


On April 11, 2020, Nigerian multi-talented young actress, Regina Daniels and mother, Rita Daniels disclosed on social media their portion of support during the Coronavirus Pandemic crisis.

This was a collaboration of Regina Daniels’s foundation known as, Regina Daniels Development and Charity Foundation and her mum’s Rita Daniels Single Parenthood and Girl Child Initiative to combat coronavirus.

Over the years, their foundation has provided great supports to the needy, school children and celebrated single parents for their struggle to provide for their family.

‘There’s nothing more rewarding than giving back and making a difference in the lives of people…

check out 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇  👇



On Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020, they embarked on a Covid-19 project which cost them millions of Naira to provide items including groceries, money, personal protective equipment to help avoid infections from the virus, and many more to the less privileged during this lockdown in Delta State and its environs in Nigeria.

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The foundation also gave out 5000 Naira each to 100 followers on their social media platforms to support themselves amid these hard times.

Photo Video Credit: Rita Daniels | Regina Daniels

One of the best ways the world is fighting the novel coronavirus is social distancing. Celebrities are however not exempted from this social distancing protocol.

They have taken this time to get closer to their fans, educate the public about the ways to prevent the virus, encouraging the public to adhere to the protocols, giveaways, funny video challenge, and a lot more on social media.

In these times staying at home all alone can sometimes be boring; hence, people do things such as cleaning, cooking, reading, watching movies and most importantly visit all social media platforms to get them engaged and happy.

Most of the celebrities have joined Tik Tok.  being creative as usual and to share with fans some funny moments as well.

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Check out  what your favourite African celebrities are doing to entertain, educate, give back to the society etc. as the lockdown is in progress.


  1. Jackie Appiah decided to embark on market women education about the precautionary measures to fight against Covid -19. She’s also giving some blowing funny acts on Tik Tok
  1. Wendy Shay released a single titled, “Akokra Gangster” and asked her fans to do a challenge for the music video for $500 giveaway.


  1. Nana Ama Mcbrown is gifting her followers on Instagram who are able to answer correctly to her quizzes on Instagram.


  1. Tonto Dike and her tonto started donating to the disabled items like, food, nose mask and sanitisers. She is also doing giveaways to her fans on Instagram.


  1. Genevive Nnaji has also joined Tik Tok and making it all fun
  2. Princess Shyngle is using this time to work on her reality show titled “Discovering princess shingle” on youtube. she has already posted three episodes of the video on youtube.

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  1. Sister Deborah is doing the “kanzo” challenge on Instagram.


  1. Ghanaian international professional footballer Samuel Inkoom is using this time to inspire and encourage people to keep fit and try to work out during this quarantine period. Check out some of his videos below





  1. Yemi alade is doing the “Shekere” dance challenge on social media.


  1. Becca is giving fans a lot of funny moments on Tik Tok.


  1. Stonebwoy and his wife have also taken the lockdown on a different level by giving us some dancing moves on Tik Tok and Instagram.


  1. Shatta Wale will do a live concert on the 4th of April dubbed, “Faith Concert” at his residence at 8:00 -9:00 P.m.


  1. Harmonize is engaging his fans in a live video on youtube @tvetanzania dubbed, “afroEastliveSession”


  1. Sarkodie has been organizing music producers to do back to back hits on Instagram live dubbed, “BEHINDDAHITZ”.


  1. Drkovibes released his album known as Kpanlogo.


  1. Kwesi Arthur has released a single, Turn on The Light.


  1. Brymo has released an album, “Yellow”.


  1. Falz has released a single, “Bop Daddy” and is doing video challenge of his new single.


  1. Kofi Mole is doing short rap on every Monday about the world’s situation during this covid-19 period #Mole Mondays.


  1. Burnaboy is keeping his fans engaged as he shows videos of himself dancing and performing live on Instagram.

Let’s all keep safe

We know the importance of still reaching your fans during this period of world shutdown due to the Coronavirus.

African Celebs extend our support to all you all, kindly inform us of any upcoming music or music videos and the streaming links so we may promote your releases on our platforms.

Our aim is to support our community in these trying times by sharing your music with our over 1.5 +communities

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