Roble MusseA Somali born entrepreneur, Roble Musse based in Seattle, has developed a application known as Coinfling that will cut the cost and time it takes for Africans living in the US to send money to Africa.

Roble, a former Microsoft employee was tired of the travel, fees and difficulty of the traditional monetary transfer system when he wanted to send cash back home. Roble says CoinFling was born out of personal frustration with having to travel far to receive money transfers.

Musse told CCTV Africa “Africa has one of the highest cost of money transfer. So there is defiantly an opportunity for s company trying to really and provide value to the market place,”

“Money transfer that is how we feed our family. We work so hard here in America, but also our families back home they depend on us. Every month we have to send money,” Haybe Jamaac, a taxi driver that contributed part of the initial capital that started CoinFling, 

Exciting news for money-transfer users!



MTV ShugaShuga is a television soap opera based in Nairobi, Kenya. Shuga follows the lives of a vibrant group of students whose love for fun and adventure leads them places they’ve never dreamt of threading and into situations they’d rather not be in.  Oscar award winning Lupita Nyong’o starred in Shuga…

Shuga is a big hit in Africa and is aired in 40 different African countries

Enjoy this intense TV series on Relationships, Love, Sex, Money…

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125-Nigerians-attend-Northeastern-Universit 125 Nigerian students125 college students from Nigeria  have received full scholarships from their government to attend college in Boston. Fifty-three of the 125 students selected to participate in the program arrived in Boston on Monday accompanied by a Nigerian presidential adviser. The students came from some of the most deprived regions of Nigeria. The U.S. Pathway Program, which consists of a consortium of American universities offering an academic preparation program that becomes a pathway to a college degree, and the Nigerian government are working to fund the students’ scholarships, which include money for tuition, books, and room and board.  Read more: