Kenya Moore and Marc Daly who got married in June 2017.

Marc Daly announced their separation at an event an event during an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) to Kenya Moore’s surprise.

The two were at an event known as the Black Man Lap, a charity that seeks to motivate black males by presenting to them with examples of successful black business moguls organised by Marc.

They were caught on camera aloof towards each other and the man kept shattering the woman’s views, to the extent of even refusing to openly thank her for the contributions she made with regards to the event planning.

Marc was seen complaining about his wife Kenya, their precarious marriage and RHOA whiles he was being filmed but later the producer had to cut everything following a warning from Marc.

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According to Kenya Moore, when they were married, things were not going on well with them at all.

She recounted that, her then husband never appreciated her efforts as a life partner.

There was no love and care and things kept getting out of hand between the two.

It was revealed by one of Moore’s friends that, anytime the two were seen together, their gestures looked like strangers and almost like they kept distant with each other.

This revelation was agreed by Kenya which made her voiced out to the public how things just got cracked in their relationship even when they had gotten a daughter, Brooklyn.

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However, she made it clear that despite the problems, she never anticipated it would end like that because she didn’t want to be single and as a family, she wanted to make things work but she doesn’t know if Marc is in for a reconciliation.

Again, Kenya told the public that, she still loves her husband and she believes since they have a daughter and are co-parenting, things will fall in right place.

She’s optimistic they’d get back together again.

 Kenya Moore is a very hard working, talented, strong  and talented woman and we know  all will be well.

As the saying goes ‘To love is never wrong. It may be disastrous or beneficial… !

One thing that people need to take away is the good memories.


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Former Miss USA, Producer,  Actress, Author, and RHOA star Kenya Moore turns a year older today! Join African Celebs in wishing the Real Housewives of Atlanta star an amazing birthday!

kenya moore

kenya moore

 The Bravo reality Tv star also give back to the community through her foundation ‘The Kenya Moore Foundation’  Kenya’s  charity  is all about awarding scholarships to underprivileged girls…


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Patti Stanger Breaks Silence On Kenya Moore’s Ex James Freeman… ‘”He was single when he shot the show,” Stanger told Extra 

“He was single when he shot the show which was in November, they basically dated, they broke up, he did not date his old girlfriend and marry her, Wendy Williams got that wrong, he met a new girl in January and he ended up marrying her.” “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger

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Did Kenya Moore’s alleged Millionaire Match Maker boyfriend James Freeman marry  another woman or he is already married? The Real Housewives of Atlanta Beauty queen took to her instagram with the following message:

“Unfortunately, I just learned today that the man I met and fell in love with from Millionaire Matchmaker was married a week after the show aired. I am astounded and devastated to have learned of this news VIA social media as opposed to from him directly. However, I still believe in love and my heart remains open to the man God has for me. I wish him well.”

We wish Kenya Moore all the best of luck , she is stunning she will find another man…

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Kenya Moore


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Former Cosby star (Rudy Huxtable) Keshia Knight Pulliam, has been fired from this season’s Celebrity Apprentice for not asking Bill Cosby for help.

Keshia was a project manager for the task and was to raise money for her own charity by selling pies. Keshia’s team RHOA Kenya Moore, Vivica A. Fox, Kate Gosselin, Shawn Johnson, Leeza Gibbons and Bradi Glanville.Keisha Knight Pulliam

Keshia explained to Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice that “I have not talked to Bill Cosby on the phone in I don’t know how long,”. … “For me to pick up the phone having not talked to you for five years, except for when we run into each other for a Cosby event, I feel that’s not my place to do.”

Due to everybody talking about this Donald Trump explained in a tweet after the show that

“This show was taped just before the terrible Bill Cosby revelations came to light. She still should have asked him for money-goes to charity.”


rhoaThe Georgia Peaches are back! Bravo announced Wednesday, Oct. 1, its new cast for season 7 of its smash franchise, The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

After creating a stir on season six of the show, Porsha Williams is not returning in the upcoming season as a main cast member. Instead, she will have a recurring role on the series, which will chronicle her newly single life as she takes up a job as a gossip reporter.

Her opponent and sworn enemy Kenya Moore is returning with a leading storyline, along with four veteran Housewives, NeNe Leakes, Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, and Cynthia Bailey. (As witnessed in the season six reunion of RHOA, Moore and Williams got into a vicious brawl, which resulted in Williams dragging Moore across the stage.)

The ladies will also welcome newcomer, media maven Claudia Jordan who is close pals with Moore. Another new face, Demetria McKinney, will also have a recurring role on the show like Williams.

Credit: RHOA