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Nikki and Jamie Perkins

Nikki and Jamie Perkins

Nikki and Jamie Perkins

Nikki and Jamie Perkins at the Finish Line

Nikki and Jamie Perkins put an end to their long term relationship. The prominent YouTube moguls enjoyed a long term excellent relationship no one could ever think will soon come to an end.

They are known for their unmatched social presence at it can be argued that they joyously share all their life events on social media.

From, friendship to dating, proposal and then union, they step-wisely brought everyone to speed, hence, the release of the status of their marriage recently on Instagram.

Nikki Perkins

Nikki Perkins, 29, was born in a small town in Sudan. However, she grew up with her sister Duckie in Australia.

Nikki’s sudden transformation from an individual personality to a social media boss is quite surprising as she was always quiet when she was young, however, studied nursing to understand her sister’s –Sarah – health challenges.

Her career changed, she became a public figure, role model, and resourcefully wealthy woman.

Nikki’s modeling career was born when was admired by a random spotted while shopping at a mall.

Nikki Perkins

She eventually decided to give it a shot and ended up taking the right step. Nikki enjoyed an exceptional modeling career, working with several modeling agencies such as Chic Management and IMG New York.

She was soon hit with a weight issue and had to travel back to Australia where she met Jamie Perkins. Following a long term weight-loss diet, she returned to her modeling, this time as a fashion monger.

Her love for fashion brought a sudden diversion to her career as she began to make product reviews and makeup tutorials on YouTube – Vblog. The good thing is, her interest aligned with that of her friend, Jacme, and they both got along.

Jamie Perkins

Jamie, on the other hand, was born and raised by her Australian parents in their native Australian home. He is a renowned videographer and photographer that took an interest in showcasing his beautiful work on YouTube.

Jamie met his love on MySpace when she traveled to Australia. They became so fond of each other when they realised that they had a mutual interest and both started their YouTube channel.

The most popular and most loved Youtube interracial couple, Jamie and Nikki have attracted over 1.8 million subscribers.

They are first Interracial couple to start Youtube channel.  Their relationship was so beautiful, fans were always looking forward to watching their next video. 

In 2012, Nikki went down the aisle with her lovebird in a beautiful ceremony which has been viewed over 12million times.

The couple have been blessed with two children, Ava Sarah  and Zoe.


Sadly the YouTube moguls announced their separation on their social media handles just the way they used to do all the way.

It was shocking and sad to see these two part ways, but we all know that this is something no one but them can work on.

Fans are spreading rumours that, the breakup is as a result of cheating, however this has not been confirmed by either party.

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We will therefore file this under ‘speculations’! 

The question remains, how do they plan to manage their channel?  Is Nikki Perkins going back to modeling? We hope they work things out. Many feel this could be a channel for the reunion, but, it is too early to tell.


Photo Credit: Nikki Perkins Instagram



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