As Africa’s struggle with poverty, corruption, and civil wars continues, we are left to wonder if Africa is all about corrupt leaders.

Luckily, there are a few presidents who are trying their best to bring peace and welfare to their country.


Based on International Corruption Index and Ibrahim Index of African Governance, 10 best presidents of African have been ranked. Let’s take a look. (In no particular order)


Nana Addo has brought peace to Ghana after decades of military rule. Today, Ghana holds the position as one of the economic powers of Africa.

Under Addo’s presidency, the country has improved greatly through Free High Education policy, and a 7-year Co-ordinated Programme for reforming the economy.



Rwanda has evolved and economically grown thanks to the two decades of Kagame’s rule. He ended the 1994 genocide and unified the country that was divided.

Following the economic trends of China and Singapore, he tried to implement their strategies in Rwanda’s economies through his development plan called Vision 2020.





Seychelles has the highest CPI score and the least corruption in Africa thanks to Faure.

The former Vice President was elected in 2016 and worked towards increasing the employment rate, as well as equality and human rights.


Botswana is among the top 3 African countries in Peace Index, as well as the African country with the most stable economy.

President Masisi has a big role in it, just like when he was the minister of education until 2018.

He has experience at the United Nations and UNICEF, which he uses to improve the country’s education and employment rate, as well as nature conservation.

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Before becoming the president in 2015, Geingob was the prime minister from 1990 till 2002. During those years, he worked towards improving the security and human rights.


Ever since Sall came to power in 2012, Senegal has become one of the business hubs of West Africa. It is now the sixth fastest growing economy in the continent.

Sall also worked towards ending corruption by reducing the state spending, and the salaries of the directors of agencies.

Photo credit: Macky Sall President of Senegal


He also founded the National Anti-corruption Office. His other aim was to reduce the cost of living by reducing the price of rice, sugar, and oil.


Ramaphosa had a lot to fix after predecessor Jacob Zuma, who resigned after charges of corruption.

Ramaphosa has worked towards land reforms and human rights, which both have high scores among other African countries.

He also managed to maintain the position of the country’s economy as the second largest in Africa.

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Essebsi was elected right after 2014’s revolution, so he put a lot of effort to restore the public sector transparency.

He also made Tunisia the second country in Africa to outlaw racism. Tourism and security have also improved drastically since 2014.


Initially the prime minister, Othmani was appointed in 2017 as the president.

He has improved the country’s infrastructure by establishing Africa’s first high-speed train line. He is very well-educated with master degrees in psychology and Islamic studies.


President Kabore previously served as the head of the national assembly, as well as the prime minister. Since 2015, he developed the safety and international relations of Burkina Faso, especially with Ghana and the United States.


Congratulations are in order!

Rwandan president Paul Kagame took to his social media handle expressing his joy as he welcomes his grandchild and congratulated the his daughter Ange Kagame and hubby.

The president confirmed in a tweet that his family has been in a joyous moment because his daughter has given him the chance to be officially called a grandpa. 

The post has attracted a lot of exciting reactions on various social media pages by Rwandans, celebrities, fans and friends around the world. congratulatory messages have been poured on the social media pages of the couple as well.

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Ange Kagame, the second child and only daughter, of the president has welcomed her first child with his husband exactly a year after their marriage.

Ange Kagame is married

Ange and her husband, Bertrand Ndengeyingoma got married last year in the month of July. The couple’s church marriage took place in a private ceremony at the Intare Conference Arena in Kabuki Rwanda.


Photo Credit: Ange Kagame | President Paul Kagame

WCM: Meet Ange Kagame, the only daughter of the current president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame. She is widely known for her causes and charity work.

The stunning and gorgeous Philanthropist is positively impacting her country.

Ange kagame and father Paul Kagame
Ange kagame and father Paul Kagame


She is a strong advocate for empowering women, a strong advocate of education and eradication of poverty as well emphasising disease immunization campaigns.

Ange Kagame was born in 1993 in Brussels and completed her education abroad away from the public eye. She went to Wellesley, Massachusetts to study political science with a minor in African studies.

Her first public appearance was in 2014 when she accompanied her father to the White House for a dinner hosted by Former President Barack Obama.

She currently continues her master’s degree in International Affairs at Columbia University, while working for several causes that focus on women’s empowerment, education, mass vaccination campaigns and poverty.


She is a patron of various charitable organisations and women empowerment, disease immunization campaigns, education and eradication of poverty are things she loves taking part in.

Ange Kagame practicing her basket weaving skills, with the amazing women over at the Rwanda Women's Opportunity Center in Kayonza
Ange Kagame practicing her basket weaving skills, with the amazing women over at the Rwanda Women’s Opportunity Center in Kayonza

Ange Kagame’s mother, Jeannette Kagame the first lady of Rwanda is also very passionate about charity work. Some of her charities includes Imbuto Foundation, OALFA (Organization of African first Ladies against HIV/AIDS), PACFA (Protection and Care of Families against HIV/AIDS) 

Ange Kagame and mother, Jeannette kagame who is also very passionate about charity work
Ange Kagame & mother, Jeannette kagame who is also very passionate about charity work

In addition to her local dialect and English Ange Kagame speaks fluent French as well. 

Learn more, Follow President Paul Kagame on Facebook

Sorry guys, she’s taken! Ange Kagame got married to Bertrand Ndengeyingoma last year


Photo credit: Ange Kagame fan page//Ange Kagame/Twitter

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Paul Kagame is an ex-military leader. He is currently the president elect and the fourth president of Rwanda in the political history of Rwanda.

As part of his growth in politics, he served as a vice president and a prime Minister of Defense between the years, 1994 and 2000 in Rwanda.

President Kagame has been noted as the “most inspiring “and one of the “most authoritarian” leaders in Africa.

Despite his despotic personality, he stands for positive things and discipline making the best out of Rwanda.

Today, Rwanda is one of the African countries growing strongly in almost all the dimensions of development.

The president has set his priorities right in terms of developments for his country.


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Following a program launched to develop Rwanda as a middle-income country, the country is now seen climbing the success ladder in areas including healthcare,

education, law and order and building close ties with the East African countries, the United States, Asia and France.

Kagame’s foremost plan was to help curb the situation of genocide among the citizens of Rwanda as a leader, which raised a lot of doubt about his decision since, some Rwandan leaders were notoriously known for their killing.

However, Kagame is proving some people wrong. Today, there’s stability among the people of Rwanda, killing acts has stopped with people being treated fairly.

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His style of governance has indeed brought peace in the country, minimized corruption and lifted the banner of Rwanda across the African continent and beyond.

Resulting in great investment plans in the areas of trade and banking, the industrialized countries have given the less industrialized ones including Rwanda to link up and benefit from their manufactured goods.

His government has also invested in private sectors and in technology. Today, Rwanda is one of the must visit African beautiful countries.


H.E Paul Kagame the president of Rwanda is a year older today. Join us in wishing him an amazing day! He’s currently the 

4th President of Rwanda.


Photo Credit: Rwanda the Heart of Africa


President Paul Kagame is the tallest president in Africa. He is married to Jeannette Kagame and are blessed with 4 children.

Ange Kagame, Brian Kagame, Ian Kagame and Ivan Cyomoro Kagame.


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Enjoy this beautiful video of Rwanda 






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Photo Credit: Paul Kagame