Patricia Mawuli

TBT: Meet Patricia Mawuli a 25 year old Ghanaian woman she discovered her passion at the age of 19.

One day whilst in the bush cutting trees in her small rural town, she saw small planes flying overhead. Out of curiosity she decided to find where the planes were coming from.


patricia mawuli

She was keen to work at Kpong airfield, she was given a job to clear shrubs from the highway which she took with gratitude. Later she luckily landed herself in the workshop.

She learnt how to build aircraft from scratch and was given a scholarship to pursue aviation, within a short period of 6 months she was given her flying license. Patricia has built planes for schools, clubs and organisation.

Patricia Mawuli has a school where she trains women to repair aircraft or to build them.

She is helping her society, moving people from one place to the other including school children to their schools to bypass traffic.

Patricia Mawuli is the first woman to be awarded Ghana’s national pilot’s license and the first black African and only woman in the world to be a certified rotax engine mechanic and is personally flying a Zenith CH701 powered by the all new Rotax 912 iS engine.

“Patricia has been offered jobs all over the world. She could leave Ghana tomorrow, travel outside and multiply her earnings to 20, 30 times, easily. She turns them all down. Why?

Because she chooses to make the sacrifice to stay in Ghana to teach others to build and fly. Now that’s sustainability,”

Young people should understand that hard work is the only secret to success and you must stay focused in everything you do if you want to succeed in life.” Patricia Mawuli Nyekodzi.


Words are not enough to describe or explain what this young woman is doing!


Credit: Patricia Mawuli/Ghana News/Aviation News/

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