Coming off back-to-back collaborations with Geo Wellington on well-received songs ‘Tik Tok’ and ‘Yenko’, London-based Ghanaian artist, Young Rob delivers yet another smooth-sounding song by name ‘I Need Your Love’. Stream ‘I Need Your Love’ 

Struck by love at first sight, Young Rob flaunts his sweet side on the 2-minute-long song. He’s way past the infatuation phase and eagerly expresses his desire to win over the loving of one babe he can’t get enough of.
As expected, the ‘Got That’ crooner brings his A-game; delivering fresh lyrics and vocals fit for the agenda.
Young Rob shares smooth and feel-good single ‘I Need Your Love

To further spice things up, he features talented Jazz, R&B and Afrobeat saxophonist, Joko Magic, who’s mastery over the brass instrument adds a layer of depth to the song’s feel.

The virtuoso lays in an intense solo akin to her performances at famed events like the Montreux Jazz Festival and Jazzwerkstatt – a true beauty to behold.

‘I Need Your Love’ was programmed by one of Ghana’s budding producers, Samuel G, with its mixing and mastering done by Yann Gabriel and 2 Kings Entertainment Studios respectively. It’s a step in the right direction for the multi-genre artist and is a bit of what’s to come from his camp.


TBT: Inspirational Stories

Meet Kalenga Kamwendo and Besa Mumba, the youngest commercial pilots in Africa. 

Kalenga was just 19 years old when he became Zambia’s youngest pilot. In an exclusive interview African celebs,  Kalenga Kamwendo, the youngest pilot in Africa told us about how it all started and some amazing events that he has coming up.

African celebs: Please introduce yourself?

KK: My name is Kalenga Kamwendo, I’m a 22 year old Zambian youth. I’m a commercial pilot working with Proflight Zambia on the British aerospace jetstream 3200 series.

African celebs: Where are you from and why did you start?

KK: I started because of passion; that should always be the driving force that encourages determination.

I never even knew that being the youngest commercial pilot of a certain country would be something that would be celebrated, but they say you’d be surprised how lucky you get when you work hard.

African celebs: What are your future goals and where do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years time?

KK: So there’s two spheres to where I want to be in the future, there’s the flying ambitions and there’s the non-flying ambitions.

Flying wise I definitely see myself being a captain in 5 years, 10 at the most, God willing of course.

Non flying-wise I wish to have started my own foundation aimed for those who are less privileged in the society and show them that there is a way to success regardless of how high the ladder you have to climb.


African celebs: Who inspires you most ?

KK: I draw inspiration from each and every person who wakes up every day with a purpose and drive.

African celebs: What is your motivation?

KK: My motivation is to ensure that when God calls time on my life, that I would have left footprints that will be embedded in the beach and not blown away by the sea.

African celebs: Describe Kalenga in 3 words?

KK: Ground breaking tyrant.

African celebs: Where can we/people find you (social media/website)?

KK: People can get in touch with me on my

Facebook page: Kalenga Kamwendo or

Twitter: @kalengakamwendo

Instagram: Kalenga Kamwendo

Snapchat: @lyarist101 (don’t ask)

Such an inspiration, especially to the youth! Well done!

Update: Besa Mumba is now the Zambia’s Youngest Commercial Pilot in Africa

Credit: Kalenga Kamwendo

Meet Captain Aluel James Bol of Sudan, In 2011, Captain Aluel James Bol first made history when she became the  first female pilot in Sudan to graduate She also made another history when she became the  first South Sudanese pilot atDelta Airlines.

Photo Credit: Sudan News

Meet Captain Amsale Gualu, the first female captain in the history of Ethiopian Airlines in 2010  

Meet 19 year-old Besa Mumba, Zambia’s Youngest Commercial Pilot. Besa was born on 9th December 1996.  She  began her training with the Charlie 152 and then onto the Charlie 172 plane .

After that she moved on to complex training, the Charlie 172 plane retractable to which she got her caravan rating when I got my commercial pilot license.

Besa then went to get advanced training at semi flight  in South Africa. Upon her return to Zambia, she was offered a job with pro flight Zambia.

 Besa says  ”I’m so happy to be at the proflight my experience has been great so far initially at first I though It would be fancy in the cabin crew but then I thought why not be the one who flight the aircraft. From then onwards I had so many questions like how does it fly, how do they stay in the sky how do they know where they are it made me so curious to be the one behind the controls.

So after I finished high school I went to flight school. There are only a small amount of women who fly aircrafts but women can fly aircrafts so of you are doubting you can do it.when I finish work I like to listen to music.

I also like to rest and relax because it’s very important. I love to see new places and learn new languages. I see myself being a captain on one of the jets because I’m big about flying here in my home country .so far so good it’s been an amazing experience ….’



Photo credit: Besa Mumba/Proflight Zambia

Prior to Besa becoming the youngest african pilot, Kalenga Kamwendo was held that record aged just 20. We had an exclusive interview the talented Kalenga Kamwendo read all about him here:  Youngest Commercial Pilot In Zambia…aged just 20

Huge  congrats! Such an inspiration to the upcoming youth!

Today’s WCW is Singer/Songwriter Hamzaa.

Hamzaa who goes by the real name, Cassandra-Malika Hamza is a British born Kenyan music artist and a song-writer who gained public recognition at a very tender age performing on the platforms of reality shows in London.

Her beautiful voice and the style of lyric chosen for her songs gives a sound thoughts and self-discovery that positively throws more light to the importance of life and how to deal with distress in life.

She hails from Hackney in East London and is known for her producing powerful R&B/ old-Soul music as a young musician. Growing up, Hamza was into learning and playing of instruments like piano.

As young as 4years old, Hamzaa had already established professional skills as a pianist. Along with her instrumentalist journey, she began singing as she drew some inspirations from R&B songs and artistes including American R&B artistes, Jocelyn Brown, Cheryl Lynn, Lauryn Hill, Beyoncé, late English soul singer, Amy Winehouse among others.


Her mother who was also supporting her dreams enrolled her in various arts and stage performance schools including, Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, City Dance Academy and Stagecoach where she learnt and took part in singing competitions, play directing, how to put words together in making good music.


However, when Hamzaa was halfway through her arts and performance school, she decided to drop out and focus extensively and solely on her passion for music.

She joined Brixton Academy, a leading music centre in England which hold varieties of musical concerts, live band, comedy show etc. there, she engaged in a lot of song writings, singing and dancing. She then combined her musical lyrics on paper with some piano chords to produce music at about 10 years old.

Photo Credit: Hamzaa

In November 2018, Hamzaa performed on several platforms including radio station after releasing her debut single, “Stranded Love” and EP.

After performing at “Later with Jools Holland” show at BBC at the invitation of the institution’s executive producer she became an instant hit.!


The young super talented singer later decided to double up with another mini EP dubbed, “Phases” in August, 2019. It was made up of five songs, “Sunday Morning”, “Home”, “Hard to Love”, “Unlucky” and “Someday”.

Through all these hard works, she combined her flairs with great talents like, Trey Campbell, Stint, MS, Emile Haynie, Dayyon Alexander, Laconic, Aston Rudi, Fred Cox, MNEK, Iain James, and Tre Jean-Marie.

Did you watch Hamzaa’s  video call with Tiwa Savage, Efya Nokturnal for Vogue?

What’s favourite gist of the interview? Drop your comments 




Global News


Former rock band F.T. Island  leader Choi Jong-hoon and actor, singer-songwriter, and TV personality Jung Joon-young, have been found guilty of were on Friday convicted of hatching a plot to sexually assault of a woman who was unable to stop them.

The were giving six and five years respectively for the gang raping drunk unconscious women

According to reports, some of them have been filming women secretly and circulating the videos amongst themselves online

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Source: World News|BBC|

Meet Adu Poku Morgan, the young event executive and businessman selling out shows in Ghana


Business within the Ghanaian music and entertainment industry has been on the rise considerably and has in recent times been rated one of the biggest in the world because of its tremendous growth.

The announcement of the Year of Return by the President of the Republic of Ghana.

Thanks to the new generation of businessmen and young creative minds in the industry; one such young man is Adu Poku Morgan aka ”Morgan Carter”.


Known for selling out events in Ghana most especially Accra and Kumasi, call him the undisputed king of sellout events.

Adu Poku Morgan is a gentleman who has in a short period of time, turned his company to a household name having organized shows which have been attended by several showbiz personalities like:

Ray Money, Alien GH, Efia Odo, Clarks Adeleke, Shatta Wale, Rich Game, Kwaku Revloe, Tha Carter, Jose Gunplay, Davido Mensa, Mugeez (R2Bees), D-Black, Dr Victor (Bie Gya Bitters), Bisa Kdei and many more.

He started with the ”All Black Affair” with the help of his team at Morcat Entertainment Limited, a project that is said to be one of the biggest annual entertainment events in the Ghanaian entertainment calendar.

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The 3rd year political student of (KNUST) Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology also doubles as the CEO/Founder of the Morcat Foundation

Morcat Foundation is  a charitable trust in the Ashanti Region of Ghana that typically provides funding and support for other charitable organizations through grants and engages directly in charitable activities.


Adu Poku Morgan is also the brain behind other events like the annual ”All White Affair” in Kumasi which is among other amazing events in Ghana.

Adu Poku Morgan’s ability to create, develop and maintain relationships are some of his strengths; and that is evident in his relationship with several top industry players.

Throughout his career, he has built a reputation among his peers of professionals and his works are always carried out with a touch of class.

Mr Adu Poku Morgan has also established a new company known as Map Ghana Limited which operates with import and export of general goods, buying and selling of cars, general construction and real estate developers.

More African Celebrities News

Adu Poku Morgan is also a native of Ashanti Bekwai and also a past student of Juaben Senior High School both in the Ashanti Region.

In collaboration with Foks Entertainment, Morcat Entertainment Limited as part of the year of return is organizing the official welcome party dubbed ”Alter Ego” at Soho-Marina Mall – Accra on the 21st December, 2019.

The party will see performances from award-winning Ghanaian DJs, Vyrusky, iPhone DJ, DJ Aroma and DJ Kkrack. Berima Seanbills, Ogee the MC, Jay Tymer and MC Jerome will host the event.


Morcat Entertainment Limited is also organizing the famous ”All White Affair” (Year of Return) edition in Kumasi at Emperor Night Club – Ahodwo Kaase Road on 1st January, 2020.

The party will see performances from award-winning Ghanaian DJs such as DJ Aroma, iPhone DJ, DJ Sugarfingers and DJ Kkrack.


Source: B.Banks

Congratulations to 8 year old author Nicholas Buamah for winning Young And Talented At GUBA Awards USA.

Nicholas Buamah is the author of Kayla & Kyle


GUBA CEO Dentaa and Nicholas Buamah Wins Young And Talented Award At GUBA USA
GUBA CEO Dentaa and Nicholas Buamah At GUBA USA



Other winners of the night lncludes:

Mary Spio – African Innovator of the Year Award

Prof. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei – Exceptional Contribution To Medicine Award 

Dr. Thomas Mensah – GUBA Technological Achievement Award

Kwame Akoto-Bamfo –  Artist of the Year

Dr. Ave Kludze for Innovation in Science & Technology

Daphne Mashile-Nkosi – Industrious African Woman Award
Patrick Gyimah Awuah Jr. – Exemplary Achievement in Education Award

Nancy Abu-Bonsrah – Young Woman in Medicine Award

Simon Fuller – Public Service Award

Rosa Whitaker – Excellence in African Socio-Economic Advancement Award

Rachel Naa-Du Laryea – Student Excellence Award

Richelieu Dennis – Editorial Excellence Award


Photo Credit: GUBA USA/Nancy Abu-Bonsrah/ Dr. Yvette Appiah

The 2019 GUBA USA Awards took place at The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York on 26th September 2019. 



This is the 10th anniversary of GUBA and the first edition in USA.


Dr. Yvette Appiah with Nancy Abu-Bonsrah
Dr. Yvette Appiah with Nancy Abu-Bonsrah


Congratulations to Nancy Abu-bonsrah, the first Black female Neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins University for winning the Young Woman In Science Award.


Two years ago, Nancy Abu-Bonsrah became the first  black woman to become a neurosurgery resident at Johns Hopkins Hospital



Nancy Abu-Bonsrah Wins Young Woman In Science Award At GUBA USA


Other winners of the night lncludes:

Mary Spio – African Innovator of the Year Award

Dr. Thomas Mensah – GUBA Technological Achievement Award

Kwame Akoto-Bamfo –  Artist of the Year

Dr. Ave Kludze for Innovation in Science & Technology

Daphne Mashile-Nkosi – Industrious African Woman Award
Dr. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei – Exceptional Contribution to Medicine Award
Patrick Gyimah Awuah Jr. – Exemplary Achievement in Education Award

Simon Fuller – Public Service Award

Rosa Whitaker – Excellence in African Socio-Economic Advancement AwardRachel Naa-Du Laryea – Student Excellence Award

Richelieu Dennis – Editorial Excellence Award

Nicholas Jason Osei Buamah – Young and Talented Award

Dr. Yvette Appiah with Nancy Abu-Bonsrah


Photo Credit: GUBA USA/Nancy Abu-Bonsrah/ SwagofAfrica

Great Event brought to you by GUBA AWARDS USA

New Music Alert! Mami  by Young Rob


After weeks of anticipation and teaming up with Barn-B (West L Boyz) to release a collaborative album, promising Ghanaian-UK based artist, Young Rob has finally dropped his new song. Titled ‘Mami’, the song produced by O.G.E Beats was accompanied with a music video upon release.

The song features a sizzling and seductive background, layered with a contagious hook. ‘Mami’ is a refreshing piece that spreads good vibes on an absolute powerhouse of a track. According to Young Rob, the new song talks about his adoration for Latino and Hispanic women.

He adds: ”Mami is a song with a feel-good vibe and catchy hook that will certainly get listeners and party goers alike, all over the dance floor”.

Young Rob - Mami

For the video, which was shot and directed by Deafnick Visuals, it follows Young Rob as he delivers a thorough performance on a white studio set.


His performances are then accompanied by a diverse range of dancers, showcasing some of the latest dances in African music.

Young Rob is looking forward to break boundaries with ‘Mami’ and is also hoping to collaborate with Ghanaian based musicians soon.

His previous single ‘Slow Wine’ which currently has over 127K views on YouTube, topped some charts in the UK and was one of the most played songs on the airwaves two years ago on Ghanaian-based UK radio stations.

Young Rob is no stranger to success or great music and ‘Mami’ is a further proof of that.


Link to song on all digital stores:

New Music Alert! – Young Boy ft. Pappy Kojo, Kwame Dame & Slim Drumz

Producer, DredW continues his winning streak as he teams up with Fante rap god, Pappy Kojo, Kwame Dame (formerly known as Frequency), and Slim Drumz to drop another smash single.

Titled ‘Young Boy’, the song is fully packed with bars, punchlines, subliminal messages and a dope beat.

Produced by himself with co-production by Slim Drumz, this passes as a solid Hip-Hop/Trap tune for lovers and it will surely get everyone nodding to it’s banging beat and delivery.

DredW - Young Boy ft. Pappy Kojo, Kwame Dame & Slim Drumz


With Trap music forming a dominant part of Ghanaian music, this song is set to be another one for the records.

DredW has been on fire since emerging and he is nowhere near slowing down. After a successful release of the ”Songs For Her” EP with Magnom, ‘Young Boy’ looks set to be another one for the playlists and charts.


Listen to ‘Young Boy’ here  Link



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Evania Heart  has been featured in numerous, magazines, TV commercials, she was one of the Road to fame season 7 winners last year and.


In addition to modelling, this your star is also and actress and a dancer.

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