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Google offers schools unlimited Drive storage for students and teachers

Google offers schools unlimited Drive storage for students and teachers

Google-LogoGOOGLEGoogle wants to make backpacks a thing of the past by letting students store all of their files online, and it’s going to start giving students enough space to actually do that. Students, teachers, and anyone else using a Google Apps for Education account will soon be given unlimited storage and the ability to keep files of up to a whopping 5TB in size on Google Drive. Unfortunately, just being a student isn’t enough to get this account — you’ll have to attend an institution that supports Google’s education suite. But it should be a pretty compelling offer for many, especially given that it’s free to nonprofit educational institutions.

These same features were introduced to users of Google’s business suite back in June, so it isn’t exactly unprecedented. It is, however, potentially bringing unlimited storage to a huge new group of people — people who have good reason to use it and wouldn’t necessarily have the funds to otherwise afford it — so this is a big improvement nonetheless. It’s hard to imagine backpacks totally disappearing (I mean, it’s not a bad idea to carry around a couple pencils), but Google makes a solid argument that it’ll let you leave your old notebooks behind and pick things up on a school computer. What an amazing idea!


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