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SRS Aviation: The first black female owned aviation company

SRS Aviation: The first black female owned aviation company

Wisdom Exchange TV guest Sibongile Sambo from South Africa.

Sibongile-SamboMeet Sibongile Sambo  founder and CEO of SRS Aviation the first black female owned aviation company. SRS offers professional and personalized flight options to destinations all over the world. It includes VIP Charter, tourist charter, and helicopter services.

At a young age, Sambo had a desire to work with planes but the air requirement for an air hostess prevented her from doing so. However, her dream to work with planes became a reality with the passing of the Black Economic Empowerment Act in 2003. The passing of the act enabled people with disadvantaged backgrounds to partake in the economic world as entrepreneurs. After her receiving family loans and work experience, her very own airline company was born.

Now, according to Forbes, SRS is a great success and makes an annual revenue of several million dollars.

Great job!

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