The award winning TV presenter and host of  The ‘Stand Point’ Gifty Anti has told Graphic Showbiz about her new man and also about the fact that she is not in a rush into marry.

“I don’t hate men and I’m not against marriage. Besides, it is not the woman who decides but the man. The woman can only drop hints but the final decision depends on the man and what he wants. I think I will marry when my man is ready but if not, I don’t think I’m so desperate for it” says Gifty.

Gifty Anti .

She also spoke about the challenges and pressure from both her family and society. Gifty Anti,  like most christians believe 

when is comes to marriage God’s time is the best, she believes marriage is not a race!

Gifty also added that, the Ghanaian mentality that successful women drive away potential partners should be changed, instead they should be proud of successful women.

“That is what our society has turned women into. How can a lady’s success drive away the men who claim they appreciate her? Shouldn’t they rather take pride in their success?  But that is the society we live in. If you are not strong, you fall for it”, 

She confirmed that “In the past, I used to envy married couples but with years of experience, I’ve grown to admire them. I’ve come to realize that we all have a purpose in this life and it is for everyone to appreciate his/her usefulness on this earth.

“Everybody has the destiny. I know married women who have excelled and single women as well. I don’t think a person’s contribution to society should be weighed by the marital status,”…

Keep up the good work!

We wish Gifty Anti all the best of luck. 

Sheila-Gashumba- Sheila-Gashumba-4 Sheilah GashumbaUgandan TV presenter, Model, Writer and MC Sheilah Gashumba has been nominated in the 12th-15th of August Kadanke Youth Festival Awards in the category of Best Female TV Personality.

The Kadanke which known for their ever-new ideas,  is joining the rest of the world in celebrating international youth day to stage the first ever national youth festival dubbed GO-YOUTH FESTIVAL AND AWARDS under the theme: ‘BUILDING A BETTER UGANDA, PARTNERING WITH YOUTH’.