A federal judge has ordered a halt to President Obama’s amnesty orders Thousands of undocumented immigrants are set  to begin applying Wednesday for President Obama’s program to allow them to stay and work legally in the USA. This  first phase of Obama’s plan to protect up to 4 million undocumented immigrants from deportation is mired in uncertainty as congressional Republicans try to derail the program through legislation and state leaders try to block it in federal court.

The first of those programs was scheduled to start receiving applications on Wednesday. The immediate impact of the ruling is that up to 270,000 undocumented immigrants nationwide who came to the United States as children will not be able to apply for deportation protection under an expansion of an existing executive program. A larger new program is scheduled to begin in May….

On Nov. 20, last year,  President Obama created a new program for undocumented immigrants called Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA). It grants protected immigration status and work permits to the parents of a US citizen or lawful permanent resident. Estimates are that DAPA could benefit as many as 3.7 million individuals who are currently in the US without legal authorization.

Barack Obama enforces US immigration overhaulPresident Obama to undocumented immigrants ‘You can come out of the shadows and get right with the law ‘  Under Mr Obama’s plan, undocumented parents of children who are US citizens or legal residents will be able to apply for work permits lasting three years.

President Obama  announced on Thursday broad executive action to offer temporary relief from deportation to millions of undocumented immigrants, saying that the separation of families or the oppression of low-wage immigrant workers is “not who we are as Americans.”

Up to five million are expected to benefit from a reform package forced through using executive orders, which allow Mr Obama to bypass Congress.  They include immigrants living in the US for five years who have children staying legally in the US. There are estimated to be 11 million illegal immigrants in the US.

“If you’ve been in America for more than five years; if you have children who are American citizens or legal residents; if you register, pass a criminal background check, and you’re willing to pay your fair share of taxes – you’ll be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily, without fear of deportation,” he said in a nationally televised address from the East Room of the White House. “You can come out of the shadows and get right with the law.”

Republicans have accused the president of an “illegal power-grab”.

Under Mr Obama’s plan, undocumented parents of children who are US citizens or legal residents will be able to apply for work permits lasting three years.

Only parents who have lived in the US for five years will qualify – about four million people are estimated to fit this criterion.

Hundreds of thousands more will benefit from other changes, including a decision to broaden a scheme giving temporary legal status to those who arrived in the US as children….

What great news! Now Millions and Millions of undocumented immigrants would be able to travel see their families, Work freely….


President Obama There’s good news for undocumented immigrants in the US. According to reports President Barack Obama intends to order changes that will significantly refocus the activities of the US governments 12,000 immigration agents.

New York times reports that President Obama is putting the finishing touches to a “memorandum that will allow lots of undocumented immigrants who have stayed and worked in the US for years and had children in the US obtain the necessary legal documents they need to stay and work in America.

Although Republicans are protesting against this move, President Obama will go ahead and announce as soon as next week an extensive revamp of the country’s immigration enforcement system that will protect up to 5 million undocumented immigrants the threat of deportation and provide them with work permits, according to officials who have direct knowledge of the plan.

This action may cover farm workers who migrated into the country illegally and are working with the nation’s agricultural sector; it will also extend to legal immigrants who have high -tech skills.

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