Venture Capital Is Not Diverse Enough LIKE HELL IS NOT!

We hear lots of people talking about the fact that there is no diversity in VC. For women entrepreneurs, it always seems like a nightmare to breakthrough.

It is even worse if you don’t fit in specific criteria or don’t look like what they expect you to be.

 Below are some of the Q&A Experiences From Random Black Female Entrepreneurs

On of our members was once at an entrepreneur conference when one of the top directors introduced her to his colleagues.  First thing the brainless and ignorant woman ask was very derogatory.

None of the men laughed, feeling very foolish she said ‘Can’t people take a joke anymore’? 

Maybe she didn’t get the memo about the fact that ‘slave trade and the colonialism ended over 400 years’! she said

That’s just 1 example, they are many women of color who have faced challenges and are still have experiencing unfairness.

It’s a pattern. 

‘Have been to so many places where even the speakers  and the attendees make it painfully apparent that they don’t want you there.’


Venture Capital Is Not Diverse Enough And Why Is That?



Billions of investors have placed their hopes and trust in particular people in positions that help and invest in businesses. However, the sad reality is that majority of the decision makers  ‘ARE SITTING ON THE FUNDS’

And always come up with excuses as to why they are not investing or helping particular gender or race. Always hiding under the umbrella of ‘Not a good idea, is already out there and whole lot of BS!’

‘The stealing and copying of business is very bad’

‘Don’t even start us off on Nepotism and cronyism! 

One lady we told us ‘Whenever l hear talk in public about ‘ Venture Capital Is Not Diverse Enough’ I say to myself give me a BLEEPING break!’

Another said ‘Unless you are a woman and black, you may or will never understand. ENOUGH OF THE TALK!’

We hope one day, things will genuinely change because it SUCKS! 

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