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Motsi Mabuse – African Celebrities Who Inspire Us

Motsi Mabuse – African Celebrities Who Inspire Us

African Celebrity Woman Of The Day Is Motsi Mabuse!

Some families have talent running in blood. When it comes to dancing in South Africa, the Mabusa family has the lead. The three lovely siblings have each achieved great success in their respective dance fields.

Not only that but they also represented the country either in international contests or Tv shows in Germany and the UK.

The are Motsi Mabuse, Otile Mabuse and Phemelo Mabuse

Phemelo Mabuse Motsi Mabuse and Otile Mabuse : Photo Credit: Motsi Mabuse (Instagram)


Motsi Mabuse was born in April 1981 in Mankwe, South Africa. She moved to Pretoria with her family at the age of five. This was before her sister Otile was born.




Although her family was expecting her to become a lawyer while studying at the University of Pretoria, she starts taking dance classes and eventually changed her major to dancing.

In 1998, she ran for her first national championship experience. She then appeared in several competitions including the British Open Championships in Blackpool in 2003, where she met her romantic partner Timo Kulzcak.




In 2007, she rose to further fame with the RTL dance show called Let’s Dance. After competing in the second and the third seasons, she became a judge in 2011.

Another milestone in her career was the German Latin Dance that she was preparing for years. Partnering up with Ukrainian dancer Evgenij Voznyuk, she won the contest in 2013.

The year also saw her divorce from Kulzcak and the launch of her book about her life in Germany. She began a relationship with Voznyuk in 2015 and married to him 2 years later.


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Motsi Mabuse is now a judge on BBC Strictly in UK…

Photo Credit: Motsi Mabuse


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