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UAE Teacher Training Program In Ghana

UAE Teacher Training Program In Ghana

UAE Teacher Training Program In Ghana

UAE Teacher Training Program In Ghana

In recent years, many countries outside Africa have been increasingly helpful towards African countries by implementing educational improvements. UAE has joined these countries with its 3-year teacher training program for Ghana.

Ghana has been one of the fastest developing countries in Africa with a growing job market, a young and educated population, and substantial support to promote education. President Nana Akufo-Addo has made many reforms to implement technological improvements in every industry.

However, the country still faces many challenges about the school. The major problem is the lack of motivation and attendance. A significant portion of families cannot afford to pay for the tuition fees, while many students drop out halfway through due to low grades or financial constraints.

That’s why the UAE’s educational reform program will have a positive contribution to the solutions to educational conflicts.

3-Year Teacher Training Program In Ghana

The program was first announced on 9 June 2019 by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President of UAE Global Initiatives. The program intends to fund a teacher training program to improve kindergarten education to prepare the kids for primary school.

Under the 3-year program, a total of almost  half a million dollars has been allocated for the project. Initial reports indicate that 7420 teachers from the Central and Western regions of Ghana have been signed up.

In Addition to training the teachers, the program also intends to improve the working conditions at schools by upgrading the infrastructure of classrooms and providing new classroom material from books to desks.

Annina Mattsson, the project manager at Dubai Cares, has indicated the benefits of the project. She is quite happy that Ghana’s government of the New Patriotic Party has been very cooperative, and the Ghanaian teachers have been very responsive to the project.

The reason they chose Ghana was that they saw the potential by looking at the recent developments in the economy and education that cut poverty in half over the past five years.

Above all, they are primarily focusing on kindergarten, Mattsson pointed out the importance of early childhood education on improving the long-term development of the children.

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Sabre Education is also happy to collaborate with Ghanaian teachers. Their Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training program has already proved its credibility for helping out disadvantaged children through interactive learning.




Credit: Dubai Cares/Ghana News/ Dubai News

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