Award winning Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah made her first onscreen appearance on the popular Ghanaian TV series ‘Things We Do for Love’ in 2001. Jackie  became an instant hit, the whole nation was smitten with her sweet and adorable character..

She has since starred in over 50 Ghanaian and Nigerian movies. Jackie has received several awards and nominations, including the awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2010 Africa Movie Academy Awards…


Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah is a Humanitarian and an avid advocate for protection against HIV/AIDs in Africa.


Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah.

Award winning Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah is a year older today. Join African Celebs in wishing her an awesome birthday! Wishing Jackie more Success, Happiness and Good Health.

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What is your favourite Jackie Appiah Movie/s? 

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done~ proverbs 19 17”

Did you know Jackie Appiah celebrates her birthday every year by giving back to the community!?

Jackie Appiah celebrated her birthday  with the kids of “Safe Haven Foster Home. The talented gorgeous took to her social media platform to share the amazing photos (original video)  Looking at the joy on the all the kids faces, we know for God will continue to bless this kind hearted selfless award winning actress.

On 5th, December 2016 Jackie Appiah spent her birthday with the kids of Safe Haven Foster Home
On 5th, December 2016 Jackie Appiah spent her birthday with the kids of Safe Haven Foster Home

Celebs who give back: More about Jackie Appiah

Such an inspiration! We hope other celebs will follow Jackie’s footsteps. Keep up the good work! 

All Credit To Jackie Appiah


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