Meet The Kenyan Investor Mubarak Muyika who turned down a scholarship to Harvard to Pursue Tech Dream! 

Mubarak Muyika was orphaned at the age of 11 and while working with his adoptive parents, he discovered they needed an online platform to expand their business. Mubarak  was very keen to find a way to help them, he therefore began teaching himself how to build a website using on-line resources.
Mubarak Muyika
FAST FORWARD and Mubarak has became a website guru and delivered a working e-commerce site for Acrodile Publishers and his Company Hype Century which he found at the age of 17, aims is to empower small to medium size businesses, organisations and  individuals by enabling them get online easily, affordably and professionally hence making them achieve their business objectives. 
Hype Century has provided web hosting and website design solutions for various companies in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and  Tanzania

Mubarak Muyika  is featured in the latest edition of Forbes Africa buy or download your free copy on

Well done! Such an inspiration! 

 Credit: Mubarak Muyika

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