SBE, Mr. Mageek, Jhuicy, and Dead Peepol has a mouthful for critics on their new single ‘Yenti’ (On the Streets)

 Sabi Boy Entertainment (SBE) head honcho Mr. Mageek kicks off the weekend with a hyper expressive video for his intense new single ‘Yenti’ (On the Streets), featuring label signee, Jhuicy, and musical duo, Dead Peepol.

Previewed on SBE’s official YouTube channel, the colorful string of sweeping visuals play on the charismatic energy captured in the song itself. Kojo Myles, the director in charge, takes things a notch higher by reimagining a post-apocalyptic Accra, Ghana where the song’s nonconformist air and lyrics feel right at home. 

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There’s simply no mundane shot in the video’s entire run, with fans set to enjoy a plethora of images which primarily includes a Joker-styled Mr. Mageek as he revels in the anarchy at hand, amid other eye-pleasing shots worth experiencing.

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But it’s not an all-visual affair, Mr. Mageek, Jhuicy, and Dead Peepol shine in their delivery, content, and on-screen antics, drawing listeners in on the song’s message all the same; one that launches a quick swipe at critics as well as their baseless remarks.

Check ‘Yenti’ out here

Jhuicy, Spurz Romeo and Mr Mageek collaborate to turn their romantic woes into a restorative and soothing song titled ‘Mabr3’ (I Don Tire).

Done atop a Keylex production, ‘Mabr3’ (I Don Tire)’ is graced with a drab piano interlude which perfectly assumes its mood right from the start.

The emotive tune has Jhuicy, Spurz Romeo and Mr Mageek vent some frustrations that spring from a relationship on the rocks, amid a hook centered on unapologetically moving on from unrequited love.

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This 3-minute song comes off as a well-done Ghana-Nigeria collaboration and as such bears a warmth listeners are sure to drift to.

The voices involved also do a good job in adding a layer of emotional depth to the song, one sure to resonate with audiences per its melodic and lyrical value.

The ‘Juju’ crooner is enroute to better things and with her eye-popping visuals for the said single still fresh on the minds of many, ‘Mabr3’ (I Don Tire) has a solid foundation for Jhuicy’s fame to build on.

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