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London-based singer, Ashleigh Bankx is the latest soul/R&B singer to come out of the UK’s thriving scene and she’s making a statement at the top of the year with the release of her brand-new single, ‘Angel’.

Only the independent artist’s first official release, ‘Angel’ is a sultry, impassioned love song that arrives with accompanying visuals to set the tone for Valentine’s Day and anyone that’s experienced the rollercoaster of emotions associated with love.

Inspired by the likes of Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and Rihanna, as well as music from her Zimbabwean roots, Ashleigh brings back a much-welcomed throwback neo-soul sound of yesteryear with a unique, modern twist.

Speaking on the release, Ashleigh says, ‘’Angel is about self-liberation, understanding and valuing yourself through past experiences with relationships and society.


The song centers around the concept of self-love, self-confidence, self-pride and unity – taking you on a journey through a relationship between two lovers. I wanted the listener to be able to determine what emotion and mood they felt when they listened to the song’’.

‘Angel’ shines a light firmly on Ashleigh’s candid lyricism and voice. It’s a voice that exudes soulfulness and raw, authentic emotion and is the perfect vessel for her music’s exploration of the love and pain we experience in our everyday life and everyday relationships.

With her first release of 2021 now uncovered and an EP series scheduled for release in the coming year, Ashleigh is set to make a big impact and will surely be one to watch out for this year.

Listen to ‘Angel’ on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

Having no formal educational background in arts, Brandon Mkhululi Muchenje has grown to evolve an ability to use different art mediums like pens, pencils, and others to create different creative ideas that carry their unique messages in visually striking expressions.

His journey started with the first major painting he did from a picture in a magazine.

The young artist tells reporters that “When I look back I’m taken by the fact that it is possible to develop your talent as long as you are very determined, no matter what seems to be lacking.

This he says is a result of the resolve he reached to continually motivate himself and learn on his own and from others he admires.

Muchenje, a Zimbabwean, is currently a final year Bachelor of Commerce in Law student at Monash University in South Africa. From 2016, the quest for him to reach higher heights in the art world has been burning in him. He nurtured this yearning through self-tutoring.

He revealed to that he is “currently moving towards customizing clothes with art,” a new skill he is teaching himself to also master.

In finding out what inspires the various arts he comes out with, Muchenje explained that they “stem from emotions.” According to his art philosophy, it is an outlet that helps him think and evaluate situations.

Through this, he’s able to deal with anything that comes his way internally.

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My art is moved by emotion and artsy things, be it photography, videos or writing. In addition, people inspire me, which is what my art is based on (human nature and sometimes just nature on its own)” he further emphasized.

Teaching yourself fine art, studying at the university, living as an immigrant and designing clothing ideas sounds a lot, but Muchenje paddles his canoe very well.

So, how does he do all of it you ask? “Life is tough, but the human spirit to succeed is tougher, especially when the effort made is genuine and honest,” said the young Zimbabwean.

It is surviving such tough times that make creatives like myself get jaws dropped and eyebrows raising or heads bobbing when respective audiences see some of our finished work or products” — Brandon Mkhululi Muchenje.

And he will tell you that everything is summarized in determination and love for what you do. “Art is painful. It takes time, but if you remain determined because you love what you do, you will complete it.

Inspiration takes time, hence I only draw when I am in the mood so that I can produce my best work” he shared with Founder Oral Ofori.

Maybe Muchenje will give you more reasons to take social media seriously because that is where he gets some of his artistic inspirations from. He is an ardent Instagram user who holds the account names ‘brandon_much’ and ‘darestreetfashion’. Interestingly and unsurprisingly too he shares a deep love for photography.

Written by Christopher Sam and Swanzy Baffoe

strive-masiyiwaMeet Strive Masiyiwa a Zimbabwean national, he is a well-known international business leader who has won numerous international recognition and awards. Mr Masiyiwa is chairman and chief executive of Econet Wireless, a global telecommunications group based in South Africa with operations in 18 countries. He is also involved with leading African businesses in areas including financial services, insurance, renewable energy, hotels and safari lodges.

Mr Masiyiwa is also active in promoting awareness of the impact of AIDS in Africa.  He and his wife established and fund a foundation that provides scholarships to more than 25,000 orphans.

Mr Masiyiwa is internationally recognised for his leadership in campaigning against corruption in Africa and championing the rule of law. He has served on numerous boards and trusts in Zimbabwe and internationally. He is a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and a board member of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa:

Keep up the good work Sir!