Following the success of her song ‘Rara’ which featured Ayisi, Tinuke is in with new music and a sparkle bound to get a grip on drifting listeners this week. Stream or download ‘Waiting’ across all major digital platforms.

‘Waiting’, as Tinuke titles it is a butter-smooth Afrobeat melody which has the wavering act subtly alternate between her rap and singing tendencies to add some much-needed tenor to the solo release. Like some previous releases from the ‘Rara’ crooner, ‘Waiting’ runs on Tinuke’s now coherent theme of expressing love and appreciation for the special people in our lives, but more precisely in a context of self this time around:

‘’As a dark-skinned West African woman myself, this song is really about self-love and appreciating all the things about yourself. It’s a reminder that you are unique and have every right to be loved just the way you are’’, Tinuke shared.

Tinuke’s new single ‘Waiting’ is big on self-love and worth


‘’How did ‘Waiting’ come together? So, I was in the studio for some work one time and I heard the beat in the backdrop. Right away I was inspired and slowly caught on with some lyrics – the same ones that made the final song, because they were based on how I was feeling at the time and my experiences from a relationship’’.

There’s a lot of heart felt in the very relaxed Kuvie production, one that doesn’t trade-off Tinuke’s frame of mind and resourcefulness for rhythm. ‘Waiting’ is a great song to wind down to.


download ‘Waiting’ across all major digital platforms here:

Antoine Mensah hosted Reggie Rockstone at the Front/Back Living Room session. It’s an intimate interview session where artists share their musical journey and interact with fans over music and drinks.

The two had a stimulating conversation on Reggie’s music career, being a businessman, and current music trends right before Reggie was presented with a signature drink named after him: The Rockstone.


These are the takeaways from the conversation:

1. On the need for artists to show some form of unity…

Reggie said unity has been within the industry for a long. The insurgence of social media has got people thinking that there was no love amongst the artists. He shared experiences of jamming in Kumasi with Lord Kenya and revealed that at a time when he was very broke, Obrafuor came to see him with an envelope of cash. 

2. On his relationship with M3NSA and the making of ‘Ah’ featuring KK Fosu…

Reggie and M3NSA have known each other for years, and Reggie was some mentor to M3NSA. According to him, he learned a lot from the young artist at the time and shared the role he played on his hit song ‘Ah’ featuring KK Fosu. M3NSA was the producer behind that song and was about 16 at the time, telling him he had a hit song on his hands and a young singer from Dansoman (KK Fosu) will kill it. He was right. M3NSA also produced most of the songs on Reggie’s ‘’The Last Show’’ album. 

Reggie Rockstone’s Living Room Session at Front/Back

3. On Afrobeat and Hiplife…

Reggie talked about the link between Afrobeat and Hiplife. According to him. They are deeply intertwined. He explained that Hiplife is deeply rooted in Afrobeat because way before it became the ‘’cool thing’’, Reggie was already sampling songs from the founder of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti. He sampled Fela’s Shakara on his most well-known song, ‘3y3 Mo D3 Anaa’… Hiplife and Afrobeat have always overlapped.

4. Weighing in on the Ghana Naija music debate…

Reggie basically asked Ghanaians to calm down and stop underestimating their influence in music. He explained that Nigerians and Ghanaians have been ‘’brothers’’ since time, and Nigerians always make it a point to credit Ghana for constantly inspiring their sound. Both countries benefit from each other in different ways.

5. On maintaining relevance…

Reggie Rockstone called himself someone who refuses to grow old. He talked about exploring different things, including TikTok and being updated with the times. He always makes it a point to know what’s ‘’hip’’ and finds a way to insert himself seamlessly. 

6. On new music…

Reggie said he will be dropping new music on 7th October. He called it not just any music but ‘’music with a purpose’’. Reggie may retire for real… or not. He moves with what inspires him and prides himself in knowing that he has a special eye for talented artists and can tell who has star power with an exciting future in the industry.

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New sensation, Eva Maria releases new single ‘Enough’

Singer-songwriter, Eva Maria premieres first official single of the year, titled ‘Enough’, on an Instagram live listening session with J Foley, exclusive on Aftown Music.

In an exclusive interview with Eva Maria, this is what she had to say about her new single. ‘’I am very proud of this song, this is the first I have written without having to tap into my feelings. I am an emotional writer, so this was different for me. I looked at what was happening in our society and I wrote a song about it’’.

Eva Maria releases new single ‘Enough’

Produced by Deelaw Beatz, ‘Enough‘, is an up-tempo Afrobeat fusion song which addresses the social issue of domestic violence. ‘’I noticed on social media that there were a lot of women being killed by their spouses or partners. Why should that happen? Love is not meant to be that way, you can’t say you love someone and then hurt them’’.

Listen/stream ‘Enough’ here:

‘’This trend is sickening because most of these gruesome events could have been avoided if the victims had just walked out of the abusive relationships they found themselves in. This inspired me to write my new single ‘Enough’, an expression of one’s freedom from any toxic relationship.

Eva Maria releases new single ‘Enough’

No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship for whatever reason there may be. I hope that ‘Enough’ will be an anthem for people especially women around the world, going through any form of domestic violence to break free from abusive relationships and find strength and love in themselves’’, she adds.

Eva Maria doubles as a certified digital marketer and brand influencer for Aftown Music.

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Copta and Moor Sound song ’Party Scatter’ is out now

Since building ties in 2018, music producer and DJ Moor Sound and Copta (Rosso the Coldest) unite for the first time and deliver a pleasant vibe over a simple Afroswing instrumental produced by Moor Sound ‘‘Made It Bangg’’.
Copta and Moor Sound song ’Party Scatter’ is out now
Titled ‘Party Scatter’, the record is a pleasant fusion of Afrobeat blended with a more tropical and beach sound. ‘Party Scatter’ is interesting and short; over the course of the under-three-minute record the beat and the vocals essentially take turns at being the listener’s focal point.

It is clear that Moor Sound has been working hard at creating his own sound and the maturity in his delivery is clearer on ‘Party Scatter’. Copta reveals a different side to his artistry with his performance on the new single ¬delivering incredibly catchy hooks with breathy vocals to contrast his usual hard hitting, bar heavy rap style.‘Party Scatter’ is not the kind of song one would come to expect from the duo but there is no doubt that fans are going to appreciate it a lot.

‘Party Scatter is available on all digital platforms
Stream/listen here:

Kelly Anthony talks dreams & aspirations on his Sarkodie and Larruso featured single ‘Pagans’

As the world comes to grips with the altering effect of the Internet, life everywhere is changing. Influences that used to take ages to spread everywhere have started to go across the world in less time than it has ever happened in human history.

Among the things that spread across the world in the 2010s was Afrobeat, the soup of sounds that partially remade the global pop climate.

Long before this occurred, Canadian-Nigerian singer, Kelly Anthony, had been holding onto his Nigerian identity as an anchor while he navigated life in Toronto and music was always the channel to express how he felt.

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His latest single, ‘Pagans’ featuring Dancehall artist, Larruso and celebrated Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, is the result of Kelly immersing in the sonic fragments that are coming out of Lagos –  and the wider Afrobeat scene – in the last 10 years.

Atop a muted beat produced by rising producer, London, Kelly and his collaborators make an ode to his dreams and aspirations while taking note of the naysayers who are waiting on his downfall.

After taking over the opening stretch, Kelly cedes the floor to Larruso who weaves a smooth verse about thriving regardless of what is said about him. By the closing stretch of the song, Sarkodie contributes a vociferous verse delivered in a fusion of English and Twi before Kelly comes in again to deliver the song’s pointed chorus.

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The first song from a forthcoming project that is expected to herald Kelly’s evolution into the Afro-fusion space, ‘Pagans’ sees Kelly achieve his goal of coming into his own as a creative, crafting euphonious Afro-Pop records and trying to inspire the next generation of African across the diaspora.

Who is Kelly Anthony?

Born in Benin, Edo state, Nigeria, Kelly Anthony spent the first 12 years of his life picking up the cultural imprints of the famous South-West city before he travelled to Toronto, Canada, to begin a new life in a new city.

In Canada, the young man was immersed in a city bubbling with a myriad of cultures from places across the world.

While there, he began to get into music, first as part of a local choir he joined before he became heavily influenced by the swoony, tear-jerking R&B music of the late 90s and early 2000s.

Over time, Kelly’s involvement with music has blossomed. His first song was released as a 14-year-old on MySpace and since then, he has gone on to drop a series of songs like ‘Unstoppable’, ‘Maye’, ‘Snake’ and ‘Elevate’.

He has also evolved as an artist and a man, opening up his artistry to include African elements that saw him open for Afrobeat superstar, Davido, on the Canadian leg of the Nigerian’s worldwide tour.

Listen/stream to ‘Pagans’ on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

 The Myzic Empire frontman‘s energizing new entry packs a feature from award-winning artist, Kelyvn Boy and an official video that is out now. 

‘Better’ is an absorbing love song from Shadowboy Myzic, glazed in Italian lyrics and the performative power of Kelyvn Boy; both of which produce a true rarity in the world of Afrobeat.

Their lyric voices present a love that’s under siege from distance, but they are no quitters and their guaranteed comeback is to offer some better loving.

‘’We really put a lot of heart into this song and we’re glad all that hard work paid off. I hope Ghanaians love it as much as Italians do, because it’s all about bringing these two diverse cultures together through music’’, Shadowboy Myzic recounts.

Directed by Suzzway, the music video for ‘Better’ is representative of Afro-culture at its finest; from group dancing and colorful traditional garbs on display, to an ambience that’s purely African.

We’re convinced Shadowboy Myzic’s ‘Better’ featuring Kelvyn Boy isn’t one you’ve heard before and a must play.

Born Daniel Kyei, Shadowboy Myzic is a Ghanaian-Italian rapper and Afrobeat artist who’s presence in the industry dates back to 2012.

In time, the multi-genre artist has worked earnestly in his European domain, gaining recognition from a handful of music festivals, at which he eventually winning the award of ‘’Best Rapper’’ twice.

First in 2012 at the Multi-cultural Awards in Palermo, Italy, then at the 2014 edition of Missionary Festival Dei Popoli in the same town.

He is currently signed to Italian indie label, Myzic Empire Records and resides in Palermo where he’s focused on spreading unity and love through his growing catalogue of buzzing sounds.

Listen/stream here:

Spotify recently unveiled its EQUAL hub in celebration of International Women’s Day.

On the heels of this launch, the leader in all things audio will now extend its global commitment to fostering equity for women in music with its new EQUAL Music Program debuting today.


The global initiative is uniquely designed to foster gender equity in music by adapting and extending the cumulative blueprint of Spotify’s successful programs into a cohesive experience – supporting female creators under one brand.

Only 1 in 5 artists in the charts are women, a stark contrast to how integral women’s influence is to Spotify’s success today and the music industry at large. 

Spotify takes the responsibility of upending these disparities seriously, and believes the first step towards amplifying the work of all creators identifying as women is to extend critical resources to this community to create.

More about Afro-fusion singer Gyakie

Speaking on the initiative, Phiona Okumu, Spotify Head of Music Sub-Saharan Africa said, “In a time where we as a society are re-examining equity on so many levels, Spotify is prioritising its goal to make female faces and voices seen and heard. 

Our goal is to lead by example, joining hands with the African music industry stakeholders with the means and platform to help elevate the next generation of women in the music industry to deserving new heights.”

Spotify’s inaugural class of EQUAL artists kicking off the program includes Ghanaian Afrobeats & Afro-fusion singer Gyakie, who is the first African creator to be selected for the program. 

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The 20-year-old singer who recently released her debut EP ‘Seed’ has not only gained popularity in Ghana but in Nigeria and Kenya where her single ‘Forever’, is a chart-topping fan favorite, with its remix featuring Omah Lay not far behind.


“I am deeply honoured to be the first African woman to partner with Spotify for EQUAL.

This is huge for so many women across the continent and the entire globe. I don’t take this lightly at all. Navigating an industry, where the voices of women can easily be drowned out, I’m committed to playing my part…with volume,” ~ Gyakie 


Other female artists selected for the inaugural class include American rapper Saweetie, Brazillian pop artist DUDA BEAT, British singer-songwriter Griff, Mexico’s Natalia Lafourcade and German singer Zoe Wees – Global Artist of the Month…


After a long period of anticipation, Zed Ay Kay has released his much-anticipated debut album ‘’Versatility’’.

Zed Ay Kay has however not been totally absent from the music scene, in fact the 14-track album is a combination of some released and some unreleased songs spanning the last 5 years.

The aptly named ’’Versatility’’ album is a blend of different music styles which Zed Ay Kay describes as the different genre of music he likes to listen to. The choice of versatility as a title is also a reference to his artistic diversity.

The masterfully crafted album has a list of impressive producers including Guilty Beatz, highly rated UK Afrobeat producer, Jay Brown, Luv Number Productions, as well as Wei Ye Oteng who produced a huge chunk of the album, among others.

The list of featured artists is just as impressive with a host of both Ghana based and international artists, including FOKN Bois, Jamaican Dancehall queen, Stacious, UK based RnB singer, Candy, Ras Kuuku, Yaa Pono and Italian X-Factor winner Jiggy, who was Zed Ay Kay’s former group mate in his Replay days.

Zed Ay Kay said, ‘’The album has a bit of everything – from Highlife, Hiplife, Reggae, Afrobeats and Afro-Pop, so get ready to listen, singalong and dance’’.

The album is a true representation of the talent Zed Ay Kay processes. It captures his unique style, with very well produced music which has become what we expect from Zed Ay Kay.

Although Zed Ay Kay is still not classed as a mainstream artist, this album has all the hallmarks of one made by a seasoned artist and is certainly going to be a game and the perfect prescription for good music lovers all over the world.

The ’’Versatility’’ album is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

Ghana’s favorite rap star and production icon, Fimfim rallied the help of versatile rapper, Tulenkey to take fans through a sonic cocktail on the new ‘Koloma’ remix.

The catchy hit which spans 4 minutes 4 seconds takes you on a rhythmic journey through three distinct and appealing genres. The sound fuses Afrobeat, Dancehall and Kpanlogo to create a sweet melody that will intoxicate listeners and get them grooving.

‘Koloma’ remix debuts with an equally catchy music video that showcases breathtaking choreography as well as some of Ghana’s most beautiful sceneries.

The celebration of traditional and urban culture exhibited in the visuals is something that will surely give the song an appeal beyond the shores of the country and across the continent.

We absolutely love this song and the accompanying visuals.

Check it out here:


September is fresh on its heels and with it is Jhehlah’s new Afrobeat record, ‘Short Skirt’. As promised, the act comes through for fans with a visually enticing video that’s of top tier quality. 

Shot at a fancy estate in the early hours of the day, ‘Short Skirt’ features Jhehlah and an unsuspecting guest. The video’s director, Mike Static sets the tone with a delivery to Jhehlah at his residence.

Right from onset, viewers get a glimpse of Jhehlah’s charming guest who he meets up with at his foyer for a mystery package.

Nonplussed by the whole interaction due to a phone conversation, the delivery girl’s beauty finally gets Jhehlah’s attention, immersing viewers into a short daydream sequence.

It’s anybody’s guess from there. Amid elegant vocals and lyrics, viewers are treated with scenes of Jhehlah and the damsel who is now swathed in a host of seductive trappings as lyrics like,


Girl make I dey your body like a short skirt oh/Like a short skirt oh-ooh, ohemaa” and “You my fantasy, me I no dey lie/I dey feel this your magic and your Puerto Rico edey make a man wan spread oh” fire past.

With Jhehlah’s fantasy spanning from a playful scene, to a shopping spree, some pool time and climaxing with a romantic dinner date, the act on the spur of the moment snaps out of his trance right when he’s about kissing this beauty.

He signs for his package and exclaims, “DAAAAAAMN, SHIII BRUV!” as the damsel moves to her delivery van in an inviting short skirt.

A good songwriter and storyteller, King Kennedy Oliver, aka Jhehlah is a Nigerian-born musician, whose songs are rooted in both Nigerian and Ghanaian Pop/Highlife nuances.

Currently backed by world class productions and Geobek Standard management, Jhehlah is in line to take the music industry by storm.

‘Short Skirt’ is available for streaming/download globally here: