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Madagascar: Herbal Cure For Coronavirus

Madagascar: Herbal Cure For Coronavirus

In the quest for solutions to this daunting coronavirus pandemic which the world is battling with, Madagascar has emerged as the only country to develop a herbal medicine which is believed will cure persons affected with the Covid-19.

The president of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina has expressed his certainty about the herbal medicine produced by his country from Artemisia, a plant cultivated on the island to treat malaria, as a potential medication for the virus.

The herbal mixture was made by the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (IMRA) and has been branded, Covid Organics (CVO).

Madagascar’s Cure For Covid-19

According to the president, there were several examinations and trials conducted on the herbal concoction which worked effectively to curb the symptoms associated with the pandemic.

Hence, the drug has been officially approved for the treatment of covid-9 infected people in Madagascar.

President Rajoelina announced that, the medicine will be distributed to the most defenceless countries affected by the pandemic free of charge.

Profits derived from the drug will be donated to the research institution to support Scientific Research in Madagascar.


Residents of the large island have already started taking the herbal mixture, believed to treat the virus.

Apart from Equatorial Guinea which happens to be the first African country to receive it portion of the herbal medicine free of charge.

Other African countries including, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea Bissau and Tanzania have also shown interest in Madagascar’s herbal remedy for the coronavirus pandemic.

The fact that Madagascar is using herbal to cure those affected by Covis-19 is not a surprise to most Africans, because historically it has always worked.

We hope this is the actual breakthrough that everyone has been waiting for.


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