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Ideas for dating during COVID

Ideas for dating during COVID

Great Ideas for dating during COVID

Whether you are dating offline or online during this pandemic era, we hope some of the Ideas for dating during Covid below will help you.

The global pandemic has drifted us all away from each other. While that’s true for the physical part, it’s false for matters of the heart! Nothing can beat what two people feel for each other, and hence, dating during COVID is taking place in full swing.


Here are some fantastic online and offline dating ideas during the global pandemic!

1. Read a book together

Tune your feelings with the ideas and thoughts you learn from the written word!

couple goals

Do you and your partner share a favourite genre? Even if you don’t have a common ground, pick a book that you’d love to read with your beau. And if not a book, you could just read poetry to each other.

2. Paint or draw together

Art is the ultimate retreat for the creative couple!

couple painting

Choose a particular subject to draw or paint together. Or better yet, why not try drawing or painting each other? You could do this using a photo or even while going live on a video call.

3. Cook or bake a dish together

Pick a recipe that both of you love!

couple cooking 

Whether it’s a dinner dish or a cake, pick a recipe from the Internet (or share your own). Try cooking or baking while you’re on audio or video call to add to the fun! If you don’t want to try anything new, just make a drink or a cup of tea together.

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5. Watch a movie together

Did you know you could watch a movie online?

couple watching movie together

Websites like letsgaze and watch2gether allow two people to watch video content at the same time. So not only can the two of you watch in sync, but you can also chat and view each other on webcam live while you’re at it!

6. Go on photography trips

You could do photo tours – both online and offline!

dating photography trips 

Why not plan a tour around town solely to take photos? Visit important landmarks and sites or click the empty streets. Or you could even take photos live while on a video call.

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7. Go on an outdoor café date

Lunch and dinner dates are still pretty possible!

outdoor café date

If you and your partner live in the same city and with no problematic lockdown situation, why not meet up in an outdoor café? Remember to follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines, even if you have been vaccinated. It’s essential!

8. Go on a cycling adventure

Physical activities while maintaining social distancing can be quite refreshing!

Dating cycling adventure

Cycling is one of those sporty activities that you can easily do while keeping a distance. If you don’t have bicycles, get them on rent for you and your partner. Then, plan a trip to the countryside or if you already live there, what are you waiting for?


If you choose to convert any online date into an offline one, keep it short. Have fun but maintain social distancing. Don’t forget to wear your masks and carry your sanitisers with you. Also, avoid touching public spaces unnecessarily. Even if you’re vaccinated, it’s still essential to follow all COVID-19 SOPs while you’re dating in a pandemic!

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