Handsome Nollywood actor Frederick Leonard is a year older today! Join AfricanCelebs in wishing Frederick an amazing birthday!  What is your favourite Frederick Leonard movie? 

Frederick Leonard has been in the movie industry for more than a decade , he has appeared in numerous movies both Nigerian and Ghanaian movies…..


Some of his movies includes, Great Betrayal, The Indian doctor, Disclosure”, a hit TV series  Family Man, Deadly plot, Message to Mary…..


Wishing Frederick Leonard More Success, Happiness and GoodHealth.

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Photo Credit: Frederick Leonard 

Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie celebrates his 73rd anniversary. Join us in wishing this Nollywood Veteran an awesome day!

The talented award winning and internationally recognised veteran actor has been functioning in the Nigerian movie industry since the 1980’s.

Pete, in his teens was involved in a stage play when he was in secondary school. Right after secondary school, he worked with the Nigerian railway corporation and Later continued his education at a Television and Journalism school in England.

He then entered into broadcasting corporation, where he began his career as a Junior Programme Assistant and later got promoted to the position of a director.

As a director of the radio station, he acted in various managerial capacity and sometimes deputy managing director.

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Nonetheless, Pete had to leave the radio station due to the politicisation of affairs in the broadcasting corporation by the then incumbent government.

Before quitting the broadcasting role, he had already gained international recognition and won award through his feature in the Nigerian TV series, things fall apart in 1987.

Hence, moving into the movie industry wasn’t so difficult for him due to his achievement.

He continued with his acting profession officially around the same year. he has featured in more than hundred movies and some of the movies include, Rituals, 1998, Full Moon,1998, Narrow Escape, 1999, Oduduwa, 2000, Zoza, 2006,

Holly Ghost Fire, 2001, Battle Line, 2002, Billionaires Club, 2003, Super Love, 2003, St. Michael, 2004. In fact, he’s been consistent from 1998 to 2019 when he featured in Night Bus to Lagos and foreigners God movies.

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Indeed, his hard work in the industry has really paid off with numerous awards and recognition. Below is his achievement since his active role in the movie industry.

  1. Movie Personality of the Year, City People Magazine, 1999
  2. Best Actor in Africa, Censors’ Board, 2001
  3. Best Actor in Nigeria, Censors’ Board, 2003
  4. Member of the Order of the Niger, former president Olusegun Obasanjo, 2003
  5. Special Recognition Award, Best of Nollywood (BON),along with Lanre Hassan (Iya Awero), Former Governor Emmanuel Udaghan, 2013
  6. Lifetime Achievement Award, Africa Movie Academy Awards, 2013
  7. Industry Merit Award, Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, 2014
  8. Life Impact Awards,Times Heroes Awards, 2017

The committed and excellent actor is also known for his inspirational quotes and proverbs which helps individuals to comprehend the nature of life.


Nollywood actor, director & politician Desmond Elliot is a year older today!  Join African Celebs in wishing  him a very Happy Birthday!  
Desmond Elliot become an actor thanks to his friend. Some of his earlier roles includes soaps like Saints and Sinners, Everyday People…Aside acting Desmond is a producer as well..More about Desmond Elliot  here
fast_forwardDesmond Elliot  has taken to Facebook to deny bribing voters to gain support …’Please disreguard any news of me sharing money or bribing officers for my election, I didn’t bribe my way to where God has placed me, is it now that I will start.. and what am I bribing them for again?’ Desmond Elliot 
We love Honourable Desmond Elliot! 
Photo Credit: Desmond Elliot

Gone Too Soon:  Nollywood actor  Muna Obiekwe passed away on January 18, 2015, as a result of kidney problems. Wow, we can’t believe is 2 years already! Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Lots of celebrities paid their tribute to Muna Obiekwe. please see below:

Genevieve Nnaji: My heart goes out to Muna’s family and loved ones. He was a gifted actor with a good heart. Rest in Peace Muna Obiekewe. You will be missed

Chika Ike: RIP To My Dear colleague. Muna Obiekwe. You will live in our hearts forever.

John Dumelo: Words can’t explain how I’m feeling at this point. You were a great actor. When we worked together 4years ago in lagos, U played your role so well and professionally I was hoping we would work again together soon. God knows best. Rest in peace Muna. #rip

Ini Edo: Oh lord Iam heartbroken to say de least. I know we ain’t suppose to question God, I just can’t help dis one ….. His little kids n young wife…where do they go from here?rip muna obekwe ,u were a good happy jolly good fellow . Worked with u on several projects n I sincerely can’t remember u having issues with anyone . U will be missed. I can’t still believe dis.

Van Vicker: OMG! When death strikes Nollywood or the African film industry stars ‘I Shake’ but I KNOW HE is in control. Muna my broda I had the opportunity to work with you twice in my career, you did inspire me to be at my best. RIP.

Jim Iyke: Candle in the wind… Adieu Bro. Find rest on God’s bosom. Words fail me.

Halima Abubakar: Very very shocked at the news of this great guy,warm person he was, and playful..I never knew he was sick not to talk of him being married.. I feel so sad about the young family he left behind…God knows best. Am lucky that I had several jobs with him,sum not out yet..we will miss u..
Hmmm muna may ur soul rest in peace… Kai I don’t know what to add..I love you #Rip wao did I just wrote rip?omg muna. Pls kindly don’t ask me questions cos am not in the right frame of mind to ans… Just pray for him pls thank you loves.

Stella Damasus: Just confirmed it from some close friends and relatives that he is really dead. The message from twitter that he was still alive was from a fake account. So this is my pain, how do you know what to believe and what not to believe? Where do we draw the line? Over nine thousand people on twitter have believed that he is still alive because of the fake twitter account. REST IN PEACE BRO! I was really hoping that it was a rumor. God rest your soul. This is too painful. Whoever put that message out not the fake twitter account should be careful. Don’t play games with people’s lives like that.

Uche Jombo: “It’s not the length of life but the depth of life” RIP muna! Update:it’s sad that someone will try to make this sad day more difficult by tweeting through a fake account. Like you all I wish it was a lie but sadly it’s not.please just pay your respects and stop with the tagging about this fake account user. I refuse to give him 1min.

Uduak Isong: I wish there was no sickness in the world. RIP Muna.

Mike Ezuoronye: So sad…Muna whyyyyyyyyyy ….Ohhh Whyyyyyyyy..R.I.P bro…Nollywood looses another …Whyyyyy


muna obiekwe


The talented actors will greatly be missed!  Some of his movies includes: Men in Love, Eye of the Gods He Lives in Me, My Best Enemy, Blackberry Babes, , and The King Must Die.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

May his soul rest in peace.

mike ezuruonye mike mikeNollywood actor and film maker Mike Ezuruonye is a year older today!  Join African Celebs in wishing this talented,  handsome and brilliant  African actor an amazing birthday! Wishing Mike Ezu God’s richest blessings on his birthday and every day.

Mike Ezu the eldest son of four siblings. He showed keen interest in the world of television form his primary school days. Mike Ezu worked behind the camera writing scripts on clapper board television. His first movie was titled ‘Broken Marriage’.

He became a household name with the movie ‘Critical Decision’ which was not only a huge commercial success but also revealed his talent home and abroad. Though he started his professional career in December 2003, Mike has over 100 movies to his credit….

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Keep up the good work Mike! What is your favourite Mike Ezu movie? 

Photo Credit: Mike Ezuruonye

Check out Baaj Adebule‘s exclusive interview with The Fruit Tree Magazine – The June edition is out today!

Baaj Adebule Oozes With Finesse On The Cover Of The Fruit Tree Magazine

Kindly tell us all you can about yourself and what you do for a living?

I am a young Actor, Film Maker, model and Host but mostly an Actor and a Film Maker.

I’ve starred in a couple of movies, series and short films and I also run a Media Production outfit called House of Baaj Pictures. We received a Zafaa award for best short film in 2015 for the film “Seeing Betrayal” which is free to watch on YouTube as well and currently working on filming a series. As a person I’m pretty much a simple guy, I love to work, I love my work and I love preparing to work When I’m not working, I love sports, adventure, travelling and most of all, I love watching movies, cartoons, anime and TV series.

 Baaj Adebule Oozes With Finesse On The Cover Of The Fruit Tree Magazine


What was your childhood dream and what was life like growing up?

I had a bunch of childhood dreams. I wanted to be a lot of things growing up so I did a lot dabbling. Wanted to be a scientist then a computer engineer, then a basketball player, then an actor, then artist, then a musician and so on and so forth but in all I just wanted to be the best of me. My life growing up was pretty simple, I was raised in a comfortable loving family. I didn’t have everything in the world but I had everything I needed.

Did you face a notable challenge while growing up, who did that influence your personality?

I did, just like everyone else. Apart from the usual travails of finding yourself, maturing and learning to grow, I am from a polygamous family so to speak. Also my parents later split up when I was a teenager which was pretty hard for me at the time, watching a family fall apart but we’ve all come a long way from there and moved on and up, together. Grown to be quiet headstrong and self-reliant in most aspects of my life.

Baaj Adebule Oozes With Finesse On The Cover Of The Fruit Tree Magazine

I know you’re a man with many passions. What influenced your career in acting? 

Like a lot of young ones I was quite addicted to television. Even though my Dad banned me from watching it and I’d get in trouble for disobeying but it still didn’t stop me. I would spend a lot of time watching movies, cartoons and series that sometimes I wouldn’t even fully understand but I didn’t care. I would see the beauty of these creations and constantly marvel at them. Even though it took a really long time to finally gather the courage to go for it, the seed had been planted really early and it was just a matter of time.

Has it been easy being an actor in Nollywood, what difficulties did you have to contend with?

Nothing in life is ever easy and in Nigeria everything is always hard. It just always feels like everything and anything is working against you. More so in Nollywood. The first issue was believing enough in myself and in my dream to actually go for it then getting support from my family as well which didn’t come easy at all. I worked 9-5 for about 2yrs after leaving school before deciding to go into entertainment fully which was a very risky move. My Mum especially was scared for me but she has always been a woman of faith and has always believed in whatever I choose to set my mind to so she had my back, awesome woman. Started out going for numerous auditions, I’m saying close to a dozen or more a month for about the first 3years of my career. Whilst doing that I focused on improving myself as an actor and as a person. Constantly learning, researching, rehearsing, developing new skills and reinventing myself. 

Baaj Adebule Oozes With Finesse On The Cover Of The Fruit Tree Magazine

If you could acquire a special skill or power right now, what will it be?

I would really love to be able to play number of musical instruments and speak a lot of languages. Music is just too wonderful and being able to create it is magical to me. Being able to meet and converse with different people with different backgrounds from all around the world would be heaven to me. It’ll feel like an endless exciting adventure. And for Powers, I would love 

If you could influence a drastic change in the world, what would you do?

I am very much against the permanent ideologies of the world which are tied to culture, tradition, religion and social beliefs. A lot of unwritten and written laws placed on our lives controlling the way we are expected to live and exist are either outdated, wrong or just an unfair form of control. If I could influence the world which I believe I already am, I’d push for us to live our lives the way that makes us happy as individuals, It wouldn’t cause anyone any harm as it will only promotes the well-being of the planet and people that live in it. Rather than the beliefs and wants of the people in authority or power and that of some ancient civilization’s culture, religion or school of thought.

Baaj Adebule Oozes With Finesse On The Cover Of The Fruit Tree Magazine 

What do you think is unique about our country, Nigeria?

As a country we have so many resources both in terms of labour and product. We Nigerians are like water and rock at the same time. We can reshape and adapt ourselves to any situation to ensure our survival and we can be dogged as well in not wanting to give up on ourselves. Unfortunately this is also our flaw. The fact that we seem to be able to thrive in the most adverse of conditions has made us not fight for our rights and fight against those who have unjustly taking advantage of us. We are unique because we are so powerful but we knowingly or unknowingly choose to be be weak, gullible and ignorant.

If you had the opportunity to inspire someone with a story from your life’s experience, what would that story be?

A friend of mine had me meet with a young new actor to help him out. I did the best I could. A couple of weeks later he called me up and asked me “What kept you going?”. I had never really been asked that before at the time and never actually thought about it. When I think back to the number of “Nos” and how it looked very unlikely that anything would give, I wondered, what did keep me going!? So I answered him like I was answering myself, “I just wanted to Act”, and he understood. What I am trying to say is, you have just one life and you have a dream or dreams. The obstacles and disappointments and all will always be there. But what should most importantly be on you mind (and this should never leave you mind and your heart) is WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE? That’s honestly all that matters. Because if you’ve really decided that this is what you want to do, then you can and must spend your life chasing it. Endeavour to achieve it no matter what because there’s nothing else worth doing.

How much effort have you had to put into advancing and developing your career as an actor? 

I’ve had to put a whole lot. Starting out, all I had was the passion and the zeal to want to be an Actor and Film maker. I wasn’t particularly even good at it. So I thought to join a film school but I didn’t have enough money at the time. I knew no one in the industry and I didn’t have any personal or family ties to any influential Nollywood figure either. So I knew I was starting from the very bottom but I also knew there’s no where else to go but up. So I began studying off the internet particularly YouTube and also learning from any actor or director I’d meet or work with. Also making connections of my own through the industry. I focused on improving every day, on every project, with every role because I had a very big dream and each time I learnt something new I felt like I had taken one more step to achieving it.

Baaj Adebule Oozes With Finesse On The Cover Of The Fruit Tree Magazine


Kindly give us a list of some of the movies you’ve done.

To name a few:  A Soldier Story, Road to Yesterday, Four Crooks and a Rookie, 5ive, The Governor, Seeing Betrayal, Studio, Hush, etc. and a number of movies and series yet to be released. 

What has been your most gratifying role as an actor? Please give reasons.

At the moment I’d have to say playing Adze Tsenogu on Hush. It was my first time playing a particular character for such a long time as we filmed Hush for about a year. And of all my projects he’s the character the fans have gravitated to the most. He has really had an impact on a lot of people’s lives which in turn has had an impact on mine.

 Baaj Adebule Oozes With Finesse On The Cover Of The Fruit Tree Magazine

I know it sometimes can be tough, what’s inspires you to go the extra mile and not give up?  

It’s a combination of what I’m trying to achieve, which my dreams are and what I want to do. Like I said before I JUST WANT TO ACT. As simple as that may be it is a bit complex and deep. It’s really all I want to do (so to speak), thus I’d most of the time do anything for it and go any mile to achieve it…. Read Full Story at: www.emstudiosng.com

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Photography by Ellis Mbeku for EMSTUDIOSng

Brough to you by: www.emstudiosng.com

A Huge Happy Birthday to Nigerian Reality TV Show, Gulder Ultimate Search presenter/Nollywood hunk Chidi Mokeme!  Chidi first starred in Goodbye Tomorrow’ and ‘Burden of Vengeance’….


Chidi Mokeme is an Anambra State-born actor born on March 17th, 1972. He attended Salvation Army Primary School in Surulere, Lagos and Federal Government College, Minner Niger State. He studied Computer Science at the Institute of Management Technology, Enugu before going into acting as a career….

We wish Chidi more Success, Happiness and Good Health…

Photo credit: Chidi Mokeme



blossom-chukwujekwu Blossom Chukwujekwu Blossom Chukwujekwu was born in Benin City, Edo State in Nigeria…Even though Blossom started acting professional in 2009 he use to act in some plays…Blossom has starred in movies such as Finding Mercy, Catwalk, Tinsel, Flower girl, Forgetting June, A Private Storm… he has made an appearance in the TV Series Shuga and so many others.

New to African Movies? Watch movies starring Blossom Chukwujekwu the is  one of the best ACTORS!

Nollywood actor Blossom Chukwujekwu is a year older. Join African Celebs in wishing Blossom a wonderful birthday!

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What is your favourite Blossom Chukwujekwu  Movie? 

Wishing Blossom God’s richest blessings on his birthday and every day

Photo Credit: Blossom Chukwujekwu 


Nollywood actor Bishop Imeh is a year older today!  Join African Celebs in wishing this talented man an awesome birthday! Wishing Ime Umoh God’s richest blessings on his birthday and every.

It was the movie ‘Uyai that shot Ime Umoh  into limelight. Since then he has appeared in over hundreds of movies. Some of his movies includes: Silent Scandal, Okon Goes to School, The Boss Is Mine…

Bishop Imeh Umoh Okon

To QUOTE him “I am from Ikot Nya, Nsit Ibom Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State. I was born in to a polygamous family. I am the first child of my mother and she loves me a lot….“Bishop was a name I acquired as a child. I was told to pray at the school assembly. I ended up praying for almost one hour. I thanked God for the teachers, our parents, the pencils, desks etc. The microphone had to be collected from me. Since then all the teachers and students started calling me ‘Bishop’ till today”

Have an amazing birthday Ime Bishop Umoh aka Okon

What is your favourite Bishop Imeh movies?

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Photo Credit: Bishop Imeh