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Blaq Jerzee Ft Juma Jux Free Your Mind

Blaq Jerzee Ft Juma Jux Free Your Mind

An East and West African collaboration is on the horizon, with a follow up single to the unprecedented album.

Blaq Jerzee from Nigeria is partnering with Tanzanian R&B artist, Jux. In attempt to ‘Free Your Mind’, these two do everything they can aurally and visually with this feel-good track.

Blaq Jerzee has taken seriously progressive steps within the last year, watching him grow is incredible as he cements himself as one of Africa’s newfound treasures.

Nigerian born artist is running off the back of previous releases for this exciting new project. Releasing singles ‘Sokoma’ and most recently ‘6AM’, Blaq Jerzee continues to work with the opposite side of the continent to bring that ‘African Heat’.

The track ‘Falling For You’ has been playlisted on Spotify’s ‘African Heat’ and achieved 2.3 million streams so far.

Jux, who joins Blaq on the track, is bringing the East African influence on this infused track. ‘Bongo Flava’ specialist currently has 2 tracks from his recent album residing in the official genre playlist on Spotify.

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Jux has been releasing music since 2014 with lots of experience including high profile collaborations with Diamond Platnumz, so he is no stranger to a banger.

Along with artist status, Jux is also a successful entrepreneur with his fashion brand ‘African Boy’, assisted by his 5.4 million follower count on Instagram.

‘I’m going to fix the broken pieces in your heart’, rings around during the chorus, presenting a heartfelt and warming element to this feel-blessed track.

Musically this is reflected, with positive horns throughout the track as well as elegant guitar riffs, this detailed and intricate composition sits on top of some laid back Afro-beat type percussion, a slower tempo but lacking no rhythmic movement.

This dreamy instrumental is supported by the angelic vocals from the two artists on the song who glide hand in hand with each other across the beat.

Rich in texture, both verses show signature moves from each artist and the combination of the two on the chorus provides a floating feeling from the more skippy verses.

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Powered by Ceek, a top-level creation with an eclectic palette used throughout the imagery. Blue sea vibes, ice white shirts and pink lighting, combined to create a pleasant watch visually.

Not to forget the artists both bringing their intimacy and seductiveness to the performance. Set on the silky African coast in and around yachts and sandy beaches, it is more than desirable.


East meets West, the album, is another step closer to its arrival. Breaking down barricades with some of the most influential artists and producers on the continent.

Blaq Jerzee and Jux really showed their coherence of the East meets West combination and what this album has in store!


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