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5 Ways To Use Your Online Dating Profile To Attract Mr Right

5 Ways To Use Your Online Dating Profile To Attract Mr Right


There’s no denying that online dating is the way to go when looking for a new mate in the modern world. There are thousands of sites with hundreds of niches that most of us can use to find the best matches in an efficient manner and time frame.  Since you’re not meeting face to face, your online profile becomes your calling card. It’s the first impression any guy who is checking you out will judge you by so it needs to say everything you want it to say about you.

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Unless you’re just having fun, you should use your profile to weed out the rift raft so that you’re getting mostly quality prospects contacting you. Here are 5 ways you can use your online profile to attract the right guy.


1. Choose The Right Dating Service

As mentioned above, there are hundreds if not thousands of online-dating services vying for your attention and dollars ranging from top-tier types like E-Harmony and Chemistry to the AdultFinders and OkCupid. It is the first thing you should consider before venturing into the world of online dating.

Understand that simply based on pricing, you will find a different quality of men. It’s not to say that the less expensive sites won’t have great catches, but you’ll certainly have to throw a lot more fish back to find the better ones. You get what you pay for, even in love. The top tier sites tend to be better monitored and have better search algorithms. The cheaper low tiered ones tend to be filled with predators and fake profiles so you should spring for the best you can get. If you fit into neat niches such as JDate for Jewish dating and ChristianMingle for Christians, you can narrow the field even more, getting you closer to your Mr. Right.

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2. Choose An Appropriate Username

What’s in a name? Everything. Gumdrop211, Sexkitt’n or LusciousLipsXXX are great attention grabbing user names, but they also sound like great names for strippers and porn stars. What does your Username say about you? When choosing a username, opt for something creative that can double as a description for your interests. For example, AdvnturSeekr101, FoodieCutie, Fool4Luv. Keep the over the top sexual names for your bedroom exploits.

3. Post Proper Pics

Posting bikini shots may get you plenty of attention, but if you’re looking for a serious potential mate, your approach will have to be different. Pictures can say a thousand words and you want those words to be the right ones. Consider what your photos say about you. Shots that reveal too much skin can paint a picture of a party girl who is looking for a good time.


Opt for a head-and-shoulders shot of yourself as your first photo. Include up to 5 or 6 other photos. If fitness is a big deal for you and you’d like to show off your awesome body, there are tasteful ways to do it. Try a hot dress, which says that you’re a social butterfly or even work out gear which says you’re a health nut. You want to leave some things to the imagination. In turn, they won’t assume you’re an easy roll in the hay.

4. Treat your profile description like a Resume

If you think of dating like trying to land a dream job, then you should take it just as seriously and explain how great of a candidate you are. It doesn’t mean you should get all serious and lose all your sense of humor, but you should use that space to express your personality. If you’re a serious type, your writing should convey that. Are you funny and happy go-lucky? Use language that will get that point across. Be as descriptive about your interests. Keep it concise and give just enough to have them wanting more by messaging you.


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5. Say What You Want

In the process of talking about yourself you can forget the most important thing. Letting seekers know exactly what you’re looking for. ‘A nice guy’ isn’t good enough. You should be just as descriptive about your desire for what you want in a potential partner. Specific interests, age range, religious affiliations are great things to be specific about. You can say what you ‘don’t’ want, but try not to be crass. Use words like MUST BE, to convey those things you’re absolutely serious about.

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The world of online dating can be a frustrating and even scary experience. Making sure you show your best side will help you cut through the clutter. Take it seriously and follow your instincts.


The right guy will find you, if you present yourself as the right girl for him, plain and simple.

Happy Dating!

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