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How To Be Happily Single in 2023

How To Be Happily Single in 2023

If you hate being single, romance novels and movies can leave you lusting after the desire for companionship. Love songs trigger thoughts of past romances and smooching couples make you quiver with jealousy. Being single, depending on how you view it, can be a miserable space to be in, but it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, being miserably single can cause you to chase potential mates away because you’re giving off negative energy. Consider the phenomenon that occurs when you find yourself in a committed relationship and suddenly, you’re getting more attention than you’ve ever had, mostly due to your glowing smile and self confidence. That essence is what makes you truly attractive and it shouldn’t go away just because you’re single.

It is important that you remain positive, open and active while you’re single so that you send the message that you’re not only available, you’re an absolute catch. Here are five ways you can learn to be happily single.

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1. Find Fun Solo Things To Do

If you’re a social butterfly, the idea of doing anything alone can sound boring, (if not complete torture) but a little alone time can be a great time for self reflection which can lead to a better you. Make alone time fun by filling that space with things you love to do. Whether that’s pampering yourself with a massage or getting a pedicure, watching a marathon of your favourite rite show while stuffing yourself with your favourite  ice-cream or singing loudly to your favourite  song while in your underwear. Stay away from activities that usually requires more than one person so that you never feel that void.


2. Hangout With Other Single People

Hanging around lovey-dovey couples can exacerbate your sense of loneliness and even cause you to feel like a failure. In anything you do, you should always align yourself with people and things that will uplift and energise you.

When you’re single, you should do ‘single people things’, which can span from clubbing to awesome road trips. Being single is an opportunity to do all kinds of crazy and fun things without the burden of having to check in with a partner, so use this time to carpe diem and experience life.

3. Date For Fun

Dating doesn’t have to be the chore it can become if you’re searching for a serious mate. Meeting new people can be fun, especially when you have no expectations. Keep these dates short and simple by meeting at a coffee shop or doing an activity. Be upfront with your desire to keep things light and feel free to be your unadulterated self.

If anything springs from any of those experiences it will be a bonus, but use this opportunity to rid yourself of self-doubt and insecurities that usually comes with meeting new people.

Are you single?

What’s your new year resolution regarding dating in 2023?

4. Learn How to Let Go

What has happened in the past is the past. Experiences, good or bad, should be used as your navigation through life. Depending on how your last relationship ended, you may be feeling guilty, resentful or even angry. Either way, those negative feelings can keep you from truly moving on. It also means carrying that same baggage to your next relationship which can affect your chances of success.

Letting go is easy if you understand that everything that happens is an opportunity for learning and doing better in the future. Allow yourself to look at things objectively, see what you could have done differently and improve on. Most importantly, focus on the positives rather than all the negatives. A half glass full mentality will keep you uplifted and motivated.

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5. Find Your Life’s Passion

Being single shouldn’t be the end of your life as you know it. Placing so much stock on someone else for your own happiness is a sign that you lack a sense of personal purpose. You should have your own raison d’être for waking up every morning. Have a vision for your life and how you can add value to the lives of others.

What are you good at? What would you like to do if you had nothing stopping you?

Use your time as a single person to find out what makes time stop and lights you up from the inside out.Then go out and do it!

Life is truly what you make it and the same can be said for love and relationships. Finding inner happiness is a quality that will help you live your best life with or without someone and helps make you a more attractive version of yourself in the long run.

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