Tanzanian Actress, Model, Musician and Entrepreneur Hamisa Mobetto  is a year older today. Join us in wishing this stunning and gorgeous superstar an awesome day!


Hamisa Mobeto has been one of the most sensational young figures of Tanzania, especially with her personal life. Her on & off relationship with musician Diamond Platinumz is no different than a soap opera. 

She was born in Mwanza, Tanzania in December 1994. She went to Mabatini Primary school and continued her secondary education at St. Kayumba.

Her modelling career began in 2010 when she joined school competitions. The one that she participated was called Miss XXL organized by XXL Clouds Radio Media. She won the competition and earned the crown as Miss XXL.

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This triggered further success when she went on to participate on another beauty contest Miss Indian Ocean. She also competed in another regional contest called Miss Kindoni.

She came the second in both of them. Although she didn’t win, her performance made her qualified to compete for Miss Tanzania and Miss University Africa. She was placed among the top 10 in both contests.

In the meantime, she appeared on media in various video clips. One of them was the video for the song Salome by the famous musician Diamond Platinumz.

Hamisa’s mother has been the biggest support all along as she helped her raise the children, allowing Hamisa to continue with her modelling career.

Hamisa set the social media ablaze with one of her music videos, when she shared intimate poses with a mystery handsome male for her music video Tunaendana.

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Last year, Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa met at the same event on the stage where Diamond Platnumz received an award. It was nice that they have put any issues aside and were civil to each other at the event in TZ.


Some of her songs include, Madam Hero, Sensema, My Love, Sawa, Boss

Photo Credit: Hamisa Mobetto

albinoOscar Haule is a Tanzanian businessman. He’s not an albino, but he has a vision for albinos. This is the story of a unique football team. In recent years, albinos have been murdered in Tanzania, some as young as six months old, while others have been attacked with machetes and their limbs cut off while alive. Oscar Haule is a Tanzanian businessman. He’s not an albino, but he has a vision for albinos. He wants the world to recognize that albinos are just like everybody else; they can do what others do; they are human beings and should not be killed. He decided that this message could be best spread by example and exposure- and in a world fueled for so many by soccer, what better way than a soccer team with albino players?

Football offers them a rare tool to undermine the limitations  imposed upon them as they travel into the heart of the areas with the highest numbers of Albino killings, one of which is Mwanza. The documentary effectively balances dark insights into the inhuman treatment of Albinos with uplifting scenes of the teams progression from failure to success.

The team members’ mischievous smiles  along with their animated coach, found the audience laughing one minute while silently transfixed to the screen the next.

For more information about this team please contact
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Let’s all help them achieve their dream!