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New Year’s Resolution…

New Year’s Resolution…

New Year Resolutions are promises people make after they’ve critically evaluated their life in the past years and would want to tow their life in a certain direction they perceive would yield success for them before the new year ends.

All too soon 2019 is ending in few hours and as usual, the tradition of people declaring their intentions about their lives whether good or bad into the new year on the New Year’s Eve here.

We’re going to look at the most 20 new year resolution people make, how some people are able to stick to it and effect changes in


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their livelihoods whiles others refuse to focus on what promises made during 31st night over the years.


Below are the most declarations made almost every year;

1. People decide to be mentally strong, thus, letting go of what broke them or saddened them in the preceding years, make life a happy one and be positive minded.

2. Living healthy lifestyles, this includes regular exercises, eating healthy foods, avoiding junk foods, losing weight or growing thick in a healthy way.

3. Making time with their devotion in their fellowship with God.

4. Focusing on being more charitable, donating to the orphanages, street children, homeless etc.

5. Grow financially, do a lot of savings and clearing debts.

6. Making new links, friends and join new associations. And fellowships.

7. Improving on oneself, being more organised, reduction in stress, quality sleep and time management.



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8. Spending more time with family members, getting to know relatives more.

9. Developing educational life, thus reading more books, learning new languages.

10. Quit procrastination.

11. Improve businesses, get part-time jobs and earn more money.

12. Finding a potential life partner to talk to, discuss issues and make close ties.

13. Improve in fashion, dress decent, nice looking outfits and more unique styles of dressing.

14. Stop Smoking and alcohol.



15. Cruise around the world, explore new places and beautiful environments in the world.

16. Regular checkups at the hospital, seeing a doctor more often.

17. Getting over old relationships, getting over your ex.

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18. Improving confidence level.

19. Less active on social media and listening to news more.

20. Controlling one’s emotions and reducing anger.


These are the common resolution people make every year as part of the new year’s tradition.

However, the declaration when made, people fail to stick to their own rules, promises and life changing ideas

but few people are also able to abide by these promises because of their level of determination and inspiration.

Those who focus on their resolutions make a documentation of their resolutions, get to know themselves better, profess and sometimes share their declarations with others and get a reminder.

People who are able to focus, psyche their mind and discipline themselves as well.

On the other hand, if one fails to believe in oneself that, gradually they can make it, they get to slack in the first two months of the year.

Research have indicated that about 80% of people fail.

Were you able to meet all your  2019 resolutions ?  Congratulations if you did if you did not, it is not a big deal 2020 is another new year accomplish your dreams.



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