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Coworkers: Can you trust anyone at work?

Coworkers: Can you trust anyone at work?

Can You Trust Your Co-workers? This is a simple question yet very tricky and challenging to answer.

Are your colleagues trustworthy?

You should be very careful what you tell your colleagues and your boss, just go to work get the job done period! Don’t EVER trust ANYONE at work!

  • Always remember Nepotism, cronyism and favouritism still exist
  • Don’t ever trust your boss!
  • Don’t ever co-workers! 
  • Racist colleagues and managers are being backed my managers 
  • Remember someone is always watching/monitoring you
  • Keep your love and sex life to yourself
  • Never get involved in stupid office politics
  • Your colleagues tell on you 
  • Managers plays favourites
  • Don’t talk about your private life for jealousy sake

Are your co-workers sad miserable, insecure, jealous, envious, hypocrites, bitter, miserable, vindictive, attendtion seeking and  back stabbing dangerous wolfs in a lamps face?


Have you had any bad experience with a Back-Stabbing Coworkers? would love to hear from you.


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