Check out the music from 1 to 5 in Tanzania today

Congratulations to all the artist who made it to the top 5 today in Tanzania


#1 MwanaFA – We Endelea Tu 

#2 ON TRENDING Harmonize X Q Chilla – My Boo Remix 


#4Chalii ya R kweli akili hana ona alichomfanyia huyu mzungu

#5 Chris Brown – No Guidance (Official Video) ft. Drake



Trending On YouTube 1-5 In Tanzania Today



African Celebrities Trending Relationships

The King of East African Afro pop Diamond Platnumz took a bold step to turn his relationship with his Kenyan love Tanasha Donna to a reality.


Tanasha Donna is a radio presenter and recording artist. She was previously commercial model whilst in Belgium and worked with the likes of True Love, Top Magazines, Couture, Airtel and many other brands before joining NRG Radio. 

She released her first official song Radio ft. Barak Jacuzzi few weeks ago

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When asked why he would like to make a quick decision realising that their relationship is still quite young, “Tanasha is the only lady who showed me some seriousness on the (marriage) idea and I now officially announce that I am marrying her”.

Their wedding scheduled to take place on Valentine’s Day was called off as he was unable to invite the celebrities he wanted in attendance at the party on that day.

Fingers crossed as we wait on the day the two love birds make it a public occasion, but it’s on already and they are doing just fine.


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Photo Credit:Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna

Do you want to see a virgin part of the world, a land fresh as nature made it,



a forest flourishing in the tropical rainforest, the nature induced harmattan wind blowing from the Sahara desert, rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship?


Then Africa is a place for you. Throw in that sense of being in a place that has not changed for centuries, and sometimes millennia, and you get some of the most inspiring, and inspired, destinations on the planet.

Africa is huge, yes, it is a vast continent that is so varied and filled with a melting pot of cultures, identities, history and beautiful nature.

It is a continent that has so much diversity that in most occasions is forgotten when we hear ‘Africa’ mentioned as a place to go.

It is really hard to bottle down the essence of Africa into a singular destination, even though we see this happen time and time again on prints, radio and television.

Africa is a continent of adventure. Tourism to the continent is on the increase, and for good reason. With so much on offer from each country, you have to decide what you want to get out of your trip. With its expansive landscapes and formidable animal life, the world’s second-biggest continent is arguably the best for photographers.

Africa has many interesting stories, artifacts, philosophy and great contemporary artists. Ethiopia is a country of ancient culture, with archaeological finds dating back over 3 million years, including the 12th-century churches in Lalibela and the ruins of the ancient city of Aksum – focal point of the Aksumite Empire (AD 100-940) — is the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant.

12th-century churches in Lalibela

It is the place to visit if you are a history geek. They have a vast array of historical and archaeological sights that are just too good to miss, especially Gondar Castle.

Regarding the Ethiopian Modern music/Jazz specially JAZ AMBA at taitu hotel in Addis is the best and 80 birr entrance every Friday…

Veteran musicians like Mulatu Astatke professor of Jazz in American Universities getting many international recognition is an Ethiopian. He is a jazz percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, and noted as the founder of Ethio-jazz.

There are intriguing festivals all year round in Ghana, West Africa that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Traditional festivals erupt with remarkable cultural and historical propensity. Art, food and music festivals come with creative dynamism, outstanding street tastes, and exciting rare rhythms!

Some of these festival are annual events including Homowo, held annually in Accra to commemorate bounty harvests, the Bakatue, celebrated by the people of Elmina, symbolizes the ‘process of discharge’ as the Benya Lagoon becomes one with the sea to commence the fishing season and many more.

Visiting Africa soon? Why not visit Ghana, did you know that Ghana has lots Castles and forts?


Elmina Castle Ghana


Dixcove Ghana

Africa is really a place to be, with its unadulterated basins, savanna, forests, deserts, rivers and land marks, you will seriously appreciate the artistic powers of nature.


Umbrella Rock, Ghana






Tanzanian business tycoon Reginald Mengi, has sadly passed away in Dubai. The cause of death is yet to be announced. He was 75 years old.

”I grew up in poverty, but I always saw it as a challenge. The good thing is that you can surmount a challenge if you are willing to pay the price. The Price is hard work” ~Reginald Mengi

The1st Billionaire in Tanzania, had just celebrated his wedding anniversary with his 39-year-old wife

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr Mengi ‘s family and all his loved ones.

According to Multiple media outlets, Dr Mengi dead after short illness. His death was confirmed by two of his media outlets, ITV and Radio ONE

Billionaire Reginald Mengi  was a  self-made media mogul.  He was the Chairman of Confederation of Tanzania Industries, Radio One, IPP Gold, Handeni Gold, TV, Media Owners Association and more.

The Media Mogul was married to 39, former Miss Tanzania Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe-Mengi, They married in 2015 and had 2 sons.

The couple recently celebrated their wedding anniversary.

Tribute has been pouring in for the late Tanzania Billionaire Reginald Mengi The President of Tanzania, John Magufuli took to his twitter page with the message below:

”Nimesikitishwa na taarifa za kifo cha Mzee na Rafiki yangu Dkt. Reginald Mengi. Nitamkumbuka kwa mchango wake mkubwa ktk maendeleo ya Taifa letu na maono yake yaliyopo ktk kitabu chake cha I Can, I Will, I Must. Poleni wanafamilia, wafanyakazi wa IPP na Jumuiya ya Wafanyabiashara” ~ John Magufuli

”I am disappointed with the news of the death of an elder and my friend

Dr. Reginald Mengi. I will remember him for his great contribution

to the development of our nation and his vision …” President of Tanzania, John Magufuli

RIP Legend

Gone Too Soon


Photo Credit:  Dr. Reginald Mengi

Ever wondered what is the cheapest and best way to send money to your loved ones in Ghana or East Africa? Look no further, let me tell you about Wave, a new app that I’m sooo excited about!


The Wave app allows you to send money instantly from your smartphone to mobile money in Ghana and East Africa- without any fees! We’ve used Wave to send money to back home and the funds were delivered in less than ten seconds!!
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kenyacosmeticsreaEast Africa is one of the fastest-growing markets for beauty products and as tastes get more discerning local and international companies are cashing in.

With East Africa’s middle classes developing a taste for high-quality personal care and beauty products, international cosmetics companies like L’Oréal and homegrown ones like Kenya’s SuzieBeauty are rushing to cash in on this fast-growing market.

The clientele has become a very even mix of women and men

Lintons Beauty World, a Kenyan retailer, is looking to open its fourth outlet after it started operations seven years ago.

“We call ourselves the house of brands. We may all be black, but our skins are different. That is why we decided we are not going to go with one brand. We have Clarins, Estée Lauder and Clinique, Nimue, Fashion Fair, Black Opal and soon we will be bringing MAC and Essie,” says Joyce Gikunda, the retailer’s director.

Trained as a pharmacist, Gikunda began selling cosmetics in 1988 in the pharmacy that was her family business, when the African cosmetics market was dominated by skin-lightening creams. Her idea at the time was to offer safe skincare products.

In 2007, the first stand-alone Lintons Beauty World shop opened at the Westgate Mall. In 2013, the family sold the pharmacy business to concentrate on cosmetics.

“We are targeting the middle- and upper-class market,” she says. “The Kenyan woman is well educated. She knows the importance of having good-quality beauty products. It is better to spend a little bit more at the beginning than to fix a bigger problem later on in life,” Gikunda explains.

Sophisticated tastes

Patricia Ithau, managing director of L’Oréal East Africa, says media and digital platforms promote borderless awareness.

According to a recent report by the African Development Bank, East Africa’s middle classes include about 30 million people. This represents 23% of the total population of 140 million.

The opportunity has attracted international companies like Revlon, Unilever, PZ Cussons and Beiersdorf.

Others are setting up offices in Kenya to serve the greater East African region.

In February of this year, India’s Godrej Consumer Products completed the takeover of Kenya-based hair care company the Darling Group.

The deal between Godrej and Darling was launched in 2011 and relates to Darling’s operations in 14 African countries.

The members of the growing middle classes tend to be more discerning about quality and price, so companies are trying to keep up with this trend.

Suzie Wokabi, chief executive of SuzieBeauty, says: “This growing middle class is a clientele that is getting more sophisticated in taste and need for quality products. The access to the world through the internet also helps the African woman raise her standards and expect the same from product providers.”

SuzieBeauty’s focus has been on cosmetics and make-up products. It plans to launch a skincare line and compete in a wider realm. It has 12 outlets in Kenya and distributors in other East African countries.

“We have achieved what we hoped – great product that is affordable – and filled that gap in the market. I have personally created this product for us, the African woman. We have the same needs that SuzieBeauty has and continues to address,” adds Wokabi.

“Make-up in general or colour cosmetics are getting more popular each day. Skincare continues to be important with more revolutionary products being necessary.”

Regional growth

L’Oréal’s Ithau concurs. She says beauty products are moving from the basic to the more sophisticated, including hair colour, hair extensions and cosmetics.

According to Euromonitor International, the colour cosmetics market in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda is worth $152m and is projected to grow to $231m by 2018.

South Africa and Nigeria remain the largest markets for personal care and cosmetics in Africa, estimated at €3bn ($4bn) and €1.6bn each, according to consultants at Roland Berger.

“The other area I would call out is the entry of men into the beauty market. East African men are becoming more beauty conscious and looking for products designed for men. You see this in the number of lotions for men, deodorants for men, even shower gels for men. This has extended to hair and beauty salons, especially in the upper-middle class, where the clientele has become a very even mix of women and men,” says Ithau. More at: theafricareport

Source: theafricareport

albinoOscar Haule is a Tanzanian businessman. He’s not an albino, but he has a vision for albinos. This is the story of a unique football team. In recent years, albinos have been murdered in Tanzania, some as young as six months old, while others have been attacked with machetes and their limbs cut off while alive. Oscar Haule is a Tanzanian businessman. He’s not an albino, but he has a vision for albinos. He wants the world to recognize that albinos are just like everybody else; they can do what others do; they are human beings and should not be killed. He decided that this message could be best spread by example and exposure- and in a world fueled for so many by soccer, what better way than a soccer team with albino players?

Football offers them a rare tool to undermine the limitations  imposed upon them as they travel into the heart of the areas with the highest numbers of Albino killings, one of which is Mwanza. The documentary effectively balances dark insights into the inhuman treatment of Albinos with uplifting scenes of the teams progression from failure to success.

The team members’ mischievous smiles  along with their animated coach, found the audience laughing one minute while silently transfixed to the screen the next.

For more information about this team please contact
Mr. Oscar Haule, a team Director and Coach by:
telephone +255 716 040550

Let’s all help them achieve their dream!


Meet The Kenyan Investor Mubarak Muyika who turned down a scholarship to Harvard to Pursue Tech Dream! 

Mubarak Muyika was orphaned at the age of 11 and while working with his adoptive parents, he discovered they needed an online platform to expand their business. Mubarak  was very keen to find a way to help them, he therefore began teaching himself how to build a website using on-line resources.
Mubarak Muyika
FAST FORWARD and Mubarak has became a website guru and delivered a working e-commerce site for Acrodile Publishers and his Company Hype Century which he found at the age of 17, aims is to empower small to medium size businesses, organisations and  individuals by enabling them get online easily, affordably and professionally hence making them achieve their business objectives. 
Hype Century has provided web hosting and website design solutions for various companies in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and  Tanzania

Mubarak Muyika  is featured in the latest edition of Forbes Africa buy or download your free copy on

Well done! Such an inspiration! 

 Credit: Mubarak Muyika

Today, Facebook has launched App in Ghana. Ghana is the 5th country where app has been launched by Facebook.  The App is now available to Airtel Ghana subscribers.


Airtel Ghana

People in Ghana can now use the internet for free to access local services, search for jobs, buy and sell products, and stay connected.

Right now only about 12% of people in Ghana are connected to the internet, but connectivity is already improving people’s lives and communities.

By connecting everyone, we hope to unlock even more opportunities for Ghana and people like Dauda Musa, pictured here.

Dauda runs a mobile money transfer business in Accra, and as the number of people with mobile phones has grown over the past few years, more people are using his service for business or to share money with friends and family.

Ghana is the fifth country we’ve connected through — after Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Colombia.

Thank you to our community for your support and for pushing to to more countries as we continue on our path to connect the whole world.