Great Ideas for dating during COVID

Whether you are dating offline or online during this pandemic era, we hope some of the Ideas for dating during Covid below will help you.

The global pandemic has drifted us all away from each other. While that’s true for the physical part, it’s false for matters of the heart! Nothing can beat what two people feel for each other, and hence, dating during COVID is taking place in full swing.


Here are some fantastic online and offline dating ideas during the global pandemic!

1. Read a book together

Tune your feelings with the ideas and thoughts you learn from the written word!

couple goals

Do you and your partner share a favourite genre? Even if you don’t have a common ground, pick a book that you’d love to read with your beau. And if not a book, you could just read poetry to each other.

2. Paint or draw together

Art is the ultimate retreat for the creative couple!

couple painting

Choose a particular subject to draw or paint together. Or better yet, why not try drawing or painting each other? You could do this using a photo or even while going live on a video call.

3. Cook or bake a dish together

Pick a recipe that both of you love!

couple cooking 

Whether it’s a dinner dish or a cake, pick a recipe from the Internet (or share your own). Try cooking or baking while you’re on audio or video call to add to the fun! If you don’t want to try anything new, just make a drink or a cup of tea together.

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5. Watch a movie together

Did you know you could watch a movie online?

couple watching movie together

Websites like letsgaze and watch2gether allow two people to watch video content at the same time. So not only can the two of you watch in sync, but you can also chat and view each other on webcam live while you’re at it!

6. Go on photography trips

You could do photo tours – both online and offline!

dating photography trips 

Why not plan a tour around town solely to take photos? Visit important landmarks and sites or click the empty streets. Or you could even take photos live while on a video call.

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7. Go on an outdoor café date

Lunch and dinner dates are still pretty possible!

outdoor café date

If you and your partner live in the same city and with no problematic lockdown situation, why not meet up in an outdoor café? Remember to follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines, even if you have been vaccinated. It’s essential!

8. Go on a cycling adventure

Physical activities while maintaining social distancing can be quite refreshing!

Dating cycling adventure

Cycling is one of those sporty activities that you can easily do while keeping a distance. If you don’t have bicycles, get them on rent for you and your partner. Then, plan a trip to the countryside or if you already live there, what are you waiting for?


If you choose to convert any online date into an offline one, keep it short. Have fun but maintain social distancing. Don’t forget to wear your masks and carry your sanitisers with you. Also, avoid touching public spaces unnecessarily. Even if you’re vaccinated, it’s still essential to follow all COVID-19 SOPs while you’re dating in a pandemic!

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Chemistry and attraction originates from four areas-Physical (Sexual Chemistry), Emotional (Commitment Bonds), Mental (Admiration and Adoration) and Spiritual. Once you are aware of your substance, style and spirit you can properly communicate who you are to others.

Whatever goes on inside of you is projected on the outside. When you are well balanced in all areas of your life you radiate confidence. You become irresistible to others, because you evoke in them joyful thoughts and feelings.

Attraction the chemical feedback to characteristics that we desire in another person.

Physical: Does size matter in a relationship?

Let’s face it, people who are in great shape and look good, have no problems finding dates, they however have problems finding a mate. Outer beauty is the easiest to recognise, it answers many questions even before they are posed. Not looking your best, carrying an unhealthy amount of weight and body fat causes your presence to prop up questions rather than answer them.



Both men and women find the traits that guarantee survival beautiful. For men it translates to youth and health, so as long as we live this will be a deciding factor. Signs of health and youth are indicated by nice clean teeth, clear skin and eyes, symmetrical features, curves in women and strong shoulders in men.

The error that most women make is to assume that they have to be pencil thin to find a good man, this is the furthest from the truth. You have to be healthy and feel good about your self. There is absolutely no proof that a woman who is a size 0, will marry before someone who is a size 14.

Survey after survey men indicate that they have absolutely no preference when it comes to confident women of all sizes. Most heavyset women unfortunately are not confident about themselves. If you constantly apologize for your size, then you are not confident. That’s your conscience telling you that you need to do something about your health.

People will live up to our expectations and treat you accordingly. If your presence doesn’t give you warm fuzzies then you’ll project the discomfort that you’re feeling inside on the outside. Yourself if you are healthy? Ask yourself if you are happy and comfortable with your weight?

If you have problems answering the question then perhaps you should do something about it.  From my experience no rational man walks into a service and asks for an obese woman, that’s just the way it is.

There are many reasons why people keep excess weight on; the same issues will make appearances in your relationship. That doesn’t mean that you’ll never get a date, it just means that you’ll cut down on your potential suitors. You are only looking for one person, so if you’re comfortable with being unhealthy and overweight then becomes aware of the risks involved.

Women are increasingly requiring that men be in shape as well. Today women can provide for themselves so financial security is not the only prerequisite. Women look for a protector, a tower of strength and confidence.

I’m yet to hear a woman ask for a rich man with a potbelly and a shinny bald spot. The aim here is to look your best, it tells others that you love yourself. If you don’t take a chance on you, why should anyone else?


Exorcise your emotional vampires, get rid off those suckers.

Everybody’s got baggage, some more than others! You know some people didn’t get their hugs as kids and they’re still carrying that hurt around. Others have past trust issues that they are waiting to project on someone else.

We’re all damaged goods in one way or another. We’ve all been bruised, hurt or rejected at one point or another. “Slammed by a bad boss, tough parents, bad breakup, personal disappointments or whatever. But how much of that are you still carrying with you? How big is your luggage?

Know thyself look into the mirror and see what the rest of the worlds sees. Be honest about who you are, if you don’t do it for moral reasons at least do it for selfishness, you will always be rewarded for being honest. 

How you present yourself to the world determines if you are successful or if you find a permanent home on the sidelines of life. That’s not to say that you should put up fronts or play games. If you are not real with yourself, you’re fooling no one but yourself.

Eventually you’ll be found out. It’s like an elephant in the room when the lights come on—there’s no hiding. The best way to get hurt is to misrepresent yourself just to get someone to sleep with you or marry you. You have to be aware of what has prevented you from finding the relationship that you want in life. 


In order to start dating you have to answer the following questions honestly.




People often complain about bad relationships that they’ve had, different players but the same script. They seem to forget that the only thing that all the bad relationships have is common is themselves. The reason your last relationship didn’t work is you made choices that led up to the failure, whether it was a bad choice of mate or specific actions, you need to own up to that responsibility.

Take an inventory of the decisions that led up to the breakup or the drought, so that you can change or flip the script in a positive direction, because wherever you go there you are. If the script is the same you will have the same outcome. Avoid unnecessary arguments. 



The biggest complaint women have is “All men are dogs” If you go into any relationship with a hostile attitude you will terrorize yourself and your despised one. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and soon every man that you meet will treat you like dog pop. Next time you want to say I hate men, say instead I am afraid of trusting.



Throughout our lives we are bombarded with millions of information per second, our minds alter, erase and generalize the information based on our past emotions and experiences to a handful of information and create our reality. The rest of the details is stored in our subconscious memory for later access. If we have unresolved negative emotions our interpretations of the world becomes twisted.

Most men would rather die than take a chance at getting rejected by a potential mate. When fear sets in you no longer think about the other person but yourself. You have no control over how people will respond to you, however you control how you react to how others treat you. When you refuse to act because of fear you are thinking about the consequence of your potential act. You have made yourself the judge, jury and victim. Ask yourself which of the following outcomes are you likely to experience by dating or being in a relationship with someone else. Will it cause you?

  1. A loss of income/livelihood
  2. Criticism/Persecution
  3. Bad health
  4. Old Age
  5. Loss of Love
  6. Death

If you are in danger of any of the following by being with someone, then you have cause to be fearful. Otherwise you need to evaluate the fears that are keeping you away from approaching your potential mate, and find a way to deal with them appropriately.


Many singles fear that:

No one could possibly love them, as they are-so they put on charades and acts thinking it will make them easier to deal with. Since birth we are compared, criticized and made to feel inadequate and insufficient by the media, family, friends, neighbors, teachers and basically anyone that we come in contact with. Jokes and negative comments that others make about us keeps repeating like broken records in our minds leading to delusional, deprecating believes about who we are and who we ought to be.

A lot of people get stuck when they look at the amount of work that they need to do in order to be their desired selves. They then cling on to that last positive or negative experience that they had as an excuse to do nothing about their circumstance. Become aware of where you got stuck or turned a corner.

How did you come to hold the current believes about yourself?

Was it something that someone said in high school, college, at work?

Was it something that your parents said?

Was it something that someone did?

If you could go back to any age, what age would you’d go back to and why?

What are your best memories of your parents?

What are your worst memories about your parents?



Deal with the list of issues that have lead you to where you are today. Separate the myths from the truths. Work on walking towards the person that you want to be and unfathomable confidence will ensue. In the game of life and what separates the winners from the losers is confidence.

According to the dictionary confidence ‘is a feeling of emotional security resulting from faith in oneself. It is a firm belief in one’s powers, abilities, or capacities: freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities’

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face”-Eleanor Roosevelt.

Confidence is something that one develops all through life. The more you know yourself and the world around you, the less fearful you become. When you have foreknowledge you are hardly ever caught by surprise, thus you remain calm.

Fear is the other four-letter curse word that dooms people to living in a mental prison. If you do not put negative believes in perspective you will go through life wearing a filter that prevents you from being who you really are and getting the things that make you happy.

In high school I was never part of the inside circle. Today most of them are losers living back in their hay day. I went out with one guy who still thinks he’s the prom king, he never made it to college or as a pro athlete, and he barely holds a job and has kids out of wedlock? So why was I still stuck on being his prom queen?

So what if they didn’t want to be my best friend. I’ve had enough successes in my life to realize that I have more to offer than anyone ever imagine. 


People with substance don’t specialize in making others feel bad. The next time someone acts like a total bitch let him or her know that hostility is substitute for fear. Give yourself the life that will make you proud of being you. Once you do that no one else can take your joy away or affect the way you feel.

Make a list of your best attributes and what you love about you. Know your attributes, and assure yourself of who you are. Once you become aware of who you are, you can start working on changing the aspects of your self that you don’t like -that’s the source of your insecurities.



  1. Know what you offer and what you look for in a mate, once you’re aware of the type of people that you can be your best with, you will be less likely to approach people who will reject you.
  2. Ask your closest friends (not your date) what attributes they like about you.
  3. Find your passion, the confidence/ego booster you get by doing what you love or what you’re good at increases your overall confidence and self esteem. Women especially love accomplishments because it indicates being good at something.
  4. Remember there are others out there who share your vision, morals and lifestyle, be around people who appreciate who you are. At any time in life, there are others who are looking for someone exactly like you. Don’t go to places that deflate who you are.
  5. If there is something about you that you don’t accept, you will be fearful and insecure until you change it
  6. If you still can’t get over your fear dating and relationships, then you need a professional therapist to help you work through your self-esteem issues.


Many people watch a parade of potential mates pass them by because they don’t know how to identify attraction cues. These are vital automatic primal gestures that men and women exhibit in the presence of someone that they are interested in- signals that cannot be faked or otherwise duplicated. See the laws of attraction for how to attract only positives into your life.

We can learn so much from telemarketers, they never take rejection personally. When they call you, you hang up on them in the middle of the sentence, and they still don’t take it personally, they don’t attach themselves to the outcome, they call you back “ Hi there, I just want to…

They don’t stop at the 2nd hang up, they call the next person on the list with the same level of enthusiasm. This is because they know you might have interrupted you, caught you on a bad day, or you might have had bad coffee that morning.

Bottom line? It’s a numbers game, so don’t hate the players; hate the game enough to increase your chances of winning.

By ToNighter


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The new breed of woman has taken this equality thing to it’s logical maximum and is effectively playing the game on the prowl: I’m going to call her Modern Girl.


Let’s be clear – this is more than the girl who understands she can say no to your advances and not be loudly questioned about her gender preference and certainly someone for whom there is no glass ceiling at the office: this modern woman is acting more like… a man.

Maybe you’ve dated one, maybe you haven’t. Sooner or later, you will have your own High Noon with Modern Girl: whether or not you survive will depend on how fast you can draw the conclusion that you’re dealing with one.

Have you seen any of these telltale traits lately?


The Good Traits

Your Wallet Will Thank You. Splitting the bill is the absolute norm for Modern Girl. She doesn’t even know what the concept of Going Dutch is about since she’s always expecting to pay her own way.

Heck, she might even out earn you – now there’s food for thought! Don’t panic, just roll with it: with the savings you’ll get from not having to pay for two all the time, that gorgeous 48” Rear Projection HDTV you’ve always wanted for the Ultimate SuperBowl party is finally within your financial means.

African celebs couple

I Need My Space. There’s nothing more irritating that a relationship with a needy chick who waits on your every word, expecting you to schedule two lives instead of one.

Modern Girl, on the other hand, has her own life & her own social circle. For her, a relationship with you isn’t enough reason to give that up. Celebrate the good news: the mid-week beer night with the boys will no longer have to roll on without you when you’re involved.

african celebs


Free Agent Status. Exclusivity is not always a requirement for Modern Girl – she’s smart enough to practice safe sex, but practice makes perfect and she’s OK with getting plenty of that with someone other than you.

If you’re horrified, think about it: you’d always wanted to swing a little and here is one girl who’s OK with it. The only problem is if she’s got designs on swinging with the same girl that you’re digging.

And there’s the sublime beauty of it all: you could end up in a ménage à trois without even trying. Perfect.

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Sex, Sex, Sex. Sex with Modern Girl happens sooner. She does not consider you carrying a selection of tastefully flavored condoms on the first date to be presumptuous.

Instead, she sees you as being on the same wavelength, which means ready to get naked on the first date. When I dated a Modern Girl, on our first time to her place, we were watching TV while I was desperately trying to figure out how to make the first move. Imagine my surprise when she got up, pulled the curtains shut, disrobed and gave me a mind-blowing oral assessment on the subject of why immediate intimacy is a good thing. Couldn’t agree more…


The Bad Traits

Welcome to the Off Season. One Modern Girl at my office, when she’s attached, shows up at work in boring clothes, minimal makeup and cheesy spectacles.

Not Hot, when she’s single, however, she struts in every morning wearing figure-hugging outfits, perfect make-up and contact lenses. Hot. Showing your true self once you are comfortable in a relationship was always something the guy did first, but now it’s a foot race on a two-way street.

Maybe that’s fair, but the biggest problem is that not all Modern Girls look good without that hour-long pre-date ritual in front of the mirror. ..Ouch..always look good no matter what…..


The Ugly Trait


Heads Up! Incoming! Guys have always dropped the bombshell when a relationship had hit a dead end. Now, either side can hit the red button and Chernobyl the relationship without any warning.

Guys have been dumped before for stuff like cheating or not paying enough attention, but when you get dumped just because she’s bored with you, you’ll do a gut check that finally tells you if you can handle Modern Girl’s modus operandi.

african celebs


Dating this new breed of Modern Girl is the wave of the future; as more women embrace these ideals and understand how it empowers them, you’ll only get shot down in flames if you don’t adjust your game plan.

I’m not suggesting that you need to start running trick plays to fool the other team, but you have to know how the game is being played to have a chance of enjoying the spoils of victory. If it all ends in a draw, relax – there’s no sudden death overtime here!

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By Kenneth J Delbridge /Tonighter 

Dating Outside Your Culture, Race, or Religion….They say opposites attract, but being in a mixed relationship isn’t always easy. In fact, although according to the US Census Bureau interracial and interfaith marriage rates are soaring, these relationships are also statistically more likely to fail. If it seems to you that your partner comes from another world entirely, though, there’s no need to freak out. Your relationship can be successful, as long as you follow some helpful tips.



African Celebs Relationships - dating


This, of course, goes without saying. Respect is important in any relationship, whether mixed or not. However, respect can become an even bigger issue in an interracial or interfaith relationship. You have to understand that your partner might be sensitive to certain things. For example, if your boyfriend keeps Kosher, try to respect that decision (that is, don’t make him pork for lunch).

Show Interest

People like to talk about themselves. They also like to talk about where they come from. So, if he or she is telling you a story about his or her childhood, especially if it’s a story that somehow connects to his or her culture, race, or religion, don’t be dismissive. Ask questions. Show him or her that you want to know more. Jim Keen, author of Inside Intermarriage: A Christian Partner’s Perspective on Raising a Jewish Family, says that you should always be open to learning for the relationship to work out.

Understand You Are Different

Even if you feel that your values and interests align, there will be many differences between you and your partner. This is normal in any relationship but might seem more pronounced in a mixed couple. That’s okay, though. The important thing is to face such differences, says Psychology Today, rather than avoid them. Discuss your differing viewpoints — calmly and with respect — and accept the other’s opinion. In the end, you might even celebrate these differences. The world would be a pretty boring place if we were all alike.

Leave Prejudice Behind

Even the most open-minded person can fall victim to prejudice. When you interact with your partner, try to see him or her as an individual, rather than as a culture, race, or religion. For example, if your partner is African American, refrain from calling things that he or she does are “ghetto.” After all, you probably wouldn’t say that if your partner belonged to the same race as you do.

Think About the Future

This is especially important for interfaith relationships. If you want to get married, who will officiate the ceremony? How will the children be raised? These are all questions to think about and to discuss openly and honestly. Leave plenty of room for compromise. A good way to start the conversation, according to Psychology Today, is to explain to your partner how your culture or religion does things, and listen carefully as your partner does the same.

Surround Yourselves With Love

Your families might not be supportive of your relationship. According to the National Social Science Association, it’s not only common for mixed couples to face prejudice from their families, but that said prejudice can be harmful to their relationship. If this is the case for you, make sure to surround yourselves with friends that understand and believe in your love. A strong support network is important to the success of any relationship.

Know That You’ll Both Make Mistakes

Don’t assume that you’ll understand everything the other person has gone through. For example, if your partner has experienced racism or discrimination, you might not be able to relate — and he or she might not want you to. Or, you might accidentally say something that is offensive to him or her. When this happens, both of you need to take a deep breath, cool off, and discuss the matter respectfully. In the end, you’ll learn from your mistakes.

Are you Dating Outside Your Culture, Race, or Religion? We would love to hear from you…