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The Most Inspirational Woman In Tech, Mary Spio is a Deep Space engineer and Founder and CEO of


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She has created technologies and content solutions for global titans such as Lucas Films, Universal Music, Microsoft XBOX, Facebook, Boeing and more.

In addition to the above, she is on the Board of Facebook’s Oculus VR for Good and Amazon’s Launchpad. A U.S. Air Force Veteran, as well as a scientific reviewer for the United States Department of Defense (DOD). 

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Mary Spio‘s Company CEEK, is a streaming service for virtual events and experiences that enables live events and content creators to generate revenue by extending their reach across multiple devices. feature the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment including Dwyane Wade, Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi,  Demi Lovato, DL Hughley, Ziggy Marley, Sarkodie and more. 

Mary Spio has created various patents and technology innovations

Mary Spio is an accomplished novelist (A Song for Carmine) and Bestselling author of It’s Not Rocket Science: 7 Game-Changing Traits for Achieving Uncommon Success Penguin Books….


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The iconic reggae pioneer has been reported dead in a statement by his music band, Toot and Maytals. He was 77 years.

The heartbreaking news was posted on the official twitter account of the band in the early hours of September 12 which stated that,

the ace reggae musician from Jamaica who influenced the reggae music died peacefully at the University Hospital of West Indies, Kingston Jamaica whiles he was surrounded by his family members.


His death occurred on September 11 but there hasn’t been any information about the cause of his death.

However, the family has showed appreciation to the health workers who gave them immense support during the time he was seeking medical attention.


Again, the statement release suggests that, during this mourning and trying times for the family of the deceased, the public should respect the privacy of the family.

Whiles he was put into intensive care, there were rumors circulating just few days after his hospitalization that the artist had kicked the bucket which the rumors was later refuted.

In a statement, the minister dismissed the death claims and disclosed to the public that indeed Toot has been very ill and in critical condition but he was in a stable condition and being closely monitored by healthcare professionals at the time.

The minister then urged the public to stop spreading the negative news and rather support the family with prayers as well as positive thoughts. She also pleaded with the public to donate blood for the reggae star as he receives medical care.

A lot of messages of condolence from loved ones started pouring in after the announcement.

Many of these tributes included that of Ziggy Marley’s which describes the legend as a father who through his musical lyrics influenced his life.

He also asserted that few weeks before his death, he had the chance to speak to the reggae icon, expressed his love for him and shared mutual respect.


For over 50years the group have been relevant with back to back hits and noted as the legends and pioneers of ska and reggae music.

He is regarded as the inventor of the word “reggae” because he was the first artist to use the word “reggae” in his song titled, “Do the Reggay”.

With his group, they were able to bag home several awards in a competition with songs like, Bam Bam (1966), Sweet and Dandy (1969), and Pomps and Pride in 1972. Other songs the group is well-known for include, Pressure Drop, Monkey Man, Country Roads, and Tough Time.

Our thoughts and prayers are the family!


Photo Credit: Toots Hibbert Instagram


Ziggy Marley’s Livestream Concert in collaboration with Ceek Virtual Reality was an hour-long period of reminiscing the power of Reggae music introduced by the legendary Bob Marley.

Ziggy Marley gave the world an astonishing performance of his dad’s reggae classics, bringing back the memories of the all-time reggae legend, Bob Marley.

In enforcing the social distancing protocols against the spread of Covid -19 pandemic, the program organised by the Ceek VR  was clearly under the social distancing measures. It was a well decorated studio with Bob Marley’s picture displayed on a large screen.

Ziggy Marley’s band were separated with transparent barriers and were seen in their face masks. The 51-year-old reggae star astarted with his father’s Root. Rock. Reggae song released in 1976 on his eighth studio album.

He paid tribute to Bob Marley with the most outstanding and powerful tunes from his father like “Get Up, Stand Up”, “One Love”, “Exodus”, “Redemption Song”, Them Belly Full”  and more.


As part of the 75th global celebration of Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley was interviewed by Ceek.

The program indeed served the purpose of reliving the memorable moments of Bob Marley with fans across the world and his passion for bringing people together through music.

Huge reggae music lovers were able to connect, come together and enjoy themselves in such a serene atmosphere on the virtual concert.

The program was dubbed 75th celebration part 1 which means a lot more live stream concert will be performed as part of the celebration.

Ziggy Marley’s  Livestreams Concert is the best show we’ve seen on YouTube. Visuals  are top shelf. Next level!

Photo Credit: Ceek  | Ziggy Marley

In case you missed it. Enjoy!