Valentine’s day is a festival of celebrating romantic love and affection, admiration and friendship annually.

The name valentine’s day was derived from Saint Valentine who was a Catholic Priest from the Western World who showed love to people even when he was in prison till his death under the Roman Empire.

There are numerous stories surrounded by the celebration of valentine’s day. Nonetheless, as the world continues to evolve, the stories kept developing into what is known today.

Today, the celebration of valentine’s day is recognized as a vital cultural, religious and commercial celebration of love and affection where people send romantic messages to loved ones, families, friends.

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As well as and couples sending valentine’s day cards and flowers and spending quality time together, to honour their love for each other in many parts of the world on every 14th February.

The festival celebration looks more lucrative to business people due to the hype it’s gained over the years. People really spend a lot of money during valentine’s day.

Below are some of the gifts ideas and what it means.

  1. Marriage Proposal Rings; lovers use this opportunity to propose to each other their love journey by gifting themselves with beautiful engagement rings.

Marriage Proposal Rings Valentine’s day

  1. A Bunch of Red Rose Flowers; this also depicts an intense and countless love for a loved one

  1. A Heart Shaped Gifts; like cupcakes and chocolate which also portrays a declaration of love between a man and a woman and also boost the marketing strategy for chocolate manufactures since billions of monies is spent on chocolate alone on that special day.
  2. Designer Accessories; like hand bags, purse, shoes, belts etc. these are perfect gift ideas because these remain more quality and will never fade. It will continue to compliment other garments every valentine’s day.

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  1. Designed Card with Special Love Messages on It; Words are more powerful when it comes to love and affection. Each and every romantic relationship has a special love language which actually gives more meaning to romantic love.

  1. Red Wine; research indicates that, wine helps to relax the mind and also produces a love hormone called Oxytocin. Hence giving wine to a loved one will help relax the mind and reflect on the good memories shared together.

  1. Stylish Jewelries; like a favourite animal, zodiac, musical instrument and several symbols on it to show you really know the one you love.


  1. A Unique Fragrance Perfume; with his or her name customized on the bottle; each time your partner or loved one wears the perfume, it will remind them of you and appreciate you because the fragrance from the perfume remains a part of them.


  1. Taking A Love Tour; exploring the most beautiful places you’ve longed to visit with your partner and have fun. it will bring a dream into reality and the memories will live forever.

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  1. Go to The Cinemas and Watch a Favourite Movie with Loved Ones; having fun and spending time with love ones symbolizes great pleasure and sense of belonging.


  1. Coupons for A Spa Centre; this idea is mostly for couples who have been together but don’t get the time to themselves due to their busy schedule. You can set a date on valentine’s day night and get a refreshed body at the spa with your partner to show how much you care.

  1. Invite Friends and Families; to have a special feast at home to show them you still have them in your circle and most importantly they have your full support anytime.
  2. Send A Basket Full of Gifts; it could be a hamper with a card to that special friend to express your feelings for them.


  1. Reaching Out to The Marginalized, Less Privileged and Sick People; thus, you can also put smiles on peoples face by donating to people on that day to show love and care for them.

  1. Print Out a Picture of You and Your Partner; thus, your first date picture and frame it nicely, add a short creative and loving story of how you guys met. Anytime one of you sees the picture, it will give a flashback of how both of you ended up together.

  1. Last but Not the Least, Buying the Latest Gadget Nicely Packaged; for your friend, spouse, children and girlfriend or boyfriend is also a good idea on valentine’s day. 

They all contribute to showing love to people.

This is a day that people have a lot of expectations, especially, with couples and those in a romantic relationship.

People travel on a long journey to meet the special one on that day, have fun and shower on them with different kinds of gifts.

On the other hand, it becomes a burden on some people in monetary terms and those who are single feel much pressured and lonely because their engaged friends will have the whole day full of smiles.


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