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Shadowboy Myzic taps Kelyvn Boy for all-new release Better

Shadowboy Myzic taps Kelyvn Boy for all-new release Better

 The Myzic Empire frontman‘s energizing new entry packs a feature from award-winning artist, Kelyvn Boy and an official video that is out now. 

‘Better’ is an absorbing love song from Shadowboy Myzic, glazed in Italian lyrics and the performative power of Kelyvn Boy; both of which produce a true rarity in the world of Afrobeat.

Their lyric voices present a love that’s under siege from distance, but they are no quitters and their guaranteed comeback is to offer some better loving.

‘’We really put a lot of heart into this song and we’re glad all that hard work paid off. I hope Ghanaians love it as much as Italians do, because it’s all about bringing these two diverse cultures together through music’’, Shadowboy Myzic recounts.

Directed by Suzzway, the music video for ‘Better’ is representative of Afro-culture at its finest; from group dancing and colorful traditional garbs on display, to an ambience that’s purely African.

We’re convinced Shadowboy Myzic’s ‘Better’ featuring Kelvyn Boy isn’t one you’ve heard before and a must play.

Born Daniel Kyei, Shadowboy Myzic is a Ghanaian-Italian rapper and Afrobeat artist who’s presence in the industry dates back to 2012.

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In time, the multi-genre artist has worked earnestly in his European domain, gaining recognition from a handful of music festivals, at which he eventually winning the award of ‘’Best Rapper’’ twice.

First in 2012 at the Multi-cultural Awards in Palermo, Italy, then at the 2014 edition of Missionary Festival Dei Popoli in the same town.

He is currently signed to Italian indie label, Myzic Empire Records and resides in Palermo where he’s focused on spreading unity and love through his growing catalogue of buzzing sounds.

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