TBT:  ”Be a yardstick of quality” Meet Dr. Law.U and his family who are all doctors. Dr. Law U. posted the photo below to show his appreciation with the captions:

”You can’t lose when your team is this strong. From L-R: Dr. Mom (Family Practice), Dr. Me (Radiology), Brother (MS1) and Sister (Family Nurse Practitioner). 2 of my sisters (Cardiology and MS3”

Meet Nigerian family members who are all doctors
Meet Nigerian family members who are all doctors

From L-R Dr. Mom (Family Medicine), Sister (Family Nurse Practitioner), Dr. Wife (Pediatrics), Dr. Sister (Cardiology), Sister (MS3). 

What an amazing family! Congrats to you all, you are in inspiration to the WORLD!

Dr. Law. u with is the newest medical student, his little brother.


Credit: Law U.

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