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Lawrence Leathers – Gone Too Soon

Lawrence Leathers – Gone Too Soon

Lawrence  Leathers, best known as “Lo,” was a prominent American Jazz Drummer and a Gramm Award-winning musician from Michigan. His demise on the 2nd of June is a massive loss to the entertainment industry across the whole world.

The talented drummer died at his prime time as he his hard work was just paying off. His deal was traced to romantic rivalry according to the US police department his girlfriend (now ex) and her ex-boyfriend have been arrested.

Leathers, a talented Grammy award winning Jazz Drummer, was born on the 23rd. November 1981. The Michigan-born dreamer had since his childhood days wanted to become a famous Jazz drummer and as a result, drum with every single object in his way while living in the Bronx Apartment area.

He started playing drums professionally at 15. He was one of the most talented Jazz drummers

Gone Too Soon

The promising superstar graduated from Sexton High School to pick up a career in music by enrolling in the prestigious Michigan State University’s School of Music.

In addition, he took time to gather build his music weaponry by also studying at the prominent Julliard School of Music in New York before breaking into the entertainment industry.

However, the two-time Grammy award winner had limited time to express the combination of talent, skills, and experience he had under his sleeves as dealt claimed the best of him due to his death

His two singles, “Dreams and Daggers” and “For One to Love” shook the whole of the United States and the whole world.


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These two singles were welcomed will a series of awards and nominations across the globe and many believed he’d be at the helm for decades following his Grammy Awards for the Best Jazz Vocal Album.

The loss remains unacceptable, “Whenever I saw him play, I learned a great deal more about accompaniment, feel, & touch. Conversation with him was always a pleasure, as well”, said a co Jazz musician, EJ Strickland. Our heart remains with his family.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lawrence Leathers’s family and friends

Photo Credit: Lawrence Leathers

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