Ian Jazzi and Wanlov the Kubolor present ‘Kaaklo’ as official meal for Year of Return

‘Kaaklo’ is the second single off the upcoming HIC (Here I Come) album by Ghanaian/Nigerian rapper and actor, Ian Jazzi.

The song, which was produced by Fyber Beatz, employ’s the humorousness of Ghanaian musician, Wanlov the Kubolor, who doesn’t disappoint. 

The song begins with an intro by Wanlov who questions what’s in his plate, describes its mushy and oily nature, before concluding he can only take a ”pisa” – he meant pizza as he didn’t know what food it was.

Ian Jazzi steps in to officially begin, flowing mainly in the Ga dialect, he paints a brief picture of of his childhood with the lyric;

”Kiddi time, 3years/6 o’clock, I make set”, describing his daily enthusiasm for the meal which is still well-known for its affordability and yes,

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he used to thank God for the latter because the meal was mad tasty.

Ian then slides in with the hook, which tells us how he’s ”on that” meal and its seller, every morning.

On verse two, Ian paints the previous picture again, but with the act now aged 30 and it seems times have changed: there’s no ”aborboi” together with its seller!

Wanlov then takes center stage after another hook with a bunch of lyrics that listeners conversant with the Ga dialect will certainly giggle at and appreciate.

The hook lands one last time, with an outro by Wanlov apologizing for his earlier remarks (in the outro) and requesting the meal as he claims it made his tongue feel – we’d leave you to catch that!

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The song is accompanied by a food-documentary style music video directed by Mutombo Da Poet and shot around North Kaneshie area.

The piece showcases the preparation of the meal amid wild performances by Ian Jazzi and Wanlov the Kubolor.

‘Kaaklo’ is made from overly ripe plantain that attains a mushy texture and is usually enjoyed with Aborboi, a local name for Bambara beans.

That combination of Kaaklo and Aborboi seems to have found a special place in Ian Jazzi’s heart and we can tell from his verses that it was certainly his favorite dish as a boy and even now.

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“There are too many young Nigerian Women engaging in prostitution in Ghana” – eShun

Ghanaian Musician eShun has observed that the number of young Nigerian girls who are engaging in commercial sex activities in Ghana is alarming. She made the statement on her Facebook page update on International Women’s Day.

During a telephone interview this Friday 8 March 2018 on International Women’s Day, the UNHCR High-Level Supporter called on relevant authorities to find decent jobs for the girls who seem to be mostly trafficked to Ghana to engage in such illegal activities.

eShun who expressed outrage on the matter when asked to elaborate on her Women’s Day message stated that there is an increasing number of Nigerian female citizens engaging in illicit activities in large parts of Ghana.  She elaborated,

“You would see these ladies standing in some areas where prostitutes stand to engage in their activities.

I have seen them in areas such as Wejia, Tema, Cantonment Roundabout, East Legon, Takoradi Vienna City, Kumasi Vienna City, Spintex Ecobank Area, etc.  

After speaking to many of the ladies, I discovered that several of them are Nigerians.  The sad part of this is that most of them are very young girls between the ages of 15 and 16, maybe 17 years old”. ~ eShun


There are too many young Nigerian Women engaging in prostitution in Ghana - eShun.jpg

The Akyia Hitmaker indicated that the activities of these young girls is denting the image of both Nigeria and Ghana, “I have learned a lot from the Nigerian music industry, been there countless times and Nigeria is and will always be a part of not just me but many Ghanaians.

It is a beautiful country so it hurts to see these girls, especially at such a young age being involved in such activities.”

“Anytime I see them I sometimes approach and talk to them, realizing how young some of them are, I imagine them being in school and doing something better with themselves.

Even if it means going from door to door to do laundry, being a domestic worker to earn an income and start something on their own, perhaps even learn a trade to equip themselves for the future.

This would be much better than engaging in commercial sex activities. I have younger sisters and seeing these young ladies is heartbreaking”, the Someone Loves Me Hitmaker lamented during the telephone interview.

The singer also stated that, it was high time the Nigerian community in Ghana supported the Nigerian High Commissioner and the Ghanaian Government to work at nipping such negative activities in the bud because indeed this puts both Nigeria and Ghana in a bad light.

The Highlife star revealed during our conversation seeing the police turning a blind eye to the situation, claiming, “Sometimes you see the policemen around but the ladies continue their solicitation as though they were not around. I feel if the police were doing their job well, we as a nation may be able to curb this problem.

I once asked a woman who sells food near one of the solicitation hotspots about the situation and she said even the police patronize their services!  I can’t fathom why girls of that age who should be in school studying are on the streets practicing prostitution?” eShun wondered.

eShun made these comments Friday 8 March 2019 on International Women’s Day where she concluded that more can be done within the nation and by our women, in particular, to support our more vulnerable ones in society.


Written By: Nadia Abena Addo