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Harmonize Quits Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi Records

Harmonize Quits Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi Records

Bongo News: Harmonize Quits Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi Records

Fast-rising talented Bongo Flava singer, Rajab Abdul Kahali put an end to his time with Diamond Platnumz’z Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) records in a controversial way that left many fans with unanswered questions.

Rajab, better known by his stage name Harmonize, allegedly signed a 15 long years stint with Wasafi records as the first Bongo Flava singer signed into the record label.

Harmonize reportedly handed a termination request to the boss and has since missed two consecutive Wasafi Festival Shows.

Many wonder what could make him look down on a label that took him in when he was no one, developed his talent and turned him into a superstar.

Harmonize was born in Mtwara, the capital city of Mtwara Region in Southwestern Tanzania. He discovered his hidden talent at a very tender age and attracted many producers in his country when he was barely ten.



diamond platnumz and harmonize


He developed his talent while understudying his role model, Diamond Platnumz before being handed his career debut in 2011. Unfortunately, his first recordings didn’t go as planned.

However, didn’t stop the determined singer from releasing a bombshell in 2015 when he finally met Diamond Platnumz.

His hit song, Aiyola made a resounding success and welcomed the raw talent into the life of a superstar.

He eventually won 3 awards with this single in the same year; AEA Award in the USA, WatsUp TV Award and AFRIMMA Award. 

These are enough to bring the energetic singer with an outstanding command of voice to the attention of international music artists such as Yemi Alade, Mr. Eazi, Dully Sykess, among others.

In April 2018, Harmonize swept the whole of Africa with his hit song, Kwangwaru, featuring Diamond Platnumz.

The reception was unbelievable as the song became the first Bongo Flava hit to attract over 50 million views on YouTube alone.


This took Tanzanians by surprise and in turn, graced his tremendous fame and registered the superstar’s name in the history of the genre. Diamond Platnumz

Even if Harmonize is cutting loose, his ties with WCB records, his history will be incomplete without mentioning the impact of his role model, Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz, is known as the father of Bongo Flava in Tanzania. His invaluable contribution to Bongo Flava cannot be overemphasised.

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He is considered the most influential and most loved in the East and Central Africa, in fact the whole of Africa and worldwide.

Diamond has won many awards doing the only thing he does best and has served an inspiration to many superstars and upcoming artists in his native country and continent.

His debut album, titled Lala Salama was released in 2012 and had since then consistently exceeds the expectations of Bongo Flava fans.

Today, he has not less than 22 awards in his archive  winning all these distinguished awards from just 28 nominations.


Rumor has it that Harmonize’s reason for turning his back on his 15 years contract with WCB records could be Diamond’s disrespectful song that exposed an alleged relationship between his Italian girlfriend. Sarah Michelotti and Diamond’s former bodyguard, Mwarabu Fighter.

diamond platnumz and harmonize

This is unconfirmed though as Sarah already cleared the air, saying she’s faithful to his boyfriend. We are yet to receive an official statement from any of the two of them, but we looks like the two had fallen out. 

We love both of both them and can’t wait to see them reconcile again.

Photo Credit: Diamond Platnumz/Harmonize

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