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Wendy Williams Reveals She’s Been Living in a Sober House

Wendy Williams Reveals She’s Been Living in a Sober House

Wendy Williams revealed on her show “The Wendy Williams Show.” today that she’s been living in a sober house. 

The How You Doin’ Tv icon tearful told the audience that she and Kevin Hunter have set up ‘The Hunter Foundation’ for those got in up in the struggle of addiction.

‘Well For some time now, and even today and beyond, I have been living in a sober house. When you see me come to work,  glammed up, right after the show…


 I go across the street I do Pilates for 2 hours, I go to meetings all around. And you know I’ve had a struggle with cocaine in my past.

And I never went to a place to get the treatment. I don’t know how, except God was sitting on my shoulder and I just stopped.”

But there are people in your family, who might be struggling, it might even be you. I want them to know more about the story. This is my autobiographical story and am telling you.

“And I see my brothers and sisters caught up in their addiction and looking for help. They don’t know I’m Wendy.

They don’t care I’m Wendy. There’s no autographs, there’s no nothing. It’s the brothers and sisters caught up in the struggle.

It’s been really interesting … erm this ride. Only Kevin and Kevin has known about this. Erm not my parents, nobody. Nobody knew. Because I look so glamorous out here.”


“I go to my room, and I stare at the ceiling and I fall asleep to wake up and come back here to see you… “So that is my truth.”

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 So proud of her to come out as a way of encouraging others as well.

Keeping Wendy in our prayers.❤️🙏

Credit: Wendy Williams

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